Chapter 1:

Pathway to the Top

The Creator

The library. 

A location in which the most studious of students spend hours of their days perfecting their knowledge of the subjects they are required to master. It is unusual for someone like JDG to appear there, but he is on a mission. After speaking with the headmaster, he knew that the headmaster was simply an obstacle for him. JDG is a person who has clear desires, and anyone who threatens him is foolish for attempting so.

"Damn you Alan," JDG speaks informally about the headmaster, since his real name should never be used by students addressing him, and he chuckles as he does so, "I will show you all in this godforsaken place." JDG continued to speak to himself as he heads down a familiar hallway. 

The many old style lockers made of sheet metal line the brick walls as the sun gleams down from the windows. Devonshire Academy tries to maintain it's reputation as a beautiful and clean school. Not much trash nor dirt is to be found as a team of school janitors headed by a Chief Janitor spend their time tirelessly to maintain the status quo of cleanliness.

JDG marks his path that he follows. Knowing that he will have less free-time to himself when he has to clock in for janitorial duties the following week after lessons, JDG plans to make the most of what time he has now. 

As he continues through the hallway, a fellow student then walks toward him and obstructs his path, "Stop right there, it is currently lecture time, do you have any reason you are not in class?" The student asked.

The student that presents himself in front of JDG is wearing white gloves and a sash that says 'Hallway Monitor' on top of his typical school uniform. JDG nearly laughs at the outfit but contains himself so well on the outside that nobody could ever tell.

"KLC I don't have time for this, I just came from the headmaster's office and I want to go to the library." JDG explained himself to the student in front of him.

"I'm afraid I cannot let you continue forward without a hallway pass." KLC told JDG as he crosses his arms and closes his eyes.

JDG then grins, "I see..." JDG states ominously, "You know, for such a position as 'Hallway Monitor' you are a precarious person KLC." JDG walks closer to KLC.

"What is that supposed to mean?" KLC is taken aback by such a sudden accusation.

"You have so much dirt on your name, I'm surprised the headmaster allows you to wear that sash." JDG reasoned as he begins to circle around the stiff KLC.

KLC stands more uncomfortably than before, "What 'dirt' do you speak of?" He attempted to maintain his composure while being circled by JDG.

"I will leave you off with one tip," JDG stops his pacing and moves in closer to KLC's ears, "'Studies are more important than relationships'" JDG whispered to KLC as he moved away with a smile, "I best be going now, and you best be staying on campus late at night."

JDG then moves away from KLC who stares lifeless at JDG's retreat. KLC is utterly speechless and has his arms hanging down as his torso leans toward JDG's direction. JDG pays no mind and continues his confident stride while wearing a grand grin on his face for the obstacle that he just overcame. 

Being a student of any Creator academy, there is one rule that is shared between all academies no matter where they are in the world. That one rule is no dating. You are not allowed to spend any significant time with a girl while you attend Creator academy. Usually, it's hard enough to find time for a girl since you live on campus, but for someone such as KLC, he has attempted to make time. JDG caught him sneaking out once and has waited for a moment to use it against him. That moment has come. 

JDG finally reaches the entrance to the library, upon entering he discovers that there are only three other students visible to him throughout the entire place. Being that it is class time, it's difficult to imagine that the library would be populated to any significant degree.

Taking a look at the library showcases a grand and prestigious collection of books. The entire space is magnificent in scale. The shelves contain rows upon rows of books from all throughout history. Books of all types, whether it be editorial pieces, or research articles, or fiction novels with expanding stories. JDG isn't here to browse, he knows what he must find.

The entire library is divided among three separate floors. JDG has spent little time here, he only knows the name of the librarian who maintains the entire space. The tall building with a gold chandelier at the very top that shines down light during the night. However, during the day the skylight window at the ceiling is enough to keep at least the center lit. 

JDG has never visited any top floors, those floors are reserved for those who are at least three year students at the academy and have received the title of 'Semi-Creator.' Being the base title of 'Pre-Creator,' JDG has little privileges of being part of the upper caste of society yet. He must conform himself to earn his privileges, however, he has no intention of doing so in such a way.

JDG then makes his way to the librarian's counter in order to ask her a question, "Mrs. Hartworth, do you happen to know where the collection of magical and alchemical research books are?" He asked more politely than suspected he could ask. Holding his hands behind his back, JDG stands straight in front of the librarian to try and win her impression.

"Those type of books are forbidden to be accessed by Pre-Creators, do you have an identification card that states you are a Semi-Creator?" The old librarian stated and asked in her calm soothing voice. She doesn't look directly at JDG though, she is shuffling some papers, who knows what those exactly could be. 

JDG nearly becomes disappointed that he might not be able to access the higher floors with a more conventional strategy. However, he presents his signature grin. "I'm very sorry madam, it seems I have forgotten my identification card within the dormitory." JDG attempted to come up with some excuse.

"I apologize, but I cannot let you view those books if I have proof of your status on campus, you can have a look around on anything on the first floor, however you are forbidden access to the second floor." The librarian explained to JDG and that information puts a grin onto his face.

"Thank you very much for your time." JDG replied as he heads further into the library.

Books upon books stacked in beautiful wooden shelves that tower three stories make it nearly impossible for JDG to find the material he is looking for. However, he has narrowed down the search for his desired book. He must somehow reach the second floor of the library. However, being unaccustomed to the library, JDG does not know the security measures to prevent Pre-Creators such as himself from entering past the second floor. All he knows is that he can't enter the second floor, at least not conventionally.

JDG wastes little time searching for the staircase leading to the second floor, however there does not seem to be any indicator to where they might be. He ponders for a moment to himself as he stares at the grand bookshelves and ladders that reach up to them. The second story is clearly visible from his position, however the entrance to that area is less obvious.

"I wonder how I can get up there?" JDG asked himself.

JDG then escapes to one of the many book aisles to try and search for some clue of an entrance. Fortunately, nobody is taking notice to JDG's suspicious search for the hidden gem that is entrapped within this library.

That hidden gem being the ticket to information.

JDG sits down at one of the many desks in the center of the building to ponder his strategy. At that moment he looks to the entrance to see an older looking student enter. This catches the eye of JDG as he watches the student ask the librarian something that cannot be deciphered at this distance. The student however shows the librarian his ID and she points toward the left side of the room behind the aisles of bookshelves.

That student nods and thanks the librarian while JDG observes his every move. As he disappears into the left side of the room, JDG looks up to the librarian who is reading a book and the. decides to follow the path of the student. Hastily, yet quietly, catching up to the other student, JDG witnesses him enter a door which on the surface looks to be an employee only door.

"Why didn't I consider this earlier?" JDG scolds himself. He then grins as the student disappears into the door. 

JDG makes his way toward the door slowly as to not raise suspicion, and then he places his head against the door to hear if there is anyone on the other side. After confirming that there seems to be no life on the other side of the door. JDG slowly opens to reveal a darkened staircase. Seemingly only lit by a medium sized window, this must be the staircase that can take JDG to the second floor.

'I don't care about my title.' JDG thought to himself as he stood in the stairwell, 'I was promised as a child that I would learn the art of being a Creator, yet they make the process so long, complicated, and meaningless.' JDG nearly scoffs out loud as he thinks, 'I have to go through ten years of schooling in order to receive the title of Semi-Creator, but even they are not allowed to use magic, only study it until their last year of education. We are all born into this system where we have to level up just like the rest, all born as Pre-Creators with no right to even our own name.' JDG seems to stall himself from climbing that staircase with his own thoughts. 

He then once more looks at the bright window in the dark room, 'I want to become something more than what they want me to be, I don't want to wait for my chance to use the abilities that I was rightfully born to use. I know nothing about what magic is, but it's always made me curious, and knowing I had a right to learn it one day, I simply cannot wait for that day to come. I will bring that day to me without a strict schedule.' JDG holds his left hand in a fist as he looks up.

"I will bring that day to me." JDG quietly says to himself.