Chapter 0:

Disgrace Thy Name

The Creator

"Goddamnit you cheap son of a bitch!" A young lean boy stands back in defense as he wiped blood off of his face, presenting a grin to the world around him. Bookmark here

He speaks with confidence and speaks with controlled anger, despite his obvious state. It seems that nothing can truly knock this boy down.Bookmark here

That boy is JDG, a young 'Pre-Creator' who attends the Devonshire Creative Academy, one of the top rated schools in the entire world for learning the art of Creation Magic. A strict and stern place where violence is never tolerated, however in this case, two boys want to test that fact.Bookmark here

"What?" Another larger young man appears, muscles beaming out of his thick skin, "I was going easy on you JDG." That young man taunted JDG.Bookmark here

MLA, a rival to JDG within the school. The two have had issues with each other ever since they laid eyes upon each other. Although, they never have gotten into a violent exchange with each other...until now.Bookmark here

"Easy?!" JDG exclaimed, "Punching me in the face while I'm distracted in the hallways is not fair you rat bastard!" He pointed at MLA maintaining a defensive stance.Bookmark here

JDG holds himself steady, his legs are spread and his back is straight. There is no way that someone like JDG would give into the superior strength of someone like MLA.Bookmark here

"So you do want more?" MLA concluded to himself.Bookmark here

"Bring it on then!" JDG at that moment rises up with a daring smile. He stands straight with pure malice in his heart and fearlessness in his movement.Bookmark here

The two stare at each other, they exchange little movement against each other since either side is hesitant to be the one ostracized for creating such commotion. Although MLA threw the first punch, he is rather hesitant to finish the action. Bookmark here

At that moment, students from all over the campus gather in the ends of the hallway where the match is taking place. MLA has provoked JDG, and JDG cannot let this incident go to shame. The two boys stand-off against each other in the middle of a prestigious hallway. Bookmark here

At least ten of their peers look on from both sides, nobody wants to intervene. Everybody knows that this fight could become ruthless, and if anyone is involved, they will receive punishment as well. However, the fighting has yet to begin, thus the suspense waves around in the air. Bookmark here

The suspense ends...Bookmark here

JDG throws a vile swing toward MLA, knocking him in the face as the punch came swiftly and unexpectedly. MLA soon recovers from such a devastating blow seemingly numb about the first blow. Barely a droplet of sweat exits from his skin. The muscles on his darker tone body exfoliate as he takes such a punch and prepares to send one back at an astonishing level of force.Bookmark here

JDG looks in surprise as how MLA takes his punch as if it were never dealt. Nearly horrified, JDG changes his expression from surprised by wearing a grin on his face. JDG scoffs to himself as MLA prepares his returning punch. Bookmark here

"Hey!" A professor called out from the end of the hallway pushing the small crowd of students aside from him, "You two stop it now!" He yelled out as he rushed to the scene. Bookmark here

The two boys stand and perk their heads to their sides and then both let out a large sigh in tandem. Though, JDG soon begins to wear a grin.Bookmark here

MLA then leans down to JDG, "I'll get you next time." MLA said softly as the professor walks toward them.Bookmark here

"Sure you will." JDG responded as the professor halts just before them.Bookmark here

The professor that has caught the two boys in their action presents himself as a strict middle-aged man. Always walk with his back straight and his chin upward, the students at the academy can't help but stare at his stride and wonder, 'what is wrong with him?'Bookmark here

"Of course it had to be you two," the professor commented to himself, he then points toward the two boys, "come with me to the headmaster for this vile display of violence." The professor scoffs after he speaks.Bookmark here

The two boys put their heads down in disappointment their fight could not continue as they walk with the professor as he leads them through the few students who played spectators. The students are rather hesitant to move away despite the idea of punishment they could receive.Bookmark here

"Move aside people, return to your usual business," the professor directs the group of students as they exit the scene with blank faces.Bookmark here

The professor speaks to the boys as they walk forward, "If you want to act so barbaric you should have been born Keepers!" The professor refuses to look back and moves forward with haste.Bookmark here

"If you want to act so authoritative then why are you a professor here and not a member of the council?" MLA snapped back.Bookmark here

The professor stops and the two boys halt with him, he then looks back and gets in MLA's face. MLA is taller than the professor, yet, that professor in his nice suit and tie shows little fear in the face of MLA's muscular build.Bookmark here

"Watch your tongue boy." The professor looked up and leaned toward MLA. He then continued forward leaving the two to follow him once more. Bookmark here

The two remain silent for the rest of the journey. Walking through the campus they seem like prisoners who are being paraded around for all to see. The campus is quite large, multiple connected brick buildings, some as tall as four stories filled with classrooms and surrounding small courtyards where some students can escape the cramped interior for the fresh air of the outside. Bookmark here

The entire trek, JDG keeps his menacing grin as he observed the world around him. He seems to ignore the fact he was about to get in trouble with the headmaster once more and grinned with confidence as he observes the workings of the school. It was a period in between classes that the ordeal took place, and JDG knew that he would be missing a lecture if he were to be sent to the headmaster. Anything was better than a godforsaken lecture in his mind.Bookmark here

The group reach the door to the headmaster's study, it was a menacing large wooden double door. A dark finish covers the old oak door as the bronze knobs prevent any unwanted visitors from entering at the incorrect moment. The professor with some nervous hesitation takes a step forward to knock on the door as the two boys behind him stand apathetically about the situation that they are placed in.Bookmark here

The door swings open by one of the headmaster's assistants.Bookmark here

"Good afternoon," the professor greeted the womanly assistant, "Tell the headmaster that I caught two boys fighting and I have brought them before him." He explained.Bookmark here

The woman nods her head in agreement and opens the door further to have the two boys enter the office space that sits before the headmaster's own study. There the assistant opens a second door and disappears.Bookmark here

The two boys sit awkwardly, MLA is annoyed by the situation, and JDG is still wearing a strange grin on his face. MLA taps his foot while JDG sits cross-legged leaning forward in his seat.Bookmark here

MLA then looks at JDG with a face of disgust, "Can you wipe that stupid grin off of your face?" He blurted.Bookmark here

JDG then looks MLA in the eyes, "Can you stop tapping your giant fucking foot?" JDG retaliated.Bookmark here

"This wouldn't be a good place for me to fight you." MLA commented as he looks away from JDG.Bookmark here

JDG leans toward MLA, "Any place is a good place you know." JDG responded.Bookmark here

"Are you mad? If we fight here then we could be banished forever and stuck with our names." MLA turned quickly toward JDG and looked him dead in the eye.Bookmark here

"I won't keep this name." JDG stares at MLA as the two exchange brutal eye contact.Bookmark here

The assistant then returns before any conflict escalates with JDG and MLA, she looks at the two and begins to address them, "The headmaster wants to see only one of you first," she pointed at JDG, "he will see you."Bookmark here

JDG then gets up while retaining the grin on his face and the assistant leads him to the door to the headmaster's study. The assistant opens that door to reveal a dark brown room filled with books on the wall directly opposite to them and the wall adjacent. To their left stands the headmaster at his desk, he is turned around looking at the window that sits behind his desk. Bookmark here

Upon hearing the door open the headmaster turns around to reveal a mean wrinkled face. His fair skin and greying hair showcase the final career years of a seemingly 'prestigious' man. His old appearance does not fail to capture his authority; those deep red eyes of clear malice stare into the soul of JDG as he presents himself with an aggressive expression. Bookmark here

The headmaster takes a seat, "Thank you Alice," he refers to his assistant who promptly closes the door behind JDG as he enters, "Take a seat JDG." The headmaster pointed toward a seat in front of his desk.Bookmark here

JDG then walks his way to the other seat in front of the headmaster's desk to sit instead of the one instructed. The desk is quite rich with finish as the glossy wood shines well into JDG's eyes. The desk is of typical design, quite fantastic in every aspect of furniture of the period. JDG takes his seat in a dark green fuzzy chair that has little cushion while the headmaster is sitting in a tall leather chair that seems to provide all the comfort status can pay for.Bookmark here

"You got into a fight again?" The headmaster interrogated JDG as he placed his hands below his chin.Bookmark here

"I wasn't the one who started it." JDG places his hands crossed on his chest and looks away from the headmaster.Bookmark here

"You still got into a fight again," the headmaster continued, he then points toward JDG as JDG is still looking away, "You listen to me and you listen to me well boy," the headmaster mandated, "Devonshire Creative Academy is one of the top education institutions in the world." The headmaster stands up once again, "You are a student here, and we have given you a place to live, food to eat, and the finest education that the world contains. Yet, you disgrace this school's name at a consistent interval." The headmaster expressed.Bookmark here

"You don't even know the full story." JDG interrupted the headmaster's lecture, still avoiding eye contact.Bookmark here

"I don't need to know it boy." The headmaster raised his voice and slammed his right hand on his desk, "Violence is not tolerated here in any circumstance. You should have been born a Keeper if you want to act so savagely. Do you want to keep that name of yours?" The headmaster taunted, "I am allowed to use my first and last birth names, and you are not. I graduated from academy as a Creator and I was given the honor to use my name, keep this up, you will never receive that honor."Bookmark here

JDG rolls his eyes at his headmaster's frantic and dramatic speech. The headmaster takes quick notice to his apathy, "You disgrace the names of all Pre-Creators and Creators in the world. We are the civilized people of this world and you do nothing but disgrace us." The headmaster continued. JDG then bore a grin.Bookmark here

"We haven't even done anything 'Creator' related at this place yet." JDG stands up from his chair, "We learn useless skills like arithmetic and language when you are supposed to be teaching us how to unlock the skills of a true 'Creator.' Where is our magical training that we've been promised?" JDG becomes the one to lecture the headmaster, but the headmaster raises his left hand and points forward.Bookmark here

"You dare question the top institution in the world? How ungrateful of you, if it weren't for your mother vowing for your place here, I would have disposed of you long ago." The headmaster explains to JDG as they both retake their seats in their respective chairs. "You are on janitorial duties starting next week as punishment, and one more incident will have it so you never receive the title of 'Creator' as I have." The headmaster issued his ultimatum, and JDG simply scoffs.Bookmark here

"Yeah alright." JDG replied.Bookmark here

"Don't try me boy, next time I see you in here I will ruin you." The headmaster issued one final warning as JDG gets out of his chair without authority.Bookmark here

JDG escorts himself out of the headmaster's study and enters back in the lobby where MLA is sitting with a bored demeanor. The two don't even look at each other, JDG just wears a grin on his face despite the stern issuing that he has been given. JDG walks out of the lobby and into the main staircase area of the school. This building that he is in is the main building where the stores and cafeteria can be located.Bookmark here

"I will do what I want here," JDG commented to himself, "If they won't teach me what I want, then I will teach it to myself." JDG walks down the grand staircase and into the center of the building where some students can be seen roaming about for various reasons. JDG continues to wear the grin on his face as he makes his destination toward the right side of the building. Bookmark here

JDG has a mission in mind, he can no longer stand the people who get in his way of performing whatever action he would like. With a grin on face he heads his destination to the school library where he will attempt to discover more about this world...Bookmark here

Golden Boy
Takahashi  Eien
The Creator (Color)

The Creator

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