Chapter 10:

Sudden Visit From Your Special Someone

Being a Girl Online Made Me Become a Girl in Real Life

After that whole fiasco in the changing room, we completed the outfit by buying a few other things that would go well with the one-piece dress. Yuri decided to spare me for the rest of the day as she wanted to go home to play some video games, so we headed home after only buying one set of clothes. Mission accomplished I guess.
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I say bye to Yuri on the train as she gets off a few stops before me. I check the time on my phone and notice I've received a few missed calls from Saya. I start to call her back before I realize I'm making a big mistake. I can't just speak to her as a guy when I'm dressed in a girl’s uniform. Crap, I wait till I get off the train and quickly find somewhere where nobody will notice me. Bookmark here

When I call her she almost immediately picks up the phone.Bookmark here

"Shiki, where the hell are you!?" She yells so hard my phone vibrates.Bookmark here

"Uhh, I was hanging out with a friend for a bit... Wait, you're not my mom, why do you need to know?!"Bookmark here

"I'm at your door but nobody is home! I've been waiting here for the past twenty minutes!" I can hear how irritated she is from the sound of her voice.Bookmark here

“Look it’s not my fault you decided to show up out of nowhere-”Bookmark here

“I thought you were some nerd who has nothing else better to do on a Friday night! Hurry up and get here, I don’t have much time left!” Bookmark here

“Okay okay, I'm almost home so just wait a bit longer please.”

“Tsk” Bookmark here

She hangs up the phone. I better get over there quickly as she isn't usually the type to be patient.Bookmark here

Where the hell am I supposed to switch clothes! I can't just go into the men's bathroom dressed like this. Even worse, I can't go into the women's bathroom and come out as a male... Ah, I can use the washroom for people with disabilities, it's a single person washroom so hopefully nobody is inside.Bookmark here

I make my way to the washroom area of the station and pray that nobody is inside the washroom. I turn the handle of the door and thankfully it opens. Just as I enter I look behind me and there is some guy in a wheelchair rolling towards this area. Damn it, I hope he didn't see me come in here.Bookmark here

I close the door behind me and get to work. I take off the uniform Yuri gave me and start to change into the uniform that I always wear.

Why did Saya decide to come over now of all days? Growing up my mom would often let Saya eat dinner with us and we would spend time after school doing homework or watching tv together. She always had issues with her family and usually spent time away from home. As we got older she gradually stopped coming over. I simply chalked it up to her hanging out with the popular kids and I was too nerdy to hang around with anymore. Then by the time high school started, she stopped coming by to my place entirely...Bookmark here

I finish changing and exit the washroom. As soon as I open the door, I notice the same guy in a wheelchair, waiting to use the washroom. Our eyes lock for a split second and I see him raise an eyebrow in his rightfully justified confusion. There is no way he didn't notice that I basically switched genders in there. I look down and speed walk out of the station as fast as I can.Bookmark here

I text Saya I will be there in ten minutes and she doesn't reply. It would be a shame if she left after coming all the way to see me. I can't let this opportunity to be alone with her slip away so I run the rest of the way home.Bookmark here

When I arrive at my apartment, there isn’t a soul to be seen. I know I ran here but I definitely didn't see her on the way here. I check my phone and there aren't any messages from Saya. I hope I didn’t take too long in the washroom and she decided to go home. Bookmark here

“Hahaha~” I hear a laugh from behind the door. Bookmark here

That sounded like Saya’s, but how did she get inside?Bookmark here

I open the door and notice it was left unlocked. I look at the genkan and I see my mom's shoes and a pair of another girl's shoes.Bookmark here

“Hehe don’t tell Shiki I’m telling you this…” I hear my mom talking with someone in the living room.Bookmark here

“...when I came home from work Shiki was in his room… I didn't know he was finally at that age where he did that sort of thing… he's becoming a grown man-"

Oh God, what is she saying~ wait she’s talking to Saya! I run into the living room to protect my dignity. Bookmark here


"Ara ara, looks like I've been caught!" My mom gives a slight giggle. "Sa-Chan and I were just catching up for a while. It's been so long since we last spoke!"Bookmark here

Saya and my mom are sitting on the couch, it seems like my mom saw her on the way home from work.Bookmark here

"Your mom invited me in when she saw me outside…" Saya looks a bit uncomfortable as she knows my mom likes to go into embarrassing details about me whenever she can.Bookmark here

"MOM! Don't go around telling her things she doesn't need to know!" I ignored Saya for a bit to yell at my mom for spreading evil rumors about me.Bookmark here

“Heh” My mom exhales letting out a tiny laughSa-Chan, why don't you stay for dinner? We can catch up and talk more about what I caught Shiki doing last week.” My mom smiles at me when she finishes asking Saya. Bookmark here

“Sorry, I need to be home soon or else I will be in big trouble. Shiki made me wait outside for so long!” Saya lets out a small nervous laugh.Bookmark here

Thank you Saya for not accepting that offer, I owe you one.Bookmark here

“That’s unfortunate, I wanted to do more catching up as you have grown so much since we last saw each other…” My mom looks at Saya in ways that make me question what she really meant by that.Bookmark here

“Shiki, be a gentleman and walk this young lady home.” Bookmark here

“I was planning on doing that regardless!” I snap back at her.Bookmark here

We say goodbye to my mom and we make our way to Saya’s home. It’s a relatively quiet night walking in the residential areas. We walk in silence for a while untill we make it to the main street.Bookmark here

“So why were you not home?” Saya peeks behind her and asks me.Bookmark here

“I was at the mall with a friend...”Bookmark here

“Lies!”Bookmark here

“I’m not lying, hehe guess I’m not that much of a nerd than you thought!”Bookmark here

“Uhh no, you’re lying. Who were you with?”Bookmark here

“My classmate… Kawashima, Yuri”Bookmark here

“Who? There is no Yuri in our grade. Haha and a girl too? At least make a better lie Shiki.” Saya burst out in laughter. Bookmark here

I forgot that nobody probably knows who that thing is as her only friend is probably me.Bookmark here

“Come on, I can make girl friends. But if you want to, don't believe me then…” I try to sound convincing but to no avail.Bookmark here

“You’re too funny Shiki” She slows down her pace to put her arm over me.Bookmark here

“Please don’t hurt me…” I know she is about to assault me for something. Bookmark here

“Shikiiiii~ You owe me 1000 yen for making me wait for you to get home... and for missing your mom’s wonderful home cooked meals.” She snickers.

“What!? Nobody invited you over!” Bookmark here

“Just give me the money, I’m in a pinch and I need it! Or do you want me to fight you for it hehe!” She turns around and looks ready to pounce at me.Bookmark here

“Fine, please don’t fight right now… it’s the least I can do anyways...”Bookmark here

After all, I did make her wait for a while outside my house, and she didn't accept my mom’s offer of hearing how I was polishing my stick the other day.
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“Yay, thanks Shiki! Okay, let’s stop by the conbini over there please wait outside! Bookmark here

I succumb to her shake down and fork out the money from my wallet. Her eyes glow as she snatches out of my hands and she cheerfully heads inside the convenience store. Soon after Saya comes out holding a fresh pack of cigarettes and two cans of Shu-hi which she slips into her hoodie’s pocket.Bookmark here

“Really cigarettes and alcohol? How do you even get away with buying it?”Bookmark here

“Look at me Shiki, do I look like a child? Plus the old man at the counter seems to not care if anything.” She says as she lights a cigarette.Bookmark here

Maybe it's her height or the jeans and hoodie she is wearing but she could definitely pass as a college student. Bookmark here

“You really are a delinquent huh?”Bookmark here

“Ew Shiki, you sound like my parents. Anyways, let's get going. My dad is going to pick me up in about thirty minutes.”Bookmark here

We continue to walk out of the main street into another more quiet residential area. This street is a bit darker than the one by my apartment. The fire from Saya’s cigarette becomes heightened in the darkness every time she inhales from it.Bookmark here

“Any plans for Golden week?”Bookmark here

“Hehe… interested in what I'm up to?”Bookmark here

“You seem like the type of person to have lots of stuff lined up to do.”Bookmark here

"I'm on lockdown for the rest of this week. I'm forced to stay at my dad's place until golden week ends.” She takes a puff from the cigarette in between her sentences. “ If I act like a good girl or something then maybe I can be free earlier..." Bookmark here

"What happened? Come to think of it, you haven't seen your dad in a while right?"Bookmark here

"It's been over a year since I last saw that no good asshole. As for what happened, nothing really… mom and I just had a little fight… I fucking hate her too..." She takes a longer drag from the cigarette this time.Bookmark here

Saya always had trouble with her parents. I knew they were not the greatest and they went through a rough divorce. But I’m sad to hear that it hasn’t gotten better.Bookmark here

“Saya…” I couldn't think of anything better to say.Bookmark here

“I'm tired of my mom's shit, I just want to live on my own already… Honestly I’m tired of everyone and everything these days haha” Saya says while she stops to toss her cigarette on the ground.Bookmark here

She puts another one in between her lips and starts to light it. Bookmark here

"Hmm, you keep looking at it, you want one?" Saya takes out the pack of cigarettes from her pocket and holds it out offering it to me.Bookmark here

I’ve done many things I wouldn't have imagined doing today. Also, I’m still wearing the underwear that Yuri forced me to buy after destroying my regular ones. Might as well go all out today, doing new things isn't that bad. Maybe Saya would like me more if we could smoke together.Bookmark here

As I reach out to grab one, she pulls them back and laughs.
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"Sikeee hehe! I can't let you take one Shiki" She returns them into her pocket. "They are bad for your health, I can't let a little boy like you try em!"Bookmark here

I roll my eyes at her trying to patronize me over cigarettes.Bookmark here

“Here I’ll let you light mine if you want” She hands me over her lighter and leans forward with the cigarette in her mouth.Bookmark here

It’s a simple lighter with a button to press down on to light the flame. I give it a test click before bringing it up to the cigarette between Saya’s lips. She closes her eyes as the flame gets closer and it slightly illuminates her lips. I feel a flutter in my chest as I get a close view of her face with her eyes shut. I almost forget about the lighter that I'm holding before she opens her eyes and she smirks at me while standing back up straight. Bookmark here

“Fun? You looked fascinated”Bookmark here

“Ehehe… a little” I'm glad it's dark and she can't notice how much I'm blushing. Bookmark here

“I’m a little surprised you were going to try one haha. You also go outside now which is new. If I’m allowed to go outside during golden week, we should do something.” Bookmark here

“Ye-yes of course” Bookmark here

“But I’ll let you know. Thanks for walking with me this far out. Any further and my mom or dad might see us together. I’ll see ya around Shiki” She waves goodbye and heads off before I even reply.Bookmark here

“See you later Saya!” I raise my voice to her out in the distance and she waves bye to me without turning around.Bookmark here

It feels like our talk was cut short. I want to spend just a little bit more time with her. I didn’t even get into any details about what’s going on with her family… I hope that everything will be alright. Bookmark here

On my way home I text Yuri as she didn't send me any videos for what to do on a first date. Bookmark here

Me: Hey, where are the videos you were going to send?Bookmark here

Yuuuuri: VIDEO GAME! BUSY! SEND TOMORROW!Bookmark here

I receive an instant reply like usual, maybe I’ll have time to watch it on the train tomorrow...Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

I text Yuri that I’m outside her house, she told me yesterday not to ring the doorbell and alert her brother that I’m coming over. I came here dressed as a guy, so it would be awkward if he saw me like this. Yuri wanted me to get ready at her house to do some final preparations for my date today.Bookmark here

The door creaks open and Yuri peers out to let me in. Bookmark here

“Come in...” She mumbles.Bookmark here

Yuri, glasses crooked and hair still messy, looks like she just got out of bed and is in her pajamas still. Neverless she greets me and we quietly head upstairs into her room.Bookmark here

“Get changed…” She speaks with a soft tone.Bookmark here

She leaves the room and over on the bed is everything I need to wear laid out nicely.Bookmark here

I change into the dress that I bought yesterday and Yuri prematurely barges in but this time without attempting to break the door off the hinges. Bookmark here

"Sit…" Bookmark here

Yuri comes back into the room with no drama. She grabs her makeup bag and starts to get to work. It’s a little awkward as she says silent and calm the whole time. Morning Yuri is quite pleasant to be around… wait, no I won't speak too soon and jinx myself like last time.

She does the same routine she did last time only difference being this time she pulls out some nail polish and paints my nails in a very subtle color similar to my skin tone. She kneels down on the floor and holds out my hand in front of her. Slowly and carefully she applys the paint onto each one of my my nails. It's a weird feeling, having wet paint on your nails. It feels heavy even though there's only a tiny amount of liquid on your fingernails.Bookmark here

"Today… perfect…" Bookmark here

She pulls out a pair of scissors and gives it a few practice snips…Bookmark here

"Don't move…" She pushes her glasses up to her face slowly.Bookmark here

"Wha-what are we cutting?"Bookmark here

"To become woman… must remove…"Bookmark here

She is a bit too close to my sensitive bits with those scissors. I don’t want to assume anything but I do not trust this girl sometimes. It’s not worth the risk!Bookmark here

"Wait… NO PLEASE I need those!" I blurt out in a panic.Bookmark here

She glares at me with her sleepy face and gets off from kneeling in front of me. She starts to fix my hair with her hands before snipping off small bits at a time.Bookmark here

"Oh, cutting hair… don't scare me like that Yuu-Chan..."Bookmark here

I try to stay as still as possible while Yuri cuts my bangs. I get what she meant when she said "become woman". A haircut like this should remove any of the final imperfections in my guise as a woman. I’m a bit worried about how I'm going to hide that I cut my bangs when eventually I need to return to being a guy.Bookmark here

“Mission complete...” Yuri suddenly hugs me and rests her head on my shoulder.Bookmark here

“Nakahara-Chan... cute…” Her voice fades out with each syllable. Bookmark here

Yuri suddenly decided that now would be a good time to sleep. I guess she is finished with everything so there isn't much to complain about. I didn’t even get a chance to thank her for helping me out so much. With Yuri still clinging onto me I drag her over to her bed and she slides under the covers. Guess she is still partially awake.Bookmark here

“The shoes we bought yesterday… in the closet by the front door…” Yuri says with her eyes closed, wrapping herself with her bedsheets.Bookmark here

She is sound asleep with her glasses still on. I reach for them and gently take them off her face, putting them on her nightstand. Behind those thick frames, Yuri is not a bad-looking girl at all. At least when she is sleeping and not saying weird things… or trying to sexually harass me...Bookmark here

I exit her room and gently shut the door behind me so as to not alert her brother that is supposed to be home. I get to the front door and open the only closet that is nearby. It’s filled with coats and shoes, I look up and I see the shoebox on the shelf above the coats. Why did she put it all the way up there? I reach up and try to grab it but I make it worse and push it deeper into the closet. Bookmark here

“Need help with that?” I hear a voice ask from behind me. The air in my lungs rushes out of me as their shirt brushes against my head as an arm reaches out above me and grabs the shoebox. Bookmark here

“There you go!” The voice says.

I turn around and it's Yuri’s brother that stands towering over me. He holds out the box in front of him and he gives me the same friendly smile he did last time.Bookmark here


I don’t know how to react to that, I’m missing my guard dog to growl at him and scare him away. Yuri warned me not to talk with him but here I am alone with him trapped between him and the closet.Bookmark here

“Ah, sorry I startled you! I heard Yuri let someone into the house and I heard you come down the stairs, thought I would just say hi!” He takes a step back and gently holds out the box one more time.Bookmark here

“... Thanks...” I finally take the box out of his hands.Bookmark here

“You’re welcome! Headed to the station? I’ll walk you there, can’t just let someone as cute as you walk alone ya know.” He says while putting on his sneakers.Bookmark here

Guess I can't really say no to him at this point, plus it doesn't seem he's doing anything harmful, he is just looking out for me.Bookmark here

“Okay…”Bookmark here

I take out the shoes from the box and awkwardly slip them on while Yuri’s brother watches. They are black platform loafers with a gold bit on the top. After putting both on I remember that they are quite difficult to walk in as I'm not used to the height on the heels. Bookmark here

Yuri’s brother holds the door open for me and we start walking to the station.Bookmark here

“So, where is a lady like you headed today…”Bookmark here

“A date.”Bookmark here

“Hmm, so that's why you are all dressed up! What a lucky person! I just hope you are not taking Yuri’s advice on anything… she is a bit weird at times.”Bookmark here

“Hehe, just a little” I let out a slight e-girl giggle. “She can be weird sometimes, but she has helped me out a lot recently.”Bookmark here

“Oh really, I’m glad to hear that. I guess she really cares about you. Now that I think about it, you are going on a date right now. I thought you were dating Yuri this whole time haha!” Bookmark here

“D-d-dating with Yuri!?” Why he would think that two girls would be dating is beyond me.Bookmark here

“Yea, it seemed obvious? I mean sorry, maybe you didn’t know but Yuri is … you know…” He clams up and stops what he was about to say.Bookmark here

“No idea.” I put my finger on my cheek and look up to think.Bookmark here

“That's why she hates me... I always break up with my girlfriends within a few months and she despises that I’m toying with the hearts of so many pretty girls… those are her words, not mine… You know what, never mind!” He must have noticed the confusion on my face as I still don’t know what he is rambling on about. Bookmark here

We move off that topic then spend the rest of the short time walking with small talk about school and other non-important things.Bookmark here

“Thank you for walking me this far… Yuri’s brother.” Bookmark here

“I told you before, right? I’m Shu, but you can just call me Onii-San!” He gives me a very sus wink”Bookmark here

Heh” I tried to hold back my laughter as much as I could but it was too cringe not to laugh at.Bookmark here

“Aha, I knew it was a funny joke!" He smiles proudly at his success. “But seriously if you want to call me Onii-San, please do because my sister never does...” he says while sulking a bit. Bookmark here

Shu is definitely cut from the same cloth as Yuri. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree or whatever they call it but they are both weirdos in their own way. After talking with him, he is not as intimidating as he looks and doesn't seem like the bad guy that Yuri makes him out to be...Bookmark here

We part ways and I get on the train. So far I haven't felt too nervous or anything. Maybe I am already getting used to all this girl stuff. I even had a regular conversation as a girl with Shu just a minute ago. Hopefully, I’m not getting too far ahead of myself but I feel confident I can get Touma to like me today. All my e-girl skills and all the training I did with Yuri has come down to this. Saya, just wait for me, I’m coming for you...Bookmark here

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