Chapter 2:

The power system

heaven's hell

"come, I will tell you everything that you should know as a representative"

says Kia as she gestures Kakoroshi to follow her. As they go outside the room, he is exposed to the scorching sun as he tries to block the sun rays with his hands. As he looks around, he sees only empty field as far as his vision stretches. As he turns around, he is notices that the door is gone and the room never existed at that place where it was supposed to be, he only sees a field in that direction.

"get in"

says Kia as she is pointing towards a sedan. It confuses Kakoroshi that how a sedan got there. They both sit in the back seat as Kakoroshi blushes and feels lucky sitting next to Kia.

"where are we going?"

"I will tell you when we reach there, for now, pay attention to the things I tell you"

says Kia as she starts to explain

Representatives are all around the globe and the number of households differs country to country. Representatives practices the power of gods as gods themselves can't on earth, as the earth changed as humans started to take over. Representatives are selected by gods and assigned into a household depending upon there skills, it takes time to determine one skills which suits them the best. Representatives can't have absolute power, hence they are given permission to use gods powers which the representatives calls 'art' and the permission to use more skilled arts are granted by the gods depending on the deeds they did and the trust they gained. A selection of the representative cannot be undone, so the representative stays a representative until they die. The art used has a huge toll on the body of one being so they can't use it endlessly or carelessly, stronger arts having more strain on the body.

In Japan, there are total of 6 households

1) fire household- the power is granted by the god of destructive fire, Kagetsuchi

2)water household- the power is granted by the shinto god of water, suijin and the god of seas and storms, Susanoo

3)Wind household- the power is granted by the god of wind, Fujin

4)Household of Creation- the power is granted by the primordial gods of creation, Izanami and Izanagi

5)Weather household- the power is granted by the goddess of the rising sun, Amaterasu and the god of thunder and lightning, Raijin

6) Blood household- The god who grants the power is still unknown

All this information is explained to Kakoroshii but he understands very little, all this is still sudden to him, just nodding his head as the only thing which makes him curious is of why blood household's god is unknown. Kia knows he didn't understand everything but she doesn't care to explain again.

"we are here"

Kia says, she points at a huge gate with walls surrounding a huge area in a rectangular shape as the sedan stops to a halt. They are at the outskirts of Tokyo. As the get in through the gate, Kakoroshii is amazed how big the traditional Japanese house(Minka) is and there are more houses just like it inside the walls, stretching to the endless vision of his eyes.

"this is the blood household", says Kia as she walks rather slowly to look around the beauty of the place.

"why is no one here", says Kakoroshii as the silence in the place disturbs him but also excites him.

"they all died a mysterious death 20 years ago, the reason is still not known. A total of 53 representatives, this household is the biggest household among the 6 households and gets the largest sum of money if a mission is assigned to the representatives of the household. This household used to be the most prosperous household with skilled representatives like no other, if only they haven't died, missions would have been much easier"

"so, I am going to live here alone?"

"you can but there is an inspection team who comes in every month to check if the households are in prefect condition or not, if not then the leader is fined 1 million yen and I am pretty sure that you don't have enough money to maintain this household"

"wait, I am the leader?"

"well, technically, you are the only member of the household, so yeah, you are the leader of the household but you are leading no one"

Kakoroshii gets a sense of joy as he gets to know that he is a leader but realizes that he didn't achieve it, it was given to him by the circumstances.

"pick it up"

says Kia as she points towards a book which is lying in front of a shrine. Kakoroshii realizes that he has walked a fair amount of distance from the gate to reach there without realizing . the book has no title, the cover is made of leather and is lightweight comparing to the size of the book.

"this book will keep the accounts on all the arts you can perform which is granted to you, more arts will be granted as time passes by and more stronger you get"

He opens the book to see only 1 art written in it, 'blood katana'

"so every representative have a book?"

"yes, as the representatives are not informed about the new art they are granted, they have to look at the book every now and then to know"

they start to walk back to the gate, as Kakoroshii looks around, still amazed by the beauty, he realizes that he has reached the gate rather really quickly. As he gets in the sedan, he asks the question he wanted to for the duration of the time he was with Kia.

"what actually we are up against?"

"took you long enough to ask, well, we protect earth from inhumane beings and gets in frequent conflicts against the Devil's representatives, the one who wear black or red suits, you will run into them soon enough"

silence remains after that till they reach a 2 story house.

"this is where you will be living"

says Kia as she enters the house with Kakoroshii. The house is well maintained with proper lightings. There are 2 women and 1 men in the house who were fighting on the dining table till Kakoroshii's eyes matched with one of the women.

"Hi, umm, I am Ino. We got the news that another member will be joining so we were waiting for you"

Ino is rather a really shy girl with a womanly body. Her hair is black with blue eyes as she stands at 5'9.

"these are the people you will be staying with, from now on, you all are team now who will be doing missions together. I hope so you all will get along, I will be leav-"

Kia is cut mid sentence as a call comes in, she is rather really quick on answering calls.

"it seems this team got there first mission"

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