Chapter 1:

our club


I have a hazy memory I never remember my past.

I know I seem crazy, but I only remember my first day here in this city to find out I'm a college student.

You probably felt many times that you don't know yourself, but believe me, in my case it's the worst.

Imagine spending on your life just as continuing a half-played game that someone else played.

I don't have any idea if I have siblings or even parents.

Even though I always work hard to continue what I am supposed to do I don't look forward to it.

The only thing that always keeps me moving forward is the letter...

It's summer vacation and I'm on my way to college.

Seems boring doesn't?

I'm actually a part of a club which has some summer activities.

It's called the hope club.

We were lacking members in this club for no other reason than we were not fun.

We were just so random that we tried too many different hobbies.

I washed my face wore my glass and took my stuff in my black backpack.

I looked around.

"Okay, where is my bicycle?"

Then came to conclusion that he stole it.

"Damn it, he is that thug again."

"Huh, guess I'll walk my way since it's not that far away."

"After all, I paid more to be in the location that is close to this university."

"You're late Sato where were you?"

Yet another thug.

With this almost bold hair and very sharp eyes, this guy sure looks dangerous.

No, I'm joking.

"A thug stole my bicycle I couldn't reach here except with my bare legs."

I said with a weary face.

Yeah, this guy I'm talking to right now is my BFF his name is Daichi.

I and Daichi were the guys who made this club.

This club to us is more than a dream and it was this way since high school.

It's a club where we accomplish things.

And that's totally all about it.

Good thing we were lucky enough to be in the same college to built it again.

Daichi wasn't the attractive type or rather the ugly in our industry.

Daichi had bad high school days he got bullied everywhere he goes.

I also got bullied for being his only friend, but with all the middle school students I was only interested in him.

this is the way I am.

He was really depressed he was weak with no confidence.

But, with the time we spend together he started getting confident he changed totally until the last year of middle school everyone started fearing him and he became the most dangerous there.

You would be probably shocked to hear that, but frankly, I don't remember any of these things.

Suddenly I heard a loud annoying voice.

"Stop daydreaming and let's discuss our new project for this summer!"

Well, when he says a project he probably does not mean anything useful.

Sitting in the corner Yami.

The ghost girl I should call her because she is very pale.

With her bang, she has the darkest black hair I've seen my entire life.

Her hand is always busy.

Sometimes she is reading other times she is writing or drawing.

What she read or writes or draws always is a mystery to everyone and no one tries to ask.

Even us the closest people to her.

She is nice when you get very close to her, but she is never showing her half mysterious side.

On the other side the only normal member of this really weird group Yumi.

She is just the ideal person for most people she is hard-working, kind and most importantly she likes communicating not like any other member in this group.

She always wears very light clothes that fit her long brown hair.

I always think to myself why is she even here with us?

"So, today I gathered you guys because I know you all need A REAL vocation!"

He suddenly started passing by us giving us tickets one by one.

"What's that?"

Yumi asked in a little shock.

"Let me explain everything... I am a very kind friend who is very rare..."

Ah, here goes again.

He kept babbling about how precious he is in our life for like two straight minutes until I stopped him and said "Yeah Daichi we all are very grateful for you, but please be grateful for our time."

"Oh, yeah sorry, ahem" he gave a cough and then continued "So, what actually happened is that my father wanted me to go with him outside to learn from him while he is working, but I told him that I was planning on going to an island with my friends".

"And then?" Yumi asked.

"Please don't be mad guys! he thought I was serious and he did the bookings and everything for us he even booked a hotel for us" He talked while lowering his head.

I forgot to say that Daichi's family is very rich they are even capable of making us travel in a luxurious ship.

"Common guys enjoy your time and it's a free trip please?"

Daichi said trying to cover his mistake.

"Well, why didn't you just say the truth to your father?"

Yumi said with a straight face.

This is expected from the ideal girl.

"I thought he would just ignore it, but he suddenly came to my room holding the tickets."

"I was sure it won't turn out this way, but it did."

He couldn't hold his laugh from his dumbness, but he hid it after several seconds.

Yumi seemed not annoyed by the fact that we were going suddenly on a trip, but she didn't like the fact that he lied to his father and that's it.

She's a real ideal person.

And about me and Yami we were both fine with it since his father paid for all the bookings.

In fact, this was what I needed.

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