Chapter 2:

Ormo Cafe


I head towards my dorm, but before that, I needed to visit a little special place.

It was Ormo cafe.

I entered the place straight to the reception.

"Oh! Look what we have here aren't ya kinda early today?"

I responded, "where's my bicycle?" With an annoyed look.

"Oh no! Don't be this upset! We are best friends forever aren't we?"

Do you remember the thug that stole my bicycle?

This is him.

This guy's name is Shin.

He always holds a cigarette pack with him.

He wears a black ring and earrings which complete his thug look.

He is the owner of this cafe and he works in it full time.

He has no employee except me and another person.

The story of this cafe is very long.

It all started at the save point.

You're obviously wondering what I'm referring to as a save point.

Since I needed a name for the first minute I remember in this world.

I planned on calling it a save point because this is how it seems to me.

As if I have saved a game and after losing my whole memory of the first part I continue it.

I use to visit this place too often to study or even just to read and listen to music.

I just loved this place so much.

For some reason, it felt like home.

I spent countless hours here not just because I study or read a lot, but rather because this small and quiet place seemed special.

Even in a busy city like Tokyo, I lived on the more calm side.

With time a silver-haired tricenarian guy came to me.

He has long hair and a small beard in the middle of his face.

That guy was Shin.

He sat in front of me while music was still playing in my earphones.

With my book between my hands.

I stopped to notice him gazing at me.

I got a bit of a shocked reaction while removing my earphones then he introduced himself.

"Excuse my rudeness, my name is Shin the owner of this cafe" he offered his hand.

"I know this seems weird, but I've been seeing you for quite a while and you passed the interview"

He smiled.

I started thinking what is this guy talking about.

And in the end, I came to the conclusion he is hiring me.

"Wait who said I'm planning on working part-time?!"

"I'm a very busy college student I have my hands full all the time"

I respond with a shock on my face.

I left the place and stopped going to that cafe for almost a month.

Before it was a complete month I started feeling very nostalgic about that place.

It was my number one place to spend time at and I just couldn't come even close to it after rejecting the owner this way.

But, on that rainy night streets were empty I felt very deeply that today I need to face reality.

I gathered all my internal strength even though I felt butterflies in my stomach I walked there and entered.

When I entered I immediately saw him in the reception and our eyes met.

I panicked a little, but it was too late to surrender.

He smiled and said, "long time no see I knew I would see you here again soon enough".

Personally, I started thinking about how unique his personality is.

How could he just act as not even a single thing happened?

I moved towards him and started giving a very weird speech.

"As an apology for my rudeness, I'll work as a part-timer in your cafe starting from today"

Immediately when the last letter was about to get outside my mouth I realized that I've made a mistake.

Even after practicing this presentation over and over alone I never realized how naive it was.

"It's okay it's not like I wanted to force you or anything''

He replied.

And here I just froze again from how deep I messed up then he continued "I couldn't understand why you stopped coming here! like I was even joking I would never make someone a staff here until I finish an interview with him as you might not know and you seem mistaken here"


"look, I know I look like a thug or I might even be one, but I have strict rules"

I was really surprised and I stopped talking for few seconds "I'm sorry."

"Hey, don't give me that sorry look I was just explaining the condition I don't mean to be mean or anything"

When he started trying to change the dense and dark atmosphere I got my confidence back.

"Then, let me have the interview!"

I've finished the interview while thinking...

Was all this necessary?

"From today you are considered one of my gang!"

Shin said after finishing my last test.

What's unfortunate that he doesn't even have a gang... poor guy.

"Let me introduce you to them wait for a second"

I got my jaw dropped.

Wait, so he actually has staff here?

I never saw anyone except him.

Then he came out of the staff room with two or wait they are three, but one of them is very short I barely saw him.

"I understand that look on your face it's saying oh where the hell these guys came from I thought he was lonely as hell well fear not! these guys only work at night time, because this place is dead at day time but it gets pretty crowded here at night time!"

Turns out this place is a night bar.

"First on the left you have Kentaro who basically is an idiot, but this old man is very hard working."

I fixed my gaze towards him to see his huge state he has big arms and in general very tall.

"Yo, you're very welcome brother!"

Kentaro replied.

"And this person is Ena she's a parista!"


She said it with a very straight face.

Actually, she has been gazing at me for a while.

She seems disgusted with me which is good because I feel the same with her.

"This last piece is Kioshi he is very smart"

I started looking at him.

Wondering about his appearance all I could see is a black-haired annoyed rat.

He literally looks like an insect or something.

"Yeah hello," I greeted him.

He only shook his head.

Now I am pretty sure he is an insect he doesn't even talk.

I finished getting to know these guys and all I could be sure of is the fact that they are all a complete mess and weirdos.

It's now 4 pm I just got out of the cafe.

I discussed with Shin how I will be taking a break from the cafe because I will obviously go on a trip.

He actually never bothered to even argue once about me being almost never working there because I get pretty busy.

I arrived at my dorm to pack my stuff to see my room is surprisingly plain and empty.

I just couldn't even think of what I will be needing so I called the problem maker Daichi.

"Oh hello, are you packing your stuff I'm actually outside helping my mom with our grocery!"

He actually started talking by himself without me even saying a single thing not even hello.

Oh, come on...

Now, this idiot does not seem to have a clue where am I supposed to find answers?

I closed the phone call.

To search on the Internet.

Yeah, I'm a nerd who lives in a cave

Eventually, I found out helpful ways to organize my stuff, but I couldn't figure what do I need.

In the end, I only packed few clothes and some of the things you need in you're daily life.

We met on the train platform and left very early in the morning.

And then we arrived at the location...

"Wow, that's nothing new for the rich family."

It was a luxurious island in a 5 five-star hotel.

It's not really my type of place, but I would be a liar if I said I don't like it.

It was that type of trip that you didn't plan on even having plans so you just enjoy your time calming your mind.

They have a large hot spring which is literally perfect right now.

I entered the hot springs and it was very calm.

No one was there.


I entered the water slowly and I felt the heat.

It was warm enough to make you sweat only getting near it, but I loved it.

After getting fully inside the water.

I closed my eyes.

Then i started thinking...

"Who were that family?"

Joe Gold