Chapter 5:

Pay back with interest!

Who will the Villainess choose?

He did not like Akira because she was too rigid, so I would be a soft and vulnerable person. It was just an act anyway, I could be anyone he wanted until he fell in love with me.Bookmark here

I was sure the trick would work, since I was looking too innocent and vulnerable at that time. Even the maids who Akira always bully, looked at me with sympathy. I was getting proud of my acting, and wanted to give a smug smile, but I persisted as I continued to look at him but his cold eyes did not warm at all.Bookmark here

“So, this is your best trick to come with me to the party. I am disappointed to say that i was expecting more from you.'' His words made me feel like I was not trying to spend time with him but planning his assassination that left me baffled.Bookmark here

“What are you talking about, your highness?” I asked in a state of confusion. Though the man looked the same as the way Andrew looked, his behavior was too nasty. He was trying to pick up a fight and I have never been a patient person since the start.Bookmark here

“I did not think that I needed to explain myself again. I apologize, but I can not take you myself with me.” with that he closed the conversation. Bookmark here

I continued to look at him with accusing eyes. Did he just shut me up! He should at least put a little effort since he would win a lot of support from me too.Bookmark here

He sighed as he looked at my aggrieved face. “Fine, let me see what I can do!” he added, in a tired tone, as if he was doing a big favor by going out with me.Bookmark here

In fact, I wanted to dump cold water on that haughty face of his to show him the reality but I took a deep breath and took a swig of cold water to cool myself off. It didn't need to be said, but I wasn't too happy with the visit today.Bookmark here

Though I did not expect much, I had some support when I put in the effort. But the man was mocking me more, the more I am trying to be caring and loving.Bookmark here

Even the maids and servants could feel the change in me then was he blind or just didn't know the difference in me? I was not the stony and blank Akira he knew!Bookmark here

“When do I have time this week?” he asked his aide who was standing there bowing his head from the start.Bookmark here

“Your highness, you are free all Friday” replied the man with some hesitation “but you have asked me to keep this day free so that you can take rest.” he added, looking at me with concern.Bookmark here

“Did you hear him, lady Akira. I have kept this day free, so that i could rest. But I still agree to spend the evening with you. Now it depends on you. If you are so much interested in spending the time with me, you would be able to arrange time for the meeting, right?” Bookmark here

Though others would think he was making adjustments. He was even ready to sacrifice the only time he had in the week for rest but I could see his mocking eyes. Bookmark here

Everyone knows that Akira was too disciplined and always kept her promises. Even when she was too sick once, she still attended the meeting with the count, because she had promised him.Bookmark here

He knew very well that it would be impossible for Akira to change her plan and accept his offer. He had clear disdain on his face that he was not even trying to hide. I clenched my hands and took a deep breath. Bookmark here

‘Tsk tsk.. Too bad! I am not the Akira you know’ a beautiful smile formed on my lips. And everyone who was waiting for the drama was shocked when I nodded.Bookmark here

“Then I will plan a dinner at my palace and wait for your highness there in the evening.” I replied , making him flabbergasted. What! Was he expecting an apology with rejection?! I would win your heart first and then pay you back everything with interest, you haughty, sexy trash! Hmph!Bookmark here

“Are you sure, lady Akira?” It took him a few seconds to come out of the shock, as his opened mouth finally closed. It was a scene worth capturing. Too bad I did not bring the recording stone with me.Bookmark here

‘Point to be noted.. I needed to learn everything about those magical stones and use them like my cellphone and other gadgets from my phone. My phone! That was the thing I missed most!’ tears almost formed on my face when i was reminded of my phone.Bookmark here

But when i looked above they all were looking at me with sympathy! Huh! Weren't all the staff hated Akira for her strength. Since she never showed her weakness, they all thought that she did not have any emotions, and she is too cold hearted. Then why were they caring for me today!Bookmark here

“Since the matter is discussed completely, I shall leave then.” said the crown prince, as he gracefully wiped his lips with his elegant fingers. For a moment I forgot his behavior and started fangirling on him again.Bookmark here

Ah! What sexy lips did he have! I have only downloaded the games looking at his blue eyes that were rarer than gems and his sexy lips! Ah! I was feeling smoke coming out from me looking at his hot and sexxxyyyy body.Bookmark here

I was so immersed in looking at him that I didn't even notice the changing expressions of others until he stood up and left. Bookmark here

‘Hey!!! Where are my goodbye hugs and kisses!!!’ I pouted at his cold behavior as I continued to sit there for a while. When I had sulked enough, I stood up only to see the ugly faces of all the staff around me.Bookmark here

“What is it?” I asked my aide and he blinked. He shook his head and then bowed.Bookmark here

“No.. nothing, my lady” I just shrugged my shoulders at his blatant lie. Why do I even care what he and others were thinking anyway!Bookmark here

I moved out of the room. Since he was already gone, I did not find any reason to stay there anymore. No matter how cozy and luxurious the room was!Bookmark here

“So, what is my schedule of Friday?” I came to the point once we sat in the carriage comfortably.Bookmark here

“My lady. You have chosen a wrong day to accept the offer of his highness. You have already promised to meet archduke Damien to discuss your partnership in the production of jewels made up of new mana stone that were found in his mine.Bookmark here

He have agreed for this meeting after months of request and if he came to know that you can not attend the meeting because you want to have dinner with your fiance, he would take us as irresponsible person and would never agree for the partnership” in the end of his lecture, there were tears forming in his eyes as if he had suffered severe grievances.Bookmark here

“Hmm, I see. What is my schedule for the next hour?” I asked seriously, nodding my head.Bookmark here

“Umm, you are supposed to have lunch with your father, duke Wiltshire, my lady”Bookmark here

“Hmm, cancel it. We are going to meet Archduke Damien”Bookmark here

“............”Bookmark here

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