Chapter 6:

Today is the Judgement day!

Who will the Villainess choose?

The man who was still holding his tears until then, started crying like a baby when he heard that i wanted to go to meet Archduke Damien right at that time.Bookmark here

Well I could not blame him completely since he was a famous character in the game. As a player in the otome game, we have been given choices to choose our love interest. And like any other game, I was given choices too. The second choice was none other than Archduke Damien.Bookmark here

Damien was perfect in every aspect, and very competent. His face was splendid. Archduke De Luca, the head of one of the three major families, the Commander of the first order of Knights, the best in theory and in reality, had a shockingly beautiful appearance.Bookmark here

But I did not choose him because was playing the role of the villain in the story. He had a cold attitude, just opposite of the warm behavior of the crown prince. He was just like Akira, too rigid and hardly showed any emotions. There was a wall around home that could not be broken.Bookmark here

But I would have still chosen him since he was better eye candy than the crown prince but his habit of shedding blood was what kept me away from him. He was infamous for killing people and breaking their limbs for minor reasons such as hot tea.Bookmark here

Once a man served him tea which was too hot to drink, so he broke his fingers. He was a tyrant through and through.Bookmark here

“My lady.. Are you.. Are you.. Sure?” his voice was filled with hesitation and his face had already turned white.Bookmark here

I sighed looking at the scared man. Bookmark here

“You did not need to accompany me in. you can wait for me in the carriage. I will manage.” I replied to assure him. Bookmark here

“Can i” he asked me as a wave of relief washed over his face, but in the next second he frowned, “how can i? I am your aide.. I will not let you die alone.” Bookmark here

I rolled my eyes at his exaggerated acting. Bookmark here

“It is fine then, you go in and I will wait for you in the carriage.” I replied, shrugging my shoulders.Bookmark here

His face, that had finally gained some color back, turned white again. Bookmark here

“How could this be, my lady?” He shook his head so hard that I was afraid he would have a concussion. “I.. I mean I didn't know what to say to the duke and I was not well versed enough in conversing with the higher noble, and .. and” the man tried hard to find all the excuses he could.Bookmark here

“You know, since the problem is a matter of discussion, I can always explain it to you and you can converse well enough with my father and me. So, do not try to make dumb excuses. That made me wonder why are you even my aide?” I asked , rolling my eyes and the man gulped.Bookmark here

“I..i” he did not want me to fire him but at the same time he did not have the courage to go and meet Damien. Well, i could have forced him, but i know that he was not capable enough to convince him to change the time of meeting.Bookmark here

“Since you have accepted defeat, stop your act and stay here silently. I will be back in an hour or two.” I replied as I opened the door of the carriage and walked out. Sigh! I miss my car. Even when it was an old model, it was still faster than this!Bookmark here

I looked at the lake that was sparkling with the last rays of sun dancing over it. That was when I noticed it was already sunset. I was travelling the whole day!Bookmark here

I took another deep sigh! Lucky Akira! She must be enjoying my life there. But then my eyes fell on the luxurious garden with fountains in the centre and the rare plants filling the garden and I took my words back! There was no way i would have been able to see this much luxuries and enjoy itBookmark here

I walked in when a maid came to welcome me. Though she bowed, her face was blank and there was not an iota of respect in her body language.Bookmark here

She escorted me to the waiting room. Though the palace was on par with the palace of the crown prince, in fact, better than it when it comes to styling. With the use of dark blue, sky blue and white mixture it was looking like midnight sky with a lot of stars sparking, the walls were covered with soothing shades of sky too.Bookmark here

As if the whole sky and stars have come down to adorn the palace, I still felt chill with the coldness it was emanating. So as the staff, as if the dead group of zombies. They did not have any expressions on their face, or any reaction when they saw me walking.Bookmark here

Like robots they continued to stand at their places and a woman continued to walk mechanically taking me towards the waiting room.Bookmark here

I finally came into a large room that was even larger than the room where I met the crown prince. It was decorated with silver and blue again, as if the whole place was cold and dark, yet fascinating.Bookmark here

“May I know the reason for your visit, my lady?” asked a man in the black suit that looked like the butler.Bookmark here

“I am here to meet Archduke.” i replied the obvious, what else, do they think i was that free to come so far to see their dead gaze and mechanical walk!?Bookmark here

I still needed to go back and check my wardrobe and my jewels and enjoy the luxuries I had in life. Tsk tsk!Bookmark here

“I apologize for the inconvenience, but lord did not meet sudden uninvited guests.” That was a clear blatant denial quoted in formal words.Bookmark here

“Of course, I know that. After all, he is the busiest man of the empire. But there is something urgent that i can only tell him and if time wasted and he came to know about it later then many lives would be lost.'' I said with a panicked voice that bewildered them.Bookmark here

They looked at each other and then at me. The maids were looking worried, but the butler was still calm.Bookmark here

“May I know that matter, my lady?” he asked me calmly as if we were talking about vegetables, not the lives of people. Bookmark here

“I wish I could tell anyone. But I am afraid those who knew about the matter would also be killed soon.`` I replied with a panicked voice again, but the man did not look convinced at all.Bookmark here

Such a rigid man!Bookmark here

“But if you still want to know about it, I can leave a hint. It is about a new spreading rumor of the father of Archduke!” my words cracked everyone's shells and they all staggered from their places. Their faces turned ashen as if I had announced that today was judgment day and earth was going to shatter in a few seconds!Bookmark here

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