Chapter 2:

Reformation(1) - Weedkilling

High school sovereign

As the summoned people began to mill into the hall, the running knights looked to me longing for the command to stop. I shook my head, "this is your endurance training, continue running until I say to stop."
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The others looked at the knights with a multitude of expressions: some with surprise; others with hysterical faces as they tried not to laugh at the knight's tomato faces and some with pure awe.Bookmark here

I ordered the people to stand in rows and begun relaying the prime minister's words whilst casting appraisal on each of them. Bookmark here

[Level up! Appraisal Lv2. Features: Mass Appraisal]
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Ooh, this is useful, it was far less time consuming than casting appraisal on each of them.Bookmark here

[Mass appraisal results (loyalty):
          Guards: 9/10; Head guard 10/10 {Title: Justice seeker, Sworn follower of prince}
          Maids: 10/10; Head maid 3/10
          Merchants: dependent on profits

This was better than expected. Even though I seemed like a useless prince in the past, these people were still loyal. Well, except Margaret. Come to think of it, Margaret was planted by my side by father, so she could have been a spy.Bookmark here

At this point the knights had collapsed are were wheezing for breath; one had even passed out. I had finished delivering my father's message and the crowd looked anything but pleased. I understood, however, in this uncertain situation of a possible 13-way civil war, they were stuck on the weakest side. Bookmark here

"I thank you all for being loyal and by my side for so many years and I am sure that you will continue to be in future!" I exclaim, "You are free to desert me, but you are part of this territory, my father and siblings are my enemies now. If you venture into their territories you will be killed on suspicion of being a spy. You have no choice but to remain here. If you betray me, I will eliminate you. You have no choice but to serve me!!"Bookmark here

The crowd stood in shock but not at the terms the prince presented, but at the sudden confidence radiating from what was a shut-in a few days ago. Bookmark here

Suddenly, the sound of a single person clapping was heard. It was Zed Rando, the head guard who was crying tears of happiness. He was overjoyed that Klaus had finally left his room and started taking authority. He had believed this day would come. "Long Live King Klaus", he exclaimed.Bookmark here

I had expected the shock and silence but not the clapping, cheering soloist. Zed was it? I'll make a note of him, he seems like a lunatic but he's given me courage. I continue.Bookmark here

"To mark the first day of the succession war, no, our conquest, I will start  by eliminating the weeds among us. My father is my enemy. And he has sowed 5 seeds of destruction in our territory."Bookmark here

I pull out a sword and slice off the heads of the four guards. They tried to resist but the tiredness had made them clumsy. Bookmark here

The crowd gaped as the pool of blood made its way to them whilst Zed's cheers grew louder. Bookmark here

I pointed the bloodied sword towards Margaret's neck.Bookmark here

She immediately collapsed and sobbed, "Your highness I'll do anything to serve you, a-anything, I can be of use...please don't."
"Alright, I'll let you serve me.", I whisper leaning towards her ear. "As my kingdom's fertiliser.", I smile whipping her head to the pile of knight corpses.Bookmark here

The maids suddenly erupt with cheers  and shouts, jumping and flailing their arms about. "Long live the King!" The other members joined too, out of fear or joy, "Long Live his highness Klaus Von Roheim!!!"Bookmark here

I grinned. My conquest had begun.Bookmark here

High school sovereign

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