Chapter 5:

A Strange Beast Appears

11 Kingdoms

Report: A Strange Beast Appears

Accessing personal data: Princess Fawn Midin

Alternative Source: Journal entry of Jamie Eve

“Hey wake up, Sleepyhead!” A voice jars through my ears waking me from a nap, that once my eyes focus seems to have taken place while working on one of the major Inns in town. I must have liked my work on the bed and decided to link the pile of pixels to that of my bed. "Look, Fawn, I know you're working hard in all but if you're going to sleep, try doing it out of the game okay.” I look around and see Moses … no, Nev, in this world towering over the room. I designed these ceilings to stand at fifteen feet but, Nev's giant frame makes the room feel cramped as his head is inches from the roof.

"Sorry, Nev. Just feel overworked, and the bed looks so comfy." I reply sleepily as I wipe my eyes.

"Don't worry about it, I'm not railing on you for it, but the Nuro-links can't be comfortable to sleep in." I didn't have the heart to tell him that I had gotten used to sleeping in the chair. The only times I had slept in my bed were when I had late-night interviews or meetings to attend. "So any word on the MMGX in a few weeks? I’d figure that they would want you at the booth or any meetings that they have at the con.”

I yawn before replying “Not going… Well not in person. They want Fawn and the other Heroes to show off the world and show off classes. Rick, has me learning this scripted role to play out before the group, has our first publicized meeting. Still, I'm trying to figure out how to say some of these names without screwing it up and insulting them. Or saying something that might offend them, or others from their countries, such as there is a Prince whose name is spelled R – I – E-X.”

“Recks?” Nev looks puzzled at how he said it, and he can tell my look tells him he said it wrong.

"No I think it's Ray X, what is worse that's blue Kingdom back in Sapphire tower at Vegas, Emi and Ayamo, are easy, since I met them and talk regularly with them. But most of them haven’t so much as sent me a message in-game to introduce themselves. And then there are some like the Jerk at Ruby tower, just insulting me since I’m a woman hero.”

“Well the world is being brought together to work along with each other to play the game, not everyone is going to be happy to see you in charge, mainly the ones that come from male-centric parts of the world. Many things may have changed in the last 200 years but not all the world agrees to issues that other parts accept.”

“Yeah, I guess it’s too much to hope for.” I turn from Nev and continue with the task I was doing in the room before my nap on the inn's bed. Trying to stuff the closets with various and yet simple clothing.

"Hey I came looking for you to let you know the fast travel at the stables is set, and Gavin is looking for you along with a few others on approving some random monsters to add in the field." I sigh and roll my eyes, yet even with my back to him, I can tell Nev understands I am not pleased with helping in this task for Gavin.

“That’s not my responsibility is it, shouldn’t the decision come from Kyoto or more so the tower watch staff upstairs. My responsibility is this town and the castle along with its inhabitants. Outside its walls, I'm just another player, despite my newfound status in the world." I sigh grumbling under my breath about all that is already on my plate of work.

“Have you even, chosen your class yet?” Nev asks knowing full well my time as a grand hero, has kept me from the general playtesting of the game that the others do in the world.

"I haven't gotten to it yet." I reply sharply, but secretly I was actively trying to avoid the distraction.

"Beta is in a few months girl. That's real players and you need to be able to show off how to play the game to them when we go live. Add to the fact you have the meeting of heroes coming up. I'm sure that the others and the higher-ups at least want your character to walk around with experience in the actual gameplay. It might help if you maybe take some time to relax and play the game. Maybe that's why Gavin is working outside the town as it seems you're obsessed with making things perfect around here." Nev leans and looks out through the room's window at the courtyard below. Admiring the handy work we have put in these past few months. The city while not fully complete was massive and greatly decorated. Each building, each crevasse has had some attention to detail. From the moss and ivy growing on the city walls to the graffiti drawn on the homes of computer-controlled characters and shops. Which litter the countless streets in the capital? Recently as a quick addition, I have taken to adding coal dust, and even bugs and mice to infest some buildings.

"Well, I am being held at a higher standard, than everyone. They expect so much …” I begin to get frustrated and try the futile effort of standing on my toes to stare down a giant.

“That’s why Gavin is your assistant. Hell, even Melissa could lend you a hand and take some of the work off your shoulders. My old man worked as you did. Do you want to know what happened to him? He died when I was 10 from a heart attack. The man was in his mid-thirties and died because he overworked himself. And his stress was nothing compared to yours, take a breather it's an order, see the world and play the game some." Nev lifts himself from his view of the window and bangs his head in the ceiling, giving Moses, a little shock in his chair.

Nev’s words stood true, but I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I wasn’t too keen on playing the game as much as I was just standing around the world. I had hoped to be just a background character. But with the title of Grand Hero of the land, meant that yeah eventually I would have to play the game and stand as a powerful character. So to give in to Nev’s demands I open the player menu and select the section to choose my class.

"Eighteen," I say shocking Nev as he didn't think the conversation met such an odd answer.

“Eighteen what? Girl, are you even on the same page?” He says

“Classes! You’re right I should relax so I need to choose my class from the list. Given I will always have the title as a Genesis player but I guess I need a class that the players will get to choose from.” I respond

"So which way are you going, Physical, Magical, or Mental?” The reply to my complaint this time leaves me confused.

“Huh?” I say in a state of complete loss to what he is now addressing.

"Of the eighteen classes they each have a mix of those three attributes, Gavin jumped at the chance to go with a Physical character, along with Melissa, I, on the other hand, chose a Magical one and then the King went with a Mental." Leave it to a programmer to break things down to the cause and effect of one's choices in the game.

“So what class did a giant like you take?” I ask.

“I chose mystic, figure it’s good to be strong at both offensive and defensive magic, but also figure I will rarely be out-of-town to need to focus on my physical stats, and well as a Tundar, I already have a good Strength score." I take a long stare at the giant form of the man who now is hunched in the room his hide armor sewn into a form looking like a cross of robes and business suit. With thick nerd-like glasses that barely can be seen sticking on the massive face of the Tundar.

“What about the others?”

“Gavin went to a Savage. A type of fighter that is strong in fighting and tough in the damage that they can take. But they can’t use magic. Melissa went with Guardian, giving her defensive strengths and abilities to hold people back, a good choice for the Cities law enforcer I guess.” Nev explains.

“And the King?” I ask.

“He took Ninja, He said he liked the idea of listening in on people when they least suspect the king of the land doing so. Guess it also means he will be focusing his skills in stealth and listening. Hey, why not try going with the Adventurer class they handle just about every aspect, though their weakness is they are less skilled in the tasks of other more specialized classes." I think about the options envisioning myself in the role of mage, warrior, and thief.

Then as I have a strong look at the imaging combination of the classes to choose from. "It's worth a suggestion, but I think it is better to have a more focused class."

"Oh, so this isn't your first MMO then?" Nev looks with a smile on his face happy with the idea that I may have played an MMO before.

"No, I played one for a few summers in High school, plus Gavin has gone on about how weak a spread-out character can be in the long run." I reply with not the strongest of pleasantries for the last games I played.

“User of all things, master of none.” Nev laughs as he tries to mimic Gavin.

“So I wasn’t the only one he rambles on about to." The idea that I share my misery of dealing with Gavin's in-game acting talent gives me a reason to smile, as I shift through the first of the classes. “Hmm, guess a warrior should be a good fighter, but having Magic would help as well. The mental stuff is the ones focused on skills right?”

"Yeah, the more mental you have the more skills one has." I look over my current character's stats, as a human things look standard but since I made her Fawn has had been focused on Mental tasks. My stats show that work with her highest stats and skills being social ones. Mainly due to the past company interviews I have done for training that both P.R. and Rick have put me through. She was becoming a fairytale princess, too weak to fight so just sit in a tower and wait for a strong knight to rescue her. "Of course your stats will be boosted once you choose a class depending on which class you go with. And since you're a Genesis Player you have access to the computer's records to create items to boost weak areas so in many ways you can make the players envious of your character's stats and class." The Genesis Player is a unique class of NPC's in the game. The designers who have been given the task of working on game development that stays on to play the game, can get access to the game's inventory of items, be it a weapon or item, and release the item from thin air. With the higher-ranked roles set to continue in the game as an event developer, I am in charge of even creating some rare treasures for the game. Allowing the player to have access to a collection of items and weapons as long as I have the forethought to create it and add it to the game's inventory. While not an actual game class many who don't have this power in the game have dubbed it so as the hidden class. Still, to prevent tampering in the game each tower is limited to five NPC's and of that only the head designer gains the ability. I have been granted this, which is why it’s rare as it normally would fall on the towers head designer. But for some reason, he instead chose not to stay after the game's official launch in its creation and refused to create a character. Thus Fawn has a unique class and to my knowledge may be only one of the Grand Heroes to hold such power.

I move in to select a class I look through the listing. I instantly see the division Nev was talking about. In the Physical category, I see Warrior, Savage, Gunner, and Blade. All four have unique styles to their fighting and I watch as each of the standard forms, causes the characters to move about, in a sidebar I see in choosing these I would have my movement and strength boosted as well as my defense depending on the class choice. I decided no matter how much I vision myself I just don't see Fawn as the brutal fighter with an arsenal of weapons, so I move on to the Mental category. Here I see four new classes Thief, Ninja, Sniper, and Scientist. The last I recall Emi talking about before, as Ayamo’s option for those that want to be skill heavy and rely on building contraptions and chemicals to help in battle. This time I see that it would be fitting for Fawn more so with the stat boosts in Movement and Intelligence, as well as a few Charisma boosts on some. But the idea of having magic on hand is still tempting so I move on to the Mystic category. Four new classes appear this time, The Mystic, Healer, Channeler, and Card Mage, once again I think of Emi who I know full well chose the Card mage class herself to have on hand. She told me while the class is hard to master they get some powerful spells early on depending on their luck. Looking over the choices though show the magic power of all four classes leaves them open and prone to attacks. Lastly, I go to the combo classes. I remember hearing Gavin warn me about these classes while they were stronger in early skills, they didn't show much strength later on without the aid of the right tools and equipment. Since as a Genesis player I could create my tools to best fit I think this category may prove my best option. Six classes this time, Muse, Performer, Guardian, Hunter, Adventurer, and finally Mage Hand. All with a mixed collection of the three earlier categories all have benefits and skills that make each a unique choice from the others in this category. Then I see it as a class that fits the vision for Fawn, both a skilled fighter and a skilled mage, the skill choices they get may be limited, but the stat changes are fitting in all the areas I feel grant her the best advantages for my vision. I don’t wait any longer and quickly am surrounded by light that envelopes me then just as quickly fades, as a voice announces above.

“Welcome to the world Mage Hand, Fawn Midin.” While I heard the voice many times before as the announcer spoke to me. I never heard it so close before.

“Mage Hand, huh? Never would have guessed you for taking on people with your fists. Maybe we should change your nickname to, the brute princess.” Nev opens one eye wider than the other giving me a puzzled stare.

I ignore Nev’s crude joke and look at my new class and stats, as my physical stats now draw close to my mental stats and my magical ones also boost a bit. “Can’t have a great hero be a helpless princess in a tower, now can we?" I crack a smile as I see Fawn's Strength, Movement, and Charisma stats increase greatly with my choice of class.

"No, but you do know that the weakness of that class is that even though they have the magic they get few skills and have very little ranged attacks. You're setting yourself in for a shock from all the attacks you will take." Normally I would wave off a statement like this as nothing more than Nev playing with me, but the Nuro-link for the game was set up to give a small static shock to a player when they take physical damage. By choosing a mêlée fighter, I was now setting myself up to feel the wrath of God, as if I was running around a lightning storm with a metal rod raised high in my hands.

“Yeah, well I will get used to it, for now, I think I will check out the stables and head over in time to Gavin's location in the country.” I slide my way past his body to move through the room and out the door, catching his passing actions as I leave.

"Have fun leveling." He smirks and tries to squirm his way out of the room waving as I make my way down the road passing through the crowd of active computer-controlled characters.

I walk out of the inn and make my way to the stables, past many streets of shops, homes, and colorful characters I made for the town that now treated me in a new way now that I took on a more active role in the game as a player. Shop keepers shouting deals on equipment for my class, some thugs trying to goad me into a fight, that if I hadn’t made them I would maybe take my chances at such a young level, and finally some of the characters more identifying me as the princess with a bow of the head or a friendly greeting.

It took a good fifteen minutes of walking just to reach the stables. There the computer-controlled character greeted me and offered me a horse to take on a ride. Given my status in the game, I was already set for a horse or even carriage if I needed it, whereas the players in the game had to work hard to afford them and keep them. The Carriage allowed me quick access to locations on the current land within my power and discovered earlier on my map. I also had a hidden gate port in Fawn's bed chambers but I tried not to use it as it seemed a bit, too out-of-place to me. I haven’t yet worked on the dockside where we have plans for a royal ship for me to also use, but for now, I simply would take the horse I had. A splotchy Tan and white horse with a black mark on its nozzle I called it, Caramel Sunday. Today wasn’t the first time I would ride her, but it was the first time as I soon found out leaving the safety of the kingdom I would ride her with the threat of being attacked by the already preset enemies of the land.

I could easily make out the detail of the now mossy castle walls still in my eyes when Caramel whinnied a cry of fear at an oncoming attack from a very large rat. I didn't think much of it as all current horses by the staff, stand as immortal, but the thrust of the horse had me react in a way that threw me near the edge of the seat of the Nuro-link. Once again I am thankful that they designed the system with harnesses keeping me set in place of my seat so I didn’t fall out or do harm to myself. I right myself quickly as I feel a small shock hit me as I look for the source of the discomfort. It bit me, that stupid rat just bit me. I turn to face the creature. It seems much larger now that I stood on par with it, about half my size. If I chose Dwarf or Fey from the lists of races I figure I would stand eye to eye to this guy. Wanting to avoid another shock I quickly toss a punch and the rat’s head slings back, it whirls back snapping its jaws. Quickly I dodge him and throw another punch this time dropping the rat. I see a small bag fall in place of the rat’s body that quickly fades. As I go to pick up the bag, I feel another bite turn and see two more rats have decided to add their two cents into battle, and are out to avenge their fallen friend. This time I take quick work kicking one of the rats and having them drop upon their landing, while distracted in my thoughts the next one bites me hard, and I feel a small shock hit me again. I go to kick the rat but miss as it moves away. Not slowing down I follow up with a second kick this time it hits, but the rat seeks payback biting the leg as I bring it in. I drop a punch down on it which causes the creature to fall. I stand watching it fade and join its friends and when all is said and done light envelopes me again as the voice pronounces.

“Fawn Midin, Level’s up to level two Mage Hand”

I check my stats in a sidebar in the corner of the screen, health is restored, on top of that, I gained an attack called Quick fist. Grabbing the bags and taking their contents adding to my inventory, I get back on Caramel and make my way towards the group in the woods, having stopped only a few more times and two more levels along the path. Gavin is the first to notice the look of scars from a recent battle, with a wandering wolf I had just moments ago.

“Lass, you have been hurt. How?"

“I took a class and have been fighting along the way here. What is it you all wanted to show me?” Gavin says nothing more about my minor wounds only waves an arm at another player, who was dressed in robes that walk over and start healing the wounds on me. He gives me a slight smirk when I look a bit nervous at the healers' approach. He then nods his head at another character approaching us. This member of the tower’s team seemed to be playing a Fey female, which makes Gavin's dwarf look about the same size as I do next to Nev. She looks a bit nervous just looking at me but swallows her fear and speaks up.

"We have been working on a sub-boss for the forest, along with some new monster ideas.”

I look around and see a few different tree-like creatures, a collection of large insects, and a Monstrous boar. "Once we activate them, the creatures will spread throughout the forests but we need the approval of a leading artist. Mr. Howser was taking the day off so we decide to see if they meet your demands. That one there is a forest boss." I look at the fey character point to the unmoving boar she shows a massive smile as she points it out. "It was one of my early drafts for the game, I hope you like it.” I look over the fierce, nasty look of the beast. In looking it over a sense of relief hits me. I’m thankful that the developers dropped the idea to design the program with smells in the game, in hopes to lower the costs of the home systems later on when the game is finally released. I give a simple nod to acknowledge the good detail the fey character put into creating the boar.

"Well, my job is the same as yours just focused elsewhere. Um, but how bad can these creatures be when to let loose?"

“They stand at level ten fairly easily, except in the boar there. He is a prize boss, he's about twenty." Gavin grumbles as he points to a paused massive collection of muscle and fur with two massive Tusks.

I nod in agreement “Okay, I guess it’s fine to let them loose later but, wait till Mr. Howser says it's okay too." I turn to face Gavin. "You know I still have a long way to go on the city and you should be helping me out there."

"You don't need me around. You got tit all under control.” He grumpily snipes back at me as he pulls out a pipe and lights it.

“I’m not the one that decided my place, nor did I ask to work over you, Gavin. I know you may be upset but we are a team, I need your help. And now with this whole Grand Heroes stuff. My tasks will be getting full in the coming weeks so the more work we can finish now the better for down the road. "

“Bah, you don’t ask for tit. Ye just go on without my help or advice.” It’s hard to tell with the beard and bushy eyebrows but I can almost guess that Gavin is close to tears, as he pouts about his experience being passed over for my own.

“Look I’m sorry if I don’t ask for your advice, I need to be more open to accepting your help, okay. So, I ask will you help me with the building …” Before I could finish a scream is heard out from one of the staff, Gavin and I turn to see the Fey girl’s character fade to grey then vanish. As the boar strikes at another two members, a Human warrior, and Bariger mage. The Bariger is a grey-skinned, bald race of creatures set to be the Black kingdom's personal race choice. The Bariger casts a spell, which I recognize as one of the weakest but the boar shrugs it off as nothing touched it at all. The Warrior pulls out a war hammer and Gavin flows through pulling out two axes and charging the beast. The Warrior lands a hit chipping at the great beast's tusk, while Gavin lands an ax in the back leg of the beast. He starts to follow through with the second when the beast bucks and sends both characters flying back with one of Gavin’s axes still in the leg of the beast. The mage sends a new volley of the same blasts, this time I see as the spell singes the fur of the beast, it roars in fury foaming from its mouth it charges and tramples the Mage, who turns grey and body also fades. It’s at that time I first see it. Something is off in the game. As I look at a strange green glow of code moving about the fur and eyes of the beast. It reminds me of an exhibit in the museum of technology I went to see one weekend off from school. Where they had early computers on display and this code looked like the text on one of those machines.

"Stand back Princess, it is too strong for you!" Gavin shouts as he staggers to his feet and begins a new charge on the beast landing his second ax in the forehead. The beast bucks again this time sending Gavin flying up in the air while he still holds on to his ax. He comes back down landing in front of the beast as the ax wedges itself free. Gavin finds himself laying in the path of the beast as its hooves are about to come down on him. I failed to watch as the Warrior came running in to stab at the beast's exposed belly. The beast lets out another great cry of pain but his sheer weight still crashes down on the warrior whose action granted Gavin time to slide out of the beast's attack. Yet the force of the body of the beast proves too much for the Warrior and he fades to grey and vanishes in the game's preset death action.

“Why did the beast activate?”

"Who knows but you can't fight it alone, Gavin." I shout with some uncertainty of my skill in handling the beast.

“You’re not strong enough.”

"Then let's get stronger." While actions of the game restrict my level and skill they don't restrict my equipment and lucky for me I just finished a powerful magical staff a few days ago. "Computer code alpha delta, password Ebony heart, access item Magus staff." Suddenly a black staff with a golden chain on the tip and glowing blue letters formed in my hand. The Magus staff was an item I had placed as a reward for a high-level quest of the kingdom, and more importantly, it granted its users a strong magical flame as long as they could cast magic. "Come forth, Holy flames."

I watch as blue flame erupts from my fists and encircle around my arms. I stand back at first trying to calm my heart and breathing as the Boar gets ready to stomp a hoof down on Gavin. But I can’t hold back, so I quickly move in with a strike. The hit lands and the flames burn about the beast, as the body begins to burn slowly in the magical flame it bucks its tusks, hitting me and causing a strong shock to hit my chair. This shock was stronger than the typical static shock I got from fighting the rats earlier. I crash at the ground near where I started and see Gavin leap from his lower position cutting at the beast’s neck and making the cut deep. But the beast continues to act and bashes its head in at the dwarf knocking him back down to the ground. “Something is not right here. Tit hurts more. They must have changed the program.”

"So, bosses don't normally hurt this much." I ask and see Gavin shake his head in ether acknowledging me or just clearing his own from the head-butt he received. Either way, I couldn't leave this creature to win here. It needed to be stopped and I had the magical power to finish the job. Energizing my fists with a magical flame I pull back my arm and try to aim to time my strike at the best chance which as luck would have it was approaching as the beast diverted its attention to me and started to charge. I quickly duck below the charging tusks and move to throw my punch right up through the massive gash Gavin gave its neck earlier. The Flame of the fist rockets up and out the back of the beast, burning away, causing the head to sever in flaming ash and the body began to break away in code and wireframe, we look on as this isn't the programmed death we normally see with creatures. Light explodes on the remains to reveal a treasure chest.

“What was that?” I could see Gavin was taken, back by the action so badly he reverted to his normal speech pattern

“I don’t have a clue, a bug maybe. Thanks for helping though. Can I get your help back in town now?” I stand a bit in shock at the magical force of my power with the Magus Staff and the shear strength of the boar. Normally I wouldn’t care to figure the boar that much of a problem if I hadn’t just watched the other three players fall at its hand. But watching Gavin struggle with a beast like this when I know his level is far greater than, the beasts and should have been an easy task for him single-handedly to face.

"Yeah, I guess. Want to split the treasure first, lass.”

“Nah, take it. Consider it payment for helping me out today.”

Light envelops us both and the sound of the announcer speaks. “Lord Gavin rises to level thirty-five Savage. Fawn Midin raises to level...” the voice crackles on me and I look at my screen seeing my level number is twisted in a code mess.

“This can’t be right I was level four?”

The mess fades and now my level reads twenty-eight. As the voice returns "... Twenty-eight Mage Hand."

“Four to twenty-eight that’s quite a jump, could be from you using the game's genesis to aid in the battle?" Gavin asks quizzically at me.

"It could be that or maybe the higher-ups altered my character for some reason," I respond.

"You gonna have a lot to place with that jump!" Gavin remarks

I look at my stats and see a collection of numbers on the side. “What do the numbers next to your stats mean?”

“Seriously, you don’t know? They are spread numbers. You place them when you level up and start the game to boost skills. Don’t tell me you've been fighting without boosting your skills as you level.”

“I look at the number again, it still looks odd as if the numbers seem a bit high for even me, I see eighty-four points." Gavin coughs in shock at the number

“Eighty-four cannot be right. You get one point per level and another five that the start of the game character.” Gavin looks to be wondering how the game processed this advantage in my favor.

“Something seems odd here Gavin. Let’s head back okay.” I put away my copy of the Magus Staff in my inventory and whistle to get Caramel to move in.

“I guess so Princess, I will be walking if you don’t mind though.”

“Then I will walk with you.” I grab Caramel’s reins and walk with Gavin back to the city.

File Source End

Accessing Linked Materials

News Blog Article: [Company links the game world with real-world business]

World News Access

Hamiade Mubai

Oct 29, 2066

The world is getting an early treat for Halloween this year as corporate giant Black Clover Industries, announces how their upcoming game 11 Kingdoms will affect the real world. In a recent press release, the Multi-Trillion Dollar Company is putting its future business deals of all 134 companies under Black Clover, will lend aid in the form of food, technology, jobs, even financial aid to the countries that score top rankings by winning battles and claiming territories, and building cities in a massive unexplored area of the game called Pangia. While all countries have combined and shared sectors each Country has its rankings that will be tallied. At the end of each week from a secret location where the Main servers of the unexplored region exist the company will display the top rankings. The company notes that each kingdom has several servers being built throughout the world and each server is connected to form a world 5 times the size of our own. Along with the Master Server and Unexplored world server both of whose location remains a secret. This is a massive game where some claim it may take years, to even decades explore all the areas of the game. Also with the announcement are the names of the kingdoms along with their set territories linked by the color of the map released Nearly 2 years ago.

Noiox Eastern North America (US Eastern states, Canada, Caribbean, etc.)

Azurphire Western North America (US Western states, Mexico, etc.)

Arguo East Asia (Japan, Korea, Vietnam, etc.)

Ruire West Asia (China, India, Pakistan, etc.)

Cirturn Middle East (Dubai, Iraq, Egypt, etc.)

Topeal Baltic States (Russia, Georgia, Turkey, etc.)

Emrass Eastern Europe (Germany, Italy, Greece, etc.)

Marion Western Europe (England, France, Spain, etc.)

Crystinal Australia (New Zealand, etc.)

Perould Africa (South Africa, Madagascar, Libya, etc.)

Strone South America (Brazil, Peru, Argentina, etc.)

With this Announcement leaders of several countries are calling for a gathering of their best video game players. To become government officials, and to take part in the gameplay, raising their countries' economies and power. Meanwhile, some voices of opposition have also risen with some groups calling for, Black Clover to be called forth before the world's governments to stand trial for Unfair Business Practices, and other groups call for the destruction of the game some like, P.A.K.T.Z. (People against Kingdom’s Techno Zombies) stating that this is a way for the company’s leaders to seat themselves as the leader of the free world by creating a dependence on countries to play the game to survive in the world economy.

Gamer Blog Article: [Face of 11 Kingdoms: Girl behind the Game]

16-bit Gamer

Freddie Paul

February 14, 2067

Check it out gamer fans! Yours truly scored a one-on-one interview with the new face of 11 Kingdoms. No, this girl isn't replacing the games creator, Kinchrou Masaru, it's the games team member who is the actual player of the new iconic figure Princess Fawn of the Noiox Kingdom. If you didn't know the game has both computer-controlled NPC's and human-controlled ones. And this one is been invading the wet dreams of teenage boys everywhere in the last two days, has been the company’s choice player to advertise the game on the East coast of the US. Princess Fawn. Her player Jamie Eve joins me now. So, Jamie, I have to ask, how does it feel to be video game royalty?

Well, not much different from my normal day-to-day job I guess.

So you're a human-based character that interacts with the players of the game. What kind of things do you and others like you do?

Well, each kingdom has three divisions of power. Judge, Genesis, and Order, these powers are where the game staff work from, I'm a Genesis player.

Now, what does a Genesis player do?

Um, we kind of go around creating encounters, events, quests, buildings, and such. While a judge acts as the in-game referees, making calls on what is permitted in the game and granting player's titles, houses, and even at the time joining two players in marriage.

And the last one, Order, was it? Let me guess they act out on problem players.

Yeah, and they also deal with bugs and issues in the game that may occur.

How did you come about creating Princess Fawn?

Well, my Kingdoms team leader came up with the idea to have a fair Kingdom where both Judge and Genesis players had a connection. Thus he took the title of King and taking me under his wing I became his in-game daughter. As for her look, I kind of was inspired by the look of storybook princesses, if they had some battle experience.

So, do players get to also play Judge, Genesis, and Order?

No, those are strictly NPC titles, but mind you all human-based characters have one of the classes that players do as well, it’s just we have extra power at our disposal. Fawn's class is Mage Hand.

So, what does a mage hand do?

They are sort of a joint Martial artist, and Wizard of sorts. Tapping into the game's magic system to do added damage with unarmed attacks.

The Magic system is like your typical RPG, you gain spells as you level, right?

No, there are many ways to use magic, but for the most part, depending on your race you attune yourself to a magical element.

How many are there?

10 elements, plus magic in its raw form can also be used.

So that’s 11 again.

Yeah, I think Master Masaru, has a thing for that number. Anyway, the elements are Fire, Earth, Lightning, Water, Ice, Shadow, Light, Plant, Wind, and Blood. Many races are preset on what magic they are tuned to.

So, you don’t get to choose your magic?

No, you still can use other elements spells but they won’t be as strong as the one you are attuned to. And if you Tune to raw magic, you’re not strong to any but your raw spells are more powerful.

How many classes are there?


Really? That many! On top of how many races?

17, But….

17 races and 18 classes that’s a lot of choices!

…but only 6 are selectable to all players, each Kingdom has a unique race of their own, and players of that kingdom's region. Like how here in the Eastern US we are the Kingdom of Noiox, players have the race call Bariger, but each Kingdom has ally Kingdoms that were written by Master Masaru. In our kingdom's case, our allies are Azurphire, the Western US, and Arguo East Asia. And with that, the player can choose races from their Kingdoms as well.

Are players limited to stay in the Kingdom of their section?

No, Players can even transfer their region if they wish to change sides, so sometimes a race not allowed may have permission to join a Kingdom. If the player stands before the Kingdom's Judge and they gain permission.

How did you get your job in the company?

Well, my college computer design professor was good friends with Master Masaru. And when Black Clover started the hiring, my professor suggested I help as a character and environment artist. As the game developed to playable stages in the past few months, they offered me a long-term job as a Genesis Head for Noiox.

Okay here is a question a reader asked me to ask you. Will the players be able to interact heavily with characters such as Fawn?

Such as?

I think they want to know if they can date Fawn, or um well since this is being published internationally, to keep it clean I will just say they want to know if they can have intimate relations.

So can players have sex with characters?

Yeah, sorry some fans have their mind in the gutter. Sorry about that.

It's okay, the world has a lot of ways to interact with all characters. But most computer-generated NPCs tend to be one-sided on actions, but you could I guess have relations with the Human-based and other players.


Yeah, Master Masaru wanted the player to have complete freedom like his previous game Blood pool. So, you can make, sell and take drugs, have sex even sell yourself or others. The game is having a restriction of sales so that no player under 18 can play due to these actions along with the blood and violence, without parental guidance.

So, a player can walk up to Princess Fawn and do the nasty?

Well, Fawn isn’t that easy. Those of us that act as Kingdom heads have set storyline scripts we have to follow in interactions. We have to run as true heads of state would, so even though I don’t have a say, I wouldn’t be surprised if at one point the Game HQ sends orders for Fawn to be given as a bride to another Kingdom’s rank and file. And besides that as Fawn I’m not that easy to impress.

Do you find it hard to keep in character in the game?

It’s a challenge but human players often break the fourth wall. And Human characters are no different.

So then, yes?


Okay well, I think that's all the time we have, for now, I guess I'll see you again in the beta later this year.

Yeah, the current plan is to open a Beta run for two months starting in April.

Well, thank you, for your time.

Thank you.

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