Chapter 6:

Legendary Heroes

11 Kingdoms

Report: Legendary Heroes

Accessing data: Onyx Tower Floor 50, Security Camera’s

Additional Source: Personal Journal Entry Jamie Eve

I'd be lying if I said my nerves weren't getting the better of me. If Rick wasn't with me I think I would be pressing any of the lower forty-six buttons on the elevator and not the very last one leading to the top floor. I feel the elevator tremble as it raises the next three floors from my home at forty-seven. Then I feel the warm hand of Rick on my shoulder and realize the trembling is my own and not the elevator. "Easy Jamie, I am here with you. Nothing bad is going to happen."

It’s hard to take Rick’s words seriously. I mean I have lived here on the forty-seventh floor for close to a year and a half now, and many in the building saw that as the highest anyone outside a cleaning crew would ever go. In the common areas, the rumor would be spread on the top three floors of the tower. Some say it's storage. Others claim it's where the company performs acts of Black Magic to confirm their lock as the top-earning company of the world. The doors to the elevators open and I look on at a large round room with a small wall on the sides with clearly visible bathroom doorways. The room has a semicircle table in the middle with chairs lining the outside a holographic base screen in the ceiling set to be pulled when needed. Four doors out onto a terrace lined along the building’s exterior walls, that appear as nothing but windows with vertical blinds all open at the moment. A small table is set off out-of-the-way with food and drinks spread out on display. I look around and only see two people a man and woman both on the balcony. The man is talking to the woman who is smoking outside to not set off the smoke alarms. I quickly recognize them as Mr. Williams the company lawyer of this tower, and Ms. Jeirade the Corporate spokeswoman. Mr. Williams waves at Rick, who in turn waves back to acknowledge our presence.

“Go ahead and treat yourselves to the refreshments while we wait on the rest of our friends to arrive.” Mr. Williams shouts in at us from his perch on the balcony with Ms. Jeirade.

Rick must be hungry, as he heads straight for the food and starts filling a plate. "You should eat Jamie, we could be here a while and I doubt you ate much this morning given your routine." Rick replies shoving a piece of cheese and grape in his mouth.

“I can’t swallow water now let alone food.” I reply. I do end up grabbing a water bottle to try to keep my throat from being parched but find it painful with each sip.

“Yeah, well your doc told me to make sure you’re eating, and I want my staff healthy, more so as you become a face of the game.” Rick says with a chuckle as he nibbles a roll of ham.

The elevator dings and opens and a scuffled and dirty-looking man who, I fail to recognize at first steps off. "Ah well, Rick who would have guessed your little section would get such an honor, pleased to see you again Miss Eve.”

I look over the face of the man. It looks like he fits more in with the gathering of homeless people who roam the subway stations than in our towers, top floor suite and I still don’t quite make him out. “Have we met?”

“At your interview, I was the designer there evaluating you!” The man brushes back some hair from his face and I get a better look at the face of the designer from before.

“Bart Howser, Ms. Eve, I am not surprised that Masaru chose you, or should I say your avatar for a face of the game. Of course, I have checked things out from my office downstairs." I give him a puzzled look, he has an office in the building, I wonder which floor. “Yikes, I guess the rumors of the lower floors are spreading. The two floors below us are the offices of myself, Mr. Williams, and a few other staff working on the basics of the game, stuff like player interface and a promotional team." He turns and whispers. "Even Gail has an office down there but she never uses it." I turn and look a bit white at the idea of the fierce face of the company, having an office just above my bedroom. “We just work from there, and sometimes we are barely in the office. So I guess it's sort of like seeing a Vampire on a daytime stroll. Of course, you see the top floor here. Lovely Meeting room! Gorgeous design! Guess other towers are like this, many of them dwarfing the skylines of their home towns."

I hadn’t thought about it but I guess he was right, a 50-floor tower that looks like a giant glass checkmark on the city from the outside. The tall corporate housing, and offices of the game staff, the massive enclosed park, and recreation areas on the lower floor. Spreading across to the now constructed smaller tower, twelve floors as a hotel getaway resort for the game’s players. Eleven of these towers, Emi talks about their tower in Tokyo, even though she and Aya live in Kyoto with Masaru.

“So Master Masaru is coming in person?” I ask as the very idea of meeting the gaming legend in person, gives me a chill down my back.

“Nah, that guy seldom leaves his home. He has a bit of a fear of traveling so often it's a challenge for corporate to get him to come to international events, outside of a video conference. His assistants usually can get him to take the bullet train to Tokyo, but he refuses too much to fly or travel by boat.” Mr. Howser claims with a laugh, but checks to see if Gail or anyone he doesn't want is in earshot before talking about it.

"I'm sure Emi, and her sister, have their hands full then.” I try to lighten the mood but see a puzzled look on Mr. Howser's face.

“Emi? Oh, you mean the characters the assistants are playing then.” I shake my head in agreement. “Yeah, well those two aren't sisters. They are just really close friends. Emi as you call her is called, Keiko. Her friend, Ushio is good at design work herself and has learned from Masaru. Keiko is more the voice for both, Masaru and Ushio, as neither of them likes to discuss matters openly. It also helps that she is fluent in English and French." Mr. Howser explains his own experience with the two I have in the past few weeks come to know as sisters. While he grabs some food for himself from the platters set out.

I watch as Ms. Jeirade crushes the cigarette and tosses the butt over the edge of the building. “You know if an officer is below, he will fine us for that.” Mr. Williams explains to her, as she sighs, and walks on in.

“So tell them to go screw themselves. Stupid enviro-laws are taking all the fun from my life.” She replies in a snarky way. She moves over to me and looks me over. “So, this is the girl, hmm?”

Mr. Williams looks to be answering her now with a bit of nerves in his voice. “Yes, this is Jamie Eve, her counterpart Fawn Midin, is one of the twelve selected and will be the face of the Onyx Tower."

I watch as Gail looks my face up and down. "She's not a bad looker in real life, if the panel chooses her, I think we need to set up some on-camera interviews as well as in character ones unlike some of the others." I start to shake with nerves, as her words strike me, she quickly grabs at my chin, and I can smell the residue of tobacco on her hands. "Stop shaking girl. You and I need to discuss how to act and what to say in front of the lenses, you understand girl?" She waves a perfectly manicured finger in my face. I find the nerves I had to get worse, and my voice finds no means of escape until Rick pats me on the back.

“You will have to excuse her, Ms. Jeirade. The young Ms. Eve has a bit of an issue with pressure, mainly the kind you all have chosen for her.” Rick’s words ease my nerves a bit.

“I’m not that good at talking on camera." In many ways, this lie is very truthful, l though under Rick’s suggestion I don’t explain I am not good at any of the public image things they have planned. While I am getting more social, these days I still find it more enjoyable in both worlds to spend most of my time alone.

"Well, you're going to get over it. I have been in this cesspool of a city for a week now finding the best people to build your reputation, to fit the perfect image for the game, and you agreed to take part. So from now on the spotlight is less the thing to fear than where the company will put you if you screw this up." She turns to the table and picks up a small tablet computer with several names and numbers. "I have a team of five people who will run your life for you from now on, and when you're not working on the game you will be working on that image, we expect of you. So what fears you have, suck them up, or get out now before I have to go public with you in a promo." I find even Rick stepping back from a strong viewpoint to let her professional sense of business first, plow through the room and trudge by us all. She turns and goes to fix a plate of food for herself as the elevator dings. Two young Asian girls step out along with a flamboyant guy, a slightly overweight woman in a t-shirt and jeans, and a plain-looking man in a golf shirt with a camera bag strapped over his shoulder. "Good, the rest of the people are here, except for the old goat, of Tokyo.”

One of the young girls speaks up and I instantly recognize the voice as Emi, or I should say, Keiko, who seems to be the only one not falling to the force of Ms. Jeirade. “Madam, please do not call Master Masaru an old goat. He prefers if you must call him an animal it is a donkey." She smiles with an evil grin of manipulation, after saying one should address the greatest mind in the gaming world a common, Ass. She turns and sees me and waves. “Hi Oneesan, it is good to meet you in person. Master was being difficult so he wouldn’t come, but Aya and I came to meet you.”

“Uh, Hi, Emi… or is it, Keiko."

"Emi is fine, I like it over Keiko. Isn't that right Ushio?" I get a better look at the other girl who agrees with Emi's statement, and I see that neither girl is all that cute, Ushio’s face while somewhat still girlishly cute, is breaking out with zits. Emi, on the other hand, has what one can only call a creepy look about her face, with her large grin and big eyes. If anime characters were real, then Emi showed they wouldn’t be so much cute and cool but more on the line of being creepy and horror movie-like. Of course, Emi letting her hair flop in front of her face hiding much of it, in a way similar to a movie grandma once showed me, of a creepy ghost girl from Japan fits Emi’s look perfectly.

"Well, we have our work cut out for us." Says the effeminate man, looking over my clothing while I was distracted by Emi. “Where do you shop, the big and tall section, seriously, show your figure a little, why don’t you?”

As I start to whirl around to stop the pulling of my clothes, I feel the hands of someone pulling my hair. I turn and see the large woman running her hands freely about through my hair. “Your hair is a mess, when was the last time you had it styled, or cut for that matter! And this blackish splotch, how horrendous!”

I turn to face the woman only to be halted by flashes in my face from the cameraman. Then I feel it. The pressure, my chest throbbing. I start to stumble, only to fall into the arms of Rick who pushes me behind him. "Back off, you're frightening her! It's too much too fast."

"So, you're saying she can't cut it after all then Mr. Mathers. I will remind you of the final decision to go ahead, was indeed hers." Ms. Jeirade proclaims sternly. "Furthermore, this is just a few people from this company, once public the world will be treating her like this a thousandfold. Will you protect her then?"

“I will!" I am a bit taken back from Rick's answer to protecting me the way he says. It even frightens me a bit to take action.

“No Rick she’s right it’s my decision! I need to get used to this." I state interrupting him "I need to say I am nervous, but I must work through this to meet the goal before me.” I pause and swallow air down my throat in trying to calm my nerves.

“Take it easy though! Jumping in head-first will just overwhelm you in the future.” Rick explains with deep concern. In many ways, he reminds me of my dad who watched over me, as I grew trying to protect myself from the dangers of the world, as he saw them. But now I’m grown! And with it, I need to shake this anxiety to be able to do my job.

“I will speak up if I need a rest!" I turn and face the effeminate man and a large woman. "My clothes are this way because I want comfort while I work. These sweat clothes are perfect because I don’t have to change after workouts. As for my hair, no I haven’t gotten it cut recently but the color stays, I want it that way.” Even I stand shocked at my action to not let them remove the black streak in my hair that has been a part of me for so long now.

I fail to see the smile hit Ms. Jeirade’s face. “Well good, to see you have some nerve after all. The clothes will only be an issue with events should we take you to them. That is when we choose not to have you attend them as Fawn instead. The hair color can stay! We will make it your signature, but we will have to make it a little more manageable and neater. Carry on with these kinds of guts, and you should do fine in front of one or a million cameras. Just as long as you remember to smile no matter how screwed up you feel, things will work out. Do you understand?” I nod and the woman seems pleased with my reply. “Now if you excuse me, I have to go read some messages from my offices in Chicago.” She takes her tablet out the door sets it down, and pulls out another cigarette lighting it and taking a long drag on it before she begins reading from the tablet.

Howser walks up to me “Well that’s certainly a shock! You actually could withstand the pressure of Gail-force."

“What?” I asked puzzled at his words again.

“There is a reason that woman is the company spokeswoman. Gail Jeirade, or as the inner working teams of Black Clover call her, Gail Force! For the devastation, she leaves by forcing the staff and press to bend to her way in interviews. You showed her you won't fall so easily."

Mr. Williams coughs to have Howser open up room between us for him to enter. “Ms. Eve, I have several documents I need you to sign, and they need your approval before we go further.”

I hear Emi shout at me across the room. "Hey, oneesan! When you finish up here give us a quick tour. We will be having the meeting of heroes later so Aya, and I, will need to get in systems around here." Bart turns and looks at the girls with red faces.

“I guess you should leave these two up to me. I have some stations that they can use on my floor when this is done, I need you to join them in-game, as corporate wants you and the other Grand Heroes to meet! They want to get some group shots. Also, they plan to judge you all on who would be the best fit for the international campaign for the game." I stand puzzled at the idea, since back when I started, it was well-known that the company was going to choose a computer mock-up character, for the spokesperson of the game. But now I learn my role could not only be for my region but also, I could be the face of the game worldwide. My heart suddenly begins to beat heavily as if I had just run several miles. Rick sees the color flooding out of me and quickly grabs a chair sitting me down next to the papers and a prepared plate of food.

File Source End

Accessing Alternative Source

Personal Logs: Princess Fawn Midin

The game's look is nearly complete! Yet when it comes time for this meeting of Grand Heroes, they place us in an endless white space. Despite the constant rushing of my head from the earlier meeting in the day, I was able to arrive fairly early to the meeting online. Finding only Emi, and Amayo! There along with a strange blank grey manlike form acting as a host to us. As I approach the girls I see Emi, flipping through a collection of cards in her inventory while Amayo, has pulled out a blanket and is looking at each item in her supply sorting them and figuring out ways to use them. The grey figure even though it has no face seems to turn and look at me. It speaks, using a programmed dull monotone voice. "Welcome, Princess Fawn Midin! Please make yourself comfortable while we wait for the meeting to start, others will join us soon."

I walk over to the girls and smile then shout out to the computer commands. “Computer, access Sleeping Badger dining room design, and place in the area.” The room flashes in light and suddenly there is a fire pit with a small stage and several tables and chairs nearby. I grab one of the chairs and sit down as Emi, and Amayo, stand with a shocked look on their faces.

“Big Sister, you’re a Genesis leader!” The words of Emi surprise me a bit as I figured that other Grand Heroes were Genesis players as well and possibly most of us had the lead role of those players. I also notice the slight delay in speaking and the vocals I hear. As well as the translation it gave for Emi’s choice of names for me being changed through the systems new global translator which can alter the words to a ninety-two percent accuracy and play a similar voice in tone to a player of their home town's common tongue. In turn, I get the hint she will now be hearing my voice in fluent Japanese as well.

“Aren’t you two, Genesis players as well?” I ask in hopes to find an answer to Emi’s surprise.

“Amayo, is a Genesis player but Masaru, is the leader of the Gold kingdom." I guess that statement shouldn't surprise me. "The difference in power is great though, a leader can get access to any item in the game system. Amayo, can only gather ingredients and weapons limited in our kingdom that she may need.”

I chuckle a bit at the possibility of being the only one of the Grand Heroes with this power, even though it proves pretty much useless in helping out in playing the game. Suddenly the grey figure speaks up drawing the attention of the three of us. We turn and look at the new person to join our little meeting. “Greetings Prince Min Gang, Greetings General Yuri Mikov. The meeting will occur soon please make yourselves comfortable, till the others arrive.”

The first one of the two, a young-looking man, dressed in rather beginner-looking clothing draped in red, walks up looks at the three of us, and laughs. "Pathetic! Girls playing house! If this is what the competition of this game will be, I can’t help but count the moments when my kingdom will finally destroy yours.”

The large blond man next to him is far more kept to himself, as he just walks to the fire pit grabbing a chair on the way, and sits before it. He lets out a warm smile and pulls out a mug from his inventory. "Ignore the prince. He is still ticked off over the trouble he caused the company recently. So, he is on probation." Despite the translation software, a slight hint of a bad Russian accent is played off for me as the tall blond general speaks.

“I don’t need my equipment to defeat any of these women. I can handle any woman in a fight, I never lose any battle.” Snipes the arrogance of, Min.

Once again, the grey figure greets another collection of newcomers to the meeting. "Greetings Duke Savo, Greetings Prince Nasam, Greetings Princess Grendal, and finally greetings Priestess Cassandra, please wait and gather with the others till the events start. The first one to notice of the group almost causes me to fall out of my chair. The one the figure addressed as Priestess Cassandra walks in, not as a human but a massive Minotaur of bulk. Her female form can only be guessed by the way her robes form a dress-like look about her bovine figure. The second most shocking of the four newcomers is a tossup of the slimy red skin and facelessness of Princess Grendal. Or Duke Savo, who despite his human character is walking around with a scantily cover of a loincloth. The least noticeable of the group is the heavily robed figure of Prince Nasam, who much like Mikov proceeds to move in towards the fire pit and take a seat next to Min and Mikov.

Emi finds the appearance of Cassandra, a perfect time to goad Min off his high horse from earlier. “Still think you can take any woman here, Min! Because if Cassandra here doesn’t cause you to piss your tunic, I can say someone here I know is stronger than her.”

“I pray we get to face off in a battle, to show you how pointless your words are. I can’t wait to shut the mouth of the irritating Dusk Princess.” Min walks off from the area, to avoid dealing with the constant taunts he is sure to gain from Emi.

“So, the red kingdom is already trying to divide us before the game has even started.” States Savo, who is stroking his beard, with a grin. From my early glimpse it looks like if Emi is considered the most annoying of the group, then, Savo isn’t about to let his own words go unsaid as well.

Cassandra shocks me when she grabs a chair nearby and smiles. “Greetings Fawn, from your western neighbors.” She reaches out her massive hand and I offer my own.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, at last, Cassandra.” While I haven’t met her, I have exchanged emails with her to make sure our borders didn't look too odd when the players moved from one country to the next. Given it also meant I had to work with our eastern country neighbor of the Red kingdom, but Min never replied to my emails and it was left to a meeting of lesser members to work the border together to be done correctly.

“Anyone have any idea what this whole gathering is about?” Asks Grendal, who gets interrupted by the grey figure introducing more members.

“Welcome, Princess Kylie, Prince Malok, and Councilman Riex, please gather with the rest of our heroes. The meeting will begin shortly.” I watch as the angelic figure of Kylie walks into the room with her head stuck up in the air, with a strong sense of pride of her title that I can’t help but notice I seem to lack when playing out my character.

Next to the savage-looking Malok, walks into the room. While I have known a little about the other members of the Heroes for some weeks since the decision to create us, Malok has been a mystery since the white kingdom he called home has had trouble in getting things started. Lastly, I see the blond dashing roguish figure that is my west coast counterpart. Charles Riex, must have noticed me looking at his entrance to the meeting as he wastes no time to walk over to my chair and leans down grabbing my hand and kissing it.

“At long last my fiancée, we meet at last.” The room suddenly is shocked at Riex’s statement to me, but no one is more shocked than I am. As I quickly retract my hand in a sudden movement.

“Fiancée, I am not your fiancée. …I never agreed to this.” I startle about and fall out of my chair trying to get away from the pushy ally of mine.

“Chill my dear it’s only fitting, our alliance with Noiox and Azurephire, be linked in such a way.” Other groupings look at their allies and some look scared at the options should something like such be played out in the game.

“Hey look here! We just met and it’s not like this is part of the game! We don't have to play our parts right now do we?" I look around for support behind my theory but see most are looking away trying to not be caught up in the trap Riex, has placed me in. Panic begins to take over and I begin to look for the support I got from Rick earlier, but am given a quick break when the grey figure speaks up.

“Greetings all Heroes, as you all know you each have been chosen to represent the game in your kingdoms. All promotions will feature you along with the characters amongst you to represent the game internationally. To decide this, we have looked over your actions in the past few weeks, along with your character design for yourselves. Each of you are being watched now by a collection of judges on a broadcast feed distributed throughout the company. In the future, each of you will have such broadcasts following you as you take part in the game. For now, however, this broadcast is limited to only those set to vote on the game's idol. At this time, we would like to have you all choose a way to show off the talents of your characters and the judges will look at you in three parts. First is your character's overall look, the second is how you play the character, and the last is the skill your character has in the game. To test this last one, we ask you to choose a task to prove your skill in playing the game.” I along with many in the group, sit back to see who goes first, to show off their talents, before our mystery judges. Yet no one steps up for the first few minutes till the grey figure speaks up again. "Since none of you wish to volunteer to go first, we will start with the least experienced characters and end with the most. First, up will be Prince Malok, of Pearl Tower." The nearly naked Malok walks up to a space of the room and stops.

“May I get a collection of targets to attack?” The savage man has a polite nature about him as he waits for the grey figure to respond.

“Certainly!” it responds, and suddenly a collection of twelve wire-framed creatures appears in the room. The prince nods with a grin and pulls out a massive spear, then presses his fingers to his lips making a whistling call. Suddenly a huge cat that looks part saber tooth tiger and part jaguar appears in the room, which Malok quickly mounts and rides to charge each target taking them out in a hasty action. The speed of his beast and the accuracy of his blows with the spear keep the room quiet till the last target falls and the grey figure speaks. “Malok has destroyed the targets in a time of 4 minutes 23 seconds. His character design is showing that of a Hunter class that uses his companion to build speed and power behind his blows. His fighting skills are on advanced levels for the game.”

Some including myself applaud Malok for his efforts as the newest Grand hero, but Min responds with a laugh and shakes his head. “Pathetic!” He reaches for a chair and takes a seat. “I might as well wait as I know I will be last, and if I have to go on watching this sorry display I will die of laughter, from your worthless actions.”

Emi, begins to speak up but is stopped by the grey figure. “Next up, is Councilman Riex, of Azure tower." Riex stands up and walks to space. But I can't help but find myself a little shocked at Riex as the second least experienced character. As a member of Azure tower, he has worked on the game longer than most. Yet of the other towers, he stands so low on the experience of players.

“Excuse me, but this is a test for the person to be chosen for the game’s international launch, am I correct? But in no way affects our current standing, correct?”

“That is correct, you are already a Grand hero, and that title will not be removed. These tests are merely to test the best candidate for the game's image." Riex flashes a smile exposing all of his teeth in only a way someone with a bigger plan can.

“Then I will step down so that a more beautiful star is allowed to shine brighter in front of me." He walks back over to me. "Princess Fawn, my lovely bride-to-be, here is who I suggest the audience today vote for. She is an attractive and strong player fitting what the players want to see. She is my choice and should be yours as well." I try to shake my head in defiance but Riex responds, to contradict my actions. “You are the most fitting candidate here Fawn, and when it comes to your turn you will show what it is I see in you.”

“You haven’t seen me before! You don’t know me!” I panic again at Riex onslaught of affection.

“I know enough from just gazing in your eyes.” He brushes his hand through my hair then returns to his seat as the grey figure speaks up.

“Very well, the diplomatic actions and thoughts of the Rogue from Sapphire relinquished his chances to look towards the others. I have been asked to see if any of the rest of you feels the same. Please speak up but keep in mind your words will not remove your name from consideration. It will only cause you to not have to take action in the talent part.”

I start to stand up but feel pressure pull me down back to my seat. I turn and see Riex with his hand on me. “Don’t spoil what I have just given you, my love." I watch as Amayo, Savo, and Grendal, all stand up.

"Very well the Scientist Amayo of Gold, The Muse Savo of Lavender, and the Blade Grendal of Emerald all three of you wish to stand down then it will be noted." Before the grey figure can finish another figure stands and this time its Makov.

“I too will stand down, because going on the traits of this test I feel I won’t be as outstanding as the others. But I ask the team to keep in mind one of us is under punishment! It is not fair so please do not forget that in judging that in their looks and actions. So, I ask you to vote for Min Gang." Makov returns to his seat as the grey figure returns to speaking.

"Very well the Savage Makov of Topaz stands down as well. Are there any others that feel their chances are futile to continue with this?” The figure visibly sighs in disappointment as Nasam and Cassandra both stand down as well.

“I feel my choice of Minos, will hurt my chances and game sales. I don’t want to frighten potential sales.” Cassandra says.

“I have no doubt I would be next on the skills test. And as our newest member has already shown the same kind of talent I have. Then I will step down and let my other traits speak for themselves." Nasam retorts with a nod towards Min, causing me to feel uneasy about an alliance strongly forged with him, being confirmed on top of Makov’s earlier words making Min’s threats to everyone seem far more real.

“Very well then, the healer Cassandra of Steel, and the mage Nasam of Citrine, stand down as well. This leaves Princess Emi, Fawn, and Kylie, along with Prince Min as the only remaining talents to test. And after the experience levels, next up is Princess Emi of gold."

Emi walks up with two large piles of cards to the white space. "Hey, grey guy gives me 24 targets, and spread them good." Emi is by no way shy like her sister and starts to look around as the forms of the wire creatures come into view. She lets out her wide grin and both her hands show a collection of nearly a dozen cards. She turns and tosses card after card in directions towards the targets as the cards all stop in midair a few feet from her. "Magic Power! Seek the targets, lock on, and release.” Suddenly several different forms of elements disperse and launch from the cards. Each blast strikes at its target and landing a blow. I can't help but clap in amusement at Emi's skill with her magic. She leans her arms behind her head and starts to walk back with her grin unflinching. “Yeah, I got them all!” Emi proudly proclaims.

“Negative Princess Emi, you have missed eight targets, your hasty actions to leave a battle when it’s not finished shows sloppy work.” The grey figure states, but I stand in shock! I can’t handle 16 targets in one attack let alone the 24 she took on. How could it be sloppy, she only used one attack.

“Well, it can’t be helped I guess, the attack is impressive, but that’s all my mana for a while.” She winks at me. “See I told you the card mage class, is impressive Fawn.” I can’t help but nod in agreement. If I had seen a cool attack like that as the option, I may have chosen it as well.

"Well, then the card mage Emi of Gold, has completed her test to an acceptable action. Up next is Kylie of Silver." I snap out of my praise of Emi to gain a sense of shock that my name has yet to be called. How Kylie, and Emi could, both be less experienced than I! Well at least I can believe Min will be higher than me, and likely the ones that stepped down could also have been more powerful. I turn and look at Kylie already cleaning up the eight targets Emi left by flying high above us and shooting down each target with a blast from a rifle. "The sniper Kylie of Silver has completed the test and done so in a minute and a half hitting all targets in their vital spots of the body."

“Naturally, once I catch a target in my sight, they will not live to take another action.” The cool and beautiful Kylie proclaims before returning to her seat. I prepare to stand up before the grey figure speaks. “Next is the second most experienced player of the group, and stands only a level behind the most experienced player.” What! No way, I am only a level less than Min? “Min Gang of Ruby, please show us your talent.” No, it can’t be I stand with a shocked look and quickly turn to see the furious rage of Min as he looks at me in turn.

"How can this worthless woman have more experience than I! I demand then that my skill be tested against hers and to be treated fair, as such my equipment must be returned!”

The Grey figure with no face looks a bit puzzled at the request. But with the sudden change in Min’s rags turning to an ornamental set of armor with a massive two-handed sword shows the judges agreed to his request. “Very well then this will be the final test, and both you and Princess Fawn Midin, will be asked to give it your all-in combat.” The grey figure states. I can't help but feel a very familiar knot hit my stomach as I reach in my inventory to grab the magus staff. Min walks to the space and I drag my feet but soon join him. "Ready Begin!” Shouts the grey figure. Min takes no chances and instantly is charging at me with the heft of his sword. I try to react in time by casting an earth barrier but find my timing is off as I am forced to dodge the gust of wind from the edge of Min’s sword. I try to move in close enough to strike at Min with a punch but my attack is stopped by his strong armor.

“Your frail blows cannot damage my armor woman.” He reaches in with an arm handling his two-handed sword in one hand, as he catches me in a hold by the neck. As soon as he notices his attempt to capture me is successful, he begins a squeeze, I feel a small shock that starts to repeat as he continues his attempt to choke me. I reach to tap my fist with the magus staff through the pain, and I watch as the blue flame envelopes my fists and arms. "A mage hand, and here I took you as a silly magic-user. Now it makes sense why you attack unarmed. But no matter you still have no hope of breaking my grasp." I grit my teeth and take in a large gasp of air in between the shocks.

“Aero Ascension!" A collection of magical wings spread out and break the grasp Min, has on me and grants me a moment of pain-free breath. Yet he reacts quickly grasping his sword with both hands. But my hasty action to fly up out of his reach is just quick enough to stay out of getting hurt again.

“Running, just as I thought a coward.” Min inhales and spits up towards me but I take action to avoid that as well. I instead dive down on him thrusting both fists enveloped in flame at the armored jerk's body. Where they hit the flames blast away the finely decorative armor as if it was flash paper to an open flame. He goes to swing his sword and catches me in the shoulder which sends me sliding away briefly. I slide back and grab my footing, taking a sudden step forward this time repeating my first attack on the now unarmed Min. The sudden grunt of pain coming from him tells me I have very much landed a strong enough blow to hurt him in payback for the choking earlier. While he is recovering, I move quickly to do a leg sweep and send him crashing to the ground where I pin him down with the magus staff pressing against his neck.

“Do you yield?” I shout at him.

“This is no victory for you, I will yield, as I have no defense against your magic but next time, we face I will be sure to be ready for your childish tricks.” Min grits his teeth and his face turns red. I release my near threat to crush him where he lays helpless.

“Very well then the mage hand Fawn of Onyx wins the match versus the warrior Min of Ruby. And with that, we end the tests. Please wait while the judges cast their votes and we compare them with the already gathered scores." I start to walk away as Min stands up but soon regrets that decision as a shock hits me and I turn to see that Min in reaction to his loss has cut at me while my back was turned. I go to react but quickly find both of our weapons vanish. "The fight is over! There will be no more fighting at this time between you two. The votes are tallied and we have a clear winner." The group stops and stands breathless except for Cassandra, who has moved in to cast a healing spell on me. “The winner and new idol of the game is, Fawn Midin of Onyx.” The words of the grey figure turn my knot in my stomach to one of great sickness and I quickly log off in frustration.

I find myself standing alone in the kitchen as I pour some cold water across my face and try to clear the sink of the mess I just made. The task before me weighs heavy. I am no longer Jamie Eve game designer. No in a matter of a few weeks I went from Jamie to Fawn Midin, the voice of the black kingdom. And then finally to Fawn Midin, the face of the game 11 Kingdoms, the idea causes my throat to convulse in pain again and I return to messing up the sink I just rinsed out.

Report end

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