Chapter 6:

Chapter Six

My New Lazy life as a beast-man in another world

Okami spent the rest of the day completing quests. He had reached level fifteen by the end of the day and he only had one quest left to do. He had to defeat the king of the mountain a mysterious monster that killed people in the forests surrounding the mountain.Bookmark here

Okami was standing in the midst of the forest of towering trees that circled the mountain. He had yet to encounter the King of the mountain and the sun was getting real low, he needed to locate his target fast if he wanted to return to his camp before dark. Bookmark here

"Senses mapping," He said activating his skillBookmark here

Okami had managed to level senses mapping up to level ten giving him a maximum range of one hundred metres. He was able to detect a trace of his target at the very edge of his range. He ran deeper into the forest until he found what he was looking for, four massive prints set deep into the dirt.
Okami was a little unnerved by the prints as they meant that whatever he was hunting was bigger and heavier than anything he'd taken on before. He was nervous at the thought of taking the king on using only skills, He briefly considered using the otherworld market to arm himself but remembered that he was getting really close to his goal of thirty thousand gold. He only needed another five thousand and this one quest was worth eight hundred. He'd think about gearing up once he reached silver rank which would hopefully be right after this quest.Bookmark here

He knelt and pressed his hand to the prints and said "Superior Tracking"Bookmark here

Okami had discovered the Superior tracking skill whilst scrolling through his skill list, It was a skill that allowed him to track any target simply by coming into contact with a trace of it. He watched as a white trail of smoke rose from the prints a floated its way deeper into the forest.Bookmark here

Okami chased after the smoke trail winding between trees that became more densely packed as he chased after the smoke. He finally came to a stop in the middle of a large clearing but there was nothing there, then He saw the smoke trail climbing up a large tree. He looked up and there at the top of the tree was a massive gorilla covered in white fur peering down on him from between the branches.Bookmark here

Okami had to leap out of the way when the king of the mountain dropped from the tree and shook the ground with his immense weight. Okami landed and saw his 'battle instinct' skill activate in the top left corner of his vision.Bookmark here

"Alright big guy let's dance," Okami saidBookmark here

The king of the mountain roared at Okami as it beat its chest. Okami saw the skill notification appear in the top left corner of his vision for his 'seriously!?' skill. He walked towards the king unfazed by its attempt at intimidation, the king threw a punch at him he dodged to the side and landed a solid punch in the king's guts forcing it back a step.Bookmark here

"Looks like this is going to be tough,"  Okami said Bookmark here

 The king roared again and bring its hands together tried to slam them down on Okami but he stepped forward past the king's guard and slashed his claws across the king's chest opening ten long furrows that formed an X on the beast chest. The king back away clutching at the cuts that wept with blood, it slammed its fists into the ground and steam began to rise from its body then it attacked again and this time it was much faster than before as it dived at Okami who barely managed to dodge landing a few feet away from the king.Bookmark here

"Got a self-buff, I ought to invest in one of those, but first things first I'll show you who the real king of the mountain is," Okami saidBookmark here

 Okami and the king dived at each other, He took advantage of his more agile body and managed to grab a hold of the King's fur and using his immense strength along with their combined momentum slammed the king into the ground and followed that up with one final punch with all of his power behind it, his fist broke through the Kings chest and pulverised its heart. Bookmark here

Okami ripped his hand from the king's corpse and saw it covered in blood and gore. He looked up and saw multiple notification screens stacked on top of each other. He started with the 'quest complete' notification which dropped a large cloth pouch filled with gold in his hand and another notification appeared that read 'By defeating the king of the mountain you have earned the skill 'Great Beast'. Okami then dismissed that notification resolving to check the skill out later and instead focused his attention on the next notification that read 'Congratulations you are now a silver ranked adventurer, more difficult quests with greater rewards now available'. He dismissed that one satisfied that he would be able to make more progress towards his goal tomorrow and was next greeted by a notification that read 'You are now level 16'.Bookmark here

Okami was satisfied with today's result and was ready to head home.Bookmark here

"Beast homing campsite," He saidBookmark here

Okami's beast homing skill allowed him to locate locations he'd previously been to relative to his current location. He began to run back towards his campsite with his skills 'bestial running' and 'energy preservation' activating, he'd managed to level both up to level ten over the course of his long day clearing quests. He made it back to his campsite just before the sun was setting. He had some firewood leftover from the other night so using his 'survival skills' skill was able to start a fire within seconds compared to the minutes it took before he'd acquired the skill. He sat down in front of his tent and let out a long exhausted sigh.Bookmark here

"Guess I should shop the market" He saidBookmark here

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