Chapter 5:

Chapter Five

My New Lazy life as a beast-man in another world

Okami stood by the riverside with John the man from the other world market. He was disappointed by the news of how much it would cost him to build his house and how long it would take to gather that amount of money.Bookmark here

"I might make a suggestion," said John
"You know a way to make money faster," said Okami
"Of course several, but given your status as a newbie there is the only one you can do right now" answered John
"And what is that?" asked Okami
"You know what we need a change of scenery, let's discuss this in my office," said JohnBookmark here

John drew out from one of the pockets of his suit jacket a small black cube.  He pressed down on the top of the cube and He and Okami were transported in a flash of light to an elegant office with plush red carpet and walls of dark wood. John took a seat behind a massive oak desk with a massive window stretching up behind him, He indicated a visitors chair that sat in front of his desk. Okami took a seat in the visitor's chair and it was comfy to the point of ecstasy.Bookmark here

"First time in a comfy chair after arriving in this world is something else isn't it," said John
"Uh-huh, now what is this money-making method you mentioned," said  Okami
"As I said earlier our goal here at the otherworld is to profit off selling goods and services from the many worlds that we other world people come from, one of those goods naturally is entertainment movies, books and music etcetera, which is why we devised a magic item that goes through memories picking out all the ones relating to sources of entertainment and we format them so people can enjoy all the things that have come out since they've reincarnated" John explained
"Sounds great, how much do people get paid for doing this?" Okami asked
"Depends how much we can get out of you but usually it's a fairly large amount, I just need you to confirm you are okay with your memories being sorted through," John said
"Yes, now bring out the crystal ball or whatever," said OkamiBookmark here

John reached into one of his draws and drew out a blue crystal ball set into a bronze base. Okami placed his hand on the crystal ball and it glowed brightly for a few moments before returning to normal, Okami removed his hand and saw that in the middle of the crystal ball was the letter S in black.Bookmark here

"Well congratulations Okami, you've just earned twenty thousand gold," said John
"Seriously" responded Okami
"Yep, but before that," said JohnBookmark here

John placed his hand over Izayas bracelet.Bookmark here

"Modify," John saidBookmark here

Okami's bracelet glowed for a moment then returned to normal, in front of his field of vision was a holographic screen that read 'bracelet of the reincarnate upgraded new features unlocked'.Bookmark here

"That should give you access to the market store from anywhere in the world, open up the menu and select the store sub-menu," said JohnBookmark here

Okami did as John asked and opened up the menu selecting the store sub-menu he found a display of items divided into different categories.Bookmark here

"My recommendation is that before you do any more quests invest in some equipment and skill books," said John
"all right I'll look into it, don't mean to rush you but I have ten thousand plus gold to acquire, so I'd like my money now if it's all the same," said OkamiBookmark here

John tapped on his bracelet and started tapping at his menu which Okami couldn't see, then a screen appeared in front of Izaya that read 'John wishes to transfer you 20'000 gold do you accept'. Okami pressed the yes button and was very happy about it.Bookmark here

"I can send you back now if you'd like," said  John
Bookmark here

"Yes that would be good thank you" replied OkamiBookmark here

John took out his cube and pressed a different side of it and Okami found himself back where he was before, without a seat underneath him he fell to the sand.Bookmark here

"Twenty thousand one hundred gold down nine thousand nine hundred to go," said OkamiBookmark here

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