Chapter 4:


Densetsu Kenshi: Beginnings

  "Okay Seiji-kun, time to be a real swordsman," Maekawa-sensei continued, "even though there are different factions across the world, we are all swordsmen. That's how it started with the first swordsman and how it will continue forever."
  "Alright, so what do I do now?" I asked.

  I asked because laying out in front of me were several swords. Some long and skinny rapiers, others traditional katanas, and even some short and brute machetes among others.

  "These are all Tier 3 swords," Maekawa-sensei explained. "Pick one up and let your energy flow into it."

  "Sounds easy enough" I shrugged.

  I picked up the first sword and concentrated with all of my heart, might, mind and strength to put some energy into the weapon. I looked up at Maekawa-sensei with awe.

  "Sensei... nothing's happening."

  "Relax relax, you have a strong aptitude for negative energy so just pick up the sword again and take a deep breath. Think that this sword will follow every command you give it. That it will go beyond its capabilities to defend the people around you." 

  I nodded and did as I was told. I picked up the sword again and took a deep breath.


  I opened my eyes and to my surprise I saw the sword glow for a brief moment, and then the blade shattered. Shattered to oblivion I might add, nothing to clean up; irreparable.

  "Tch. That was new" Maekawa-sensei scowled.

  "Sorry" I apologized.

  "Try again" he said as he turned his head away and closed his eyes. Filled with disappointment I imagine.
  I tried again and each of the next 3 blades shattered as soon as I let my spectra energy flow into them. Just like the first one, but maybe quicker each time? I felt my body coursing with power. I guess this is my untapped spectra energy that I've been holding inside me for who knows how long.

  "Alright stop. I'm losing my precious collectables just looking at you. Two of the four were limited edition" Maekawa-sensei said. "We'll choose your sword later. Right now we have to address the matter at hand. You don't know how to control your spectra energy. That's why all of the blades shattered. You loaded them up with too much energy."

  That made a lot of sense when he explained it to me like that.

  "Okay Sensei, how do I control my spectra energy?" I asked.

  "Stand up and I'll show you" he said. He snapped his fingers and the remaining swords flew to their respective scabbards hanging on the wall.

  "How...?" I asked.

  "With spectra energy nearly everything is possible. What I did just now was imbue all those swords at once and direct them into their scabbards" he replied. 

  Wow. So fast too, and the precision. He moved across the room and looked as if he was squaring me up. Are we about to fight? I'd honestly prefer not too. I don't want anyone to get hurt again.

  "Next, you can enhance your body with spectra energy too. Although the human body does have a limit, you can raise or lower that limit by doing basic exercises and strengthening your body and muscles. Here's a demonstration." He said all that but he was gone from where he was standing across the room from me. 

  He tapped me on the shoulder from behind.


  "I imbued myself with energy and walked behind you. Of course all in a split second but it didn't feel like that to me" he said with a smile. He then proceeded to shove me from behind. 

  "Woah..." I didn't finish that thought because I was flying through the air and smashed against the wall.
  "Get up Seiji, I barely pushed you. I used as much strength necessary to push a stroller downhill."

  "Ugh... ow." I'm struggling here. Wait. Pushing a stroller downhill?! You don't even need to do anything for that! Gravity is doing all the work! At most you're holding the stroller back so it doesn't go flying down the hill.
  I got down from the wall, and spread my feet. I've never been in a fight before, but I held my fists up in front of my face like a boxer.
  Do I wait for him to come to me? Or do I attack him?
  It didn't matter, Sensei came at me. I saw him this time but I was still shocked that he moved so quick.
  He clotheslined me and brought me to the ground.
  "OOOFFFPhttttt!" I could feel all the air escape from my body in an instant. I can't breathe! My throat feels crushed. But I'm pissed. Oh man I can feel the rage boiling up inside of me. Almost overflowing, nearly at the edge.
  From my position crumpled on the floor, I grabbed his ankle and brought him down as I stood up. I got him.
  As soon as I thought that, Sensei's other leg came swinging behind my head and crushed my skull.
  "...!!!" That was so unexpected I should have expected it. I did not expect Sensei to try and kill me today however. I really underestimated him. I figured he was an ex-criminal but only for petty thefts and such. No, he must've been a murderer. He could've killed me each time now.

  "You're still alive because I've been protecting you with my own spectra energy. That's why you haven't suffered any broken bones or internal bleeding. I'm attacking my own barrier and you're just feeling the repercussions. Get up Seiji. Fight back Seiji. Use your energy, not just your brute force Seiji. Don't worry Seiji, I'll wait" he jeered at me.

  I got up, not because he told me to, but because I couldn't kill him while heaped on the floor and out of my wits. I took a deep breath, and looked him in the eyes.
  "Sensei, I thank you for teaching me how to harness my spectra energy. It's been fun, but I do not think you will survive this" I said.

  I rushed at him before he could reply and drew my arm back and loaded it with all the energy I could muster. My vision darkened and my rage gave in. I punched at him as hard as I could and could feel the air around me disperse. My fist created a dark void that I couldn't see the end of. It expanded for a split second and then collapsed with my fist and released what I could only describe as an explosion of pure spectra energy. I aimed for Sensei's right shoulder and I could see him putting up his hand for protection. Nothing could stop me. My rage. My power. I could demolish an entire office building at the drop of a hat.

  Sensei caught my punch and endured the explosion. I didn't feel any resistance from him but I could still feel his palm against my fist. I guess he didn't evaporate like I had in mind.
We continued to fight. He threw a right hook and knocked me to the ground. I got back up and went for a roundhouse kick like I had seen on TV. He caught my leg and used my momentum against me and slammed me to the ground again.

  "AGGGHHH!!!" I shouted. I couldn't take it anymore. I felt burned out like I had used everything I had on that one punch. That one punch that didn't even make Sensei-sama flinch. 

  I rolled over on the ground and looked at Sensei-sama. Truly a powerful man. Beyond comprehension.

  "Seiji-kun, those that are truly powerful do not rely on something so easily manipulated like rage," Maekawa-sensei looked me straight in the eyes as he declared this, "Do not let it control you, overcome your weaknesses and let yourself make you strong. You are the only one that can change your circumstances. "

  "Huffff..." I was breathing heavily in and out. I gathered my thoughts. He was right. I am incredibly debted to Maekawa-sensei and I can't believe that a few moments ago I tried to kill him.
  "Settle down. Take a break. You may not know it but you were protecting yourself the entire time. Instinctively with your own spectra energy. Now that you are aware of the energy around you and inside you, it will become easier to use and you will use it more naturally. I just had to try and kill ya for ya to figure it out. Don't sweat it. It won't be the last time" Maekawa-sensei said.
  "Huh...?" I gasped. Darkness. I could feel my spectra energy gathering inside me. What is happening? I couldn't take it anymore and I passed into unconsciousness.

  "Wake up." Maekawa-sensei said right into my ear.

  "Woahhh! What the? What are you doing?" I sprang up from the ground and took a karate stance with my hands in the air and one foot raised up ready to strike.
  "Says the one sleeping in my practice room. You passed out after you tried to kill me. Get over yourself and pick a sword already" Maekawa-sensei said to me. He looks really impatient. Is there somewhere he needs to be?

  "Seiji-kun, my buddies are waiting for me to log on for the weekly reset in our favorite game franchise. Hurry up," he said again. "Remember this time to not put too much energy into the sword at any given moment. Control and balance will be the name of the game for you."

  I got up and looked at the remaining swords. 3 katanas, 2 machetes, and 1 western style broadsword. I picked up a katana with no distinguishing characteristics except for the blade. When I turned the sword into the light, the edge shined every color as if passing through the color spectrum. It was pretty cool and I didn't want to break it. I took a deep breath and envisioned the sword as if it was part of me. Like a third leg, no third arm? Maybe a longer arm. I let my spectra energy flow and like the first time it glowed, and then shook a bit in my hand and stopped.

  "Nice job, you've reached the basic level of control necessary for a swordsman," Maekawa-sensei praised, "all thanks to your wonderful Sensei of course."

  "Ah, right. Thank you, Sensei," I said.

  "Don't mention it. Actually do mention it every time I look sad. I'd appreciate the reminder of how great I am. Now you have some homework. Read this book on basic sword movements and practice using your sword and your spectra energy. This weekend you, me, and Miyamoto-san are going on a trip!"
 "A trip? Where to?" I asked. I looked through the book he handed me. It was full of illustrations of how to use swords and basic techniques. 

  "To the mountains. An eidolon has manifested and been causing trouble for some hikers for a few hours now. We are going to take care of it before the other factions get there! Okay!?"

  "I feel like I'm being told not asked, but Sensei, isn't there a scheduling problem here? You said this weekend, but today is Friday. How am I supposed to study and practice?"

  "Looks like you won't be getting any better-- I mean any rest before the trip. Do what you can but be here at 9 A.M. tomorrow morning. We won't leave without you, but we also won't wait for you" he said.

  "Argh, okay see you tomorrow" I said. How can Sensei-sama be so happy after that brutal training session? I feel bruises and aches all over my body. I'd better ice up and hit the books for tomorrow.

  Look at me. A real swordsman. Using a supernatural power that a very few number of people in the world know about, but affects everyone in the world regardless. Does this make me a hero now? No, of course not. I haven't done anything heroic.