Chapter 1:

The Smiling Devil

I Was a Tough Lady Killer Mobster, But now I am a Klutzy Maid Girl, That will take down a Demon Lord!

I was a Tough Lady Killer Mobster, but now I am a klutzy Maid Girl that will take down a Demon Lord

Chapter 1 - The Smiling Devil

“Please I have a family, I am sorry, Eito!”

Screams a panicked slightly overweight man.

“Get your ass with the rest of you damn cowards.” Pushes a young blond thug with his hair spiked up. “You should have thought about how your acts would hurt the boss. Maybe if we broke your hands, you would find that money you three stole from us!”

“Don’t Takeshita!” States a man wearing sunglasses indoor his tattooed muscles peeking out of the top of his shirt shine a hint of light gleams off them as a cigarette is lit. “It’s bad business to hurt your supply.”

“Thank you, Eito!” State the three men.

The blond Takeshita’s face looks puzzled at the man telling him to stop. “But aniki, we can’t let these guys off, the boss...”

“I didn’t say we let them off, Takeshita! I said we can’t hurt the supply. These men need their hands to do their job. But as they said they have a family....” The trio looks relieved then turns to shock. “Take their sacks!”

Takeshita cringes “Man aniki, you’re cold. But you're the one I charge.”

Eito steps out of the warehouse as screams are made. “This job is hell sometimes, but it’s a job that only a true man can survive at doing! Hell, if my old man weren’t such scum of a man, maybe I would be as weak-willed as those poor saps.”

Suddenly a shot rings out and hits Eito, bursting his shoulder in blood. “Hedio Eito! You will pay for what you did!” Screams an older man in a trench coat.

“Do you always shoot first and ask the victims later detective!” Calmly Eito says taking a puff of his cigarette. Eito glared on at the disheveled aging man. He knew the man's profession from interactions before but at the moment, Hideo Eito couldn’t quite place why the detective would suddenly fire upon finding him.

“I do when I am dealing with the, Smiling Devil of Ebisu!” Eito puts his cigarette down and stomps it out on the ground. “Your crimes are numerous, murder, racketeering, bribery, adultery, robbery, counterfeiting goods. Hell, if I looked far enough, I am sure we would find you stealing kids' candy and flipping girl's skirts as a kid. Tell me is what going on in that warehouse another of your crimes, Scum!”

Eito smiles back at the detective and takes a step and is instantly on him with his hand on the detective's head squeezing it with the injured arm.

“How I shot that...”

“A real man will never winches at a mere flesh wound such as this.” The sound of cracking is heard, as Eito tosses the man in the air and head butts the detective’s head, sending him crashing to the ground. A photo falls out of the detective's pocket and Eito picks it up. “Huh, well damn guess you did have a reason to shoot me after all.”

The scene changes to a street doctor's office. A ragged young woman is looking over the body of the detective as the three men sit with ice on their crotch’s. “You really a damn devil, Hedio!”

“Please, Ryoko I left the guy alive.” Eito responses.

“Seriously he has a concussion at best. And then there is the matter of your damn arm!” the doctor shouts at him poking at the now bandaged limb.

“This is nothing.”

“Yeah, I know. You have been shot 27 times, stabbed 43 times, had your bones smashed 239 times, so yeah if it was anyone else that came into my office at the dead of night, like this, I would worry. But one of these days Hedio, I won’t be able to patch you up again!”

“Please no man will ever take me down.” Proclaims Eito.

“And there is that arrogant side of you that pisses me off! I for the life of me would hate to be whatever floozy you have with you.”

“Hey girlie you can’t talk that way of aniki!” Shouts an irritated Takeshita.

“Be Silent, Takeshita! Ryoko here is family.”

“This a new wet dog of yours, Hedio? I swear don’t you tell them anything.” sighs the Doctor. “Here I am your damn childhood friend and the one you dragged into this Yokozuna crap you have been involved in for years”

“Will the detective survive?” Eito asks.

“Damn it, don’t coldly ignore my own question before starting your own! Damn, guess I should be glad I never was stupid enough to fall for you like other girls. But yeah, he should survive just don’t get why he would shoot you out the blue...”

“I slept with his sister.” Eito states


“And his wife.”


“His daughter as well.”

Takeshita whistles “Damn you are smooth aniki!”

“So that is how it is, I would have shoot you too then! You know karma will get you back in the next life Hedio!” Proclaims the Doctor.

“As if there is a life after this one.”

“The devil going about defying the gods again. Whatever, if you are done here, please leave. I don’t want you here when my patient here awakes.” The doctor says slumping in a chair.

“Hey, Takeshita! Take the spineless saps back to their homes. Now that they are patched up and have something to remember to not screw over the boss again.” Eito declared.

“You’re not coming along aniki?” Takeshita asks.

“Nah, I need a drink.”

“No, alcohol. You go home and rest doctors’ orders!” The doctor shouts.

“Not happening, Ryoko!” Eito pulls out a cigarette and starts to walk out. “Besides you have your hands full with the wannabe vigilante. This is no place for a man that can stand on his own feet to remain. I owe you another round of drinks next time I see you Ryoko.”

“Yeah yeah, just go out and get yourself killed next time jerk!” Ryoko shouts back at the man fading in the distant darkness.

Eito walks slowly taking in a few drags on his cigarette as he walks. While it's still too early in the night to call it late Eito thinks… An older woman wore down in her face from years of pain and torment steps out following Eito.

“Do I know you?” Eito asks.

“You... you are the devil.” The woman says as she shivers.

“That is what they call me yes. Do you need something?”

“You have hurt my family. Attacked my beloved and destroyed our lives.” The woman proclaims. She quickly reaches in her long coat pulling out a large kitchen knife, and without even seeing the glint of the blade Eito snatches it from her hands. Bending the blade in his fingers the metal snaps and shatters. As the woman looks on in shock and panic. She shudders in fear of Eito striking back at her. But the strike never comes.

“Look it’s just the job. Go home before you regret what will come if you push me further.” Eito barks and proceeds to walk away. The woman walks in the opposite direction but glares back at him.

Eito continues on his way towards a bar his family runs. Walking in he is greeted by several young women and one slightly older one.

“Welcome home Master!” The young women proclaim.

“Ayamo, what’s with this master crap?” Eito looks surprised as he addresses the older woman.

“Ah, Mr. Eito I am sorry. The boss wanted to try and bring in more customers. So, he wants us to try and cosplay concept out for the bar.”

Three young girls walk up smiling and laughing. One is dressed in some kind of armor, another an odd dress that Eito didn’t fit any time he learned about in school or from the mob. Maybe it was a western thing despite the girl clearly being Japanese, but she even had plastic tips on her ears to make them look longer. The last girl was a mix of a maid and a cat. The whole issue puzzled the man who just wanted a drink. But given despite their scandalous dressed forms, these young girls did rile up the blood of the mobster. “Guess it's something boss Saito would have loved. Back when he was still with us.”

“Yes, the new boss is trying to set this up in honor of boss Saito. But let’s not bog you down with old stories of the past, shall we? Girls get our honored master here the best drink shall you. After all, we are entertaining a devil.” Eito grins at the words of the aging manager of the bar and it's not long the strange issues of the bar were drowned out by his enjoyment of good booze and beautiful women. Eito learned the bar was becoming a themed video game fantasy bar. He himself never quite grasped video games and fantasy was even further from his mind. Why would anyone want to live in fantasy when so many lovely things such as booze and beauty exist in this world. He thought as the alcohol continued to flow.

But time must move forward and so the fun the devil had in the den of sin began to end as the night's sky began to show early signs of light returning. Eito staggered about on his way home. The streets were near empty. And yet the joy was still in his heart as too was the booze.

While the light was starting to show in the sky it was still far dark enough that for the tough beast of a man that was Eito to not notice who or what the shadow was that leaped out from a dark corner at him. But the action did cause him to stumble and fall onto the empty road… Or so it would be empty but for one simple white truck. Its headlights glaring in normal circumstances one wouldn’t be able to see the driver of such a vehicle bearing down upon them. But for some reason, Eito could. He could see the sinister grin of a strangely dressed dark long-haired man, with goggles on his head. And even over the thud of the vehicle’s impact across his frame, or the roar of the truck’s engine. Eito swear in his last moments, he heard the man hum a tune and welcome him.

And so ended the life of Hedio Eito the Smiling Devil of Ebisu. But our story is more on what happens next for the spirit of Hedio Eito... when he is reborn into a new world.

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