I Was a Tough Lady Killer Mobster, But now I am a Klutzy Maid Girl, That will take down a Demon Lord!

Mobster Hideo Eito was a man's man, tough on his victims, tough on the ladies, and tough on life. But when he falls victim to a sadistic game from the god of Iseakai he is brought into a world of magic and chaos as a Klutzy Maid Girl. Now, As Azulle Darkholt she must gather a party and take on the Demon Lords' forces. All in the hopes to make the god pay and return Hideo back to his old life.

A weekly Isekai story by Imbria Arts own Brittany Dodson. With fan voting each week to push the direction of the story, introduce new, characters and bring to life the fantasy world.

UpdatedAug 02, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count66,003
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