Chapter 109:

Vol. 7 Chapter 2-Flamver vs. Flamver Part 3

Hour Empty Child

“W-What did you just say?!”

Kinako walked up to the center, her eyes flashing red at Hinota’s demand. Hinota expected this, but she didn’t think that her own mother would raise her smooth voice so loud.

“Hinota, you dare cut your ties with the Flamver family?! How in the world are you going to survive without our support?! You’re just a 15-year-old child—You don’t know the ways of the world!”

Though her intentions were clear to Hinota, her logic stands firm. Hinota remained quiet as she stood up and turned to face her mother.

“Lord Father-in-law! Please, forget what she said! She was influenced by this boy who she has been traveling with. He has tainted her mind with frivolous words. She has no idea what she is saying!”

“That’s right,” Kinako followed up Honchu’s words. “It is all that Kudo’s fault. Such a thing should be taken away to prison and never to return!”

Kinako swung her arm to the side in response to her swelling anger bubbling inside of her, but Hinota stood firm and turned around to face them, her stoic expression never leaving her face.

“Mother, Father, about that decision… now that I have cut up my ties, you can no longer turn Kudo into a criminal.”

“W-What do you mean…?” Kinako asked, not understanding what she was saying.

“Because his crime was that he kidnapped a noble, me, from the Flamver house. Now, if I cut up my ties, then even if you try to, the crime doesn’t even exist because there was no child to kidnap.”

Following her logic, basically, they can’t make Kudo into a criminal without evidence, and Hinota erased that evidence by leaving the family.

“Y-You would go so far to protect that boy…?! You’re willing to drop everything that you stand for some nobody whom you only knew for half a year!?”

Kinako was starting to lose her composure as she talked. Sweat rolled down her temple as she kept asking the same question.

As if waiting to answer that question, Hinota smiled to herself.

“Kudo is… the reason why I was able to change. Before, there was no way I would have left. I wouldn’t have focused so much on trying to make people happy in this family. Thanks to him, I was able to finally show my true feelings to everyone here.”

The memories that flowed through her mind as she talked made her smile—different from the cocky smile that she showed before. It was the same kind of smile that was gleaming from the bottom of her heart.

“Cutting the ties with the Flamver is the decision I made. This was the only way I could think of to save the Flamver family’s reputation. This way, my actions will not further shame the family.”

Hinota continued, catching the attention of every Flamver there. She turned to Inferuno who continued to listen from above in his chair.

“The Flamver family is by far the proudest family of adventurers I have ever known. I have no doubts about that. However, at this rate, the family that I have known and loved all my life is slowly turning into something else, something that doesn’t share an inkling of its fire that once burned so brightly.”

She didn’t plan on saying this. But now that she had their attention, she let her feelings flow out of her heart. She hoped that by doing this, this will bring in the closure she needed. For herself and her family.

Maon and Lisa continued to watch, listening to every word she spoke and smiling to themselves to see her finally showing her true feelings.

“I want to be free. That’s why I want to be an adventurer. Being here does not make me feel ‘free’. After tasting the freedom I have had for the past 6 months so much, I can’t tear myself away from it all. This is my decision. This will be my path in life.”

Hinota looked at Inferuno’s heavy gaze with her own determined set of fiery eyes.

“That’s why I will cut my ties. Please, Lord Grandfather, I beseech you.”

Hinota bowed once again. Hearing her sincerity, Inferuno lowered his brows and showed a deep gaze to his granddaughter.

“Are you sure about this? You will no longer be supported by us. You will no longer have a home to return to.”

“I know full well about that, and I still stand by my decision.

She didn’t look up as she said those words, however, Inferuno could tell that she still had a determined expression to go along with that strong will.

“Then… I shall grant this demand of yours. Hinota Flamver,” Inferuno looked up to everyone in the hall, his voice loud and booming. “You are no longer one of us. You are stripped of every tie you have with our family, and cut off from any connections you may have in this manor. You shall never return here again.”

The words brought chills to everyone in the hall. Not only the servants, but to the family members who once again heard those words after a long time. Lisa and Maon looked back at each other, a smile that reflected their happiness, and their sadness, upon hearing the news.

“I thank you, Lord Grandfather.”

Taking one more bow, Hinota turned and walked forward. Her parents, aunt, and her cousins watched in awe at the young girl in the family walk through the entrance out of the hall, and out of their lives.

About an hour passed after the whole fiasco in the main hall. Hinota returned to her room and stayed there collecting everything she had ever owned, and left the things she didn’t own.

Most of her items were given to her by her family and were mostly just items to satisfy her such as jewelry and books. Though she won't use them, she grabbed her katana collection with her Lord Grandfather has given to her to feed her addiction to katanas.

She gave a small giggle everything she remembered how she begged her grandfather to give her a katana when she was a child. Giving in to his granddaughter’s puppy look, she managed to get her hands on the katanas she held on to this day.

Of course, she was furiously scolded by her parents by treating her grandfather, their family’s leader, like some brat, making that the last time she has ever asked of him.

However, the look of her grandfather’s smiling face still made her giggle, making her forget the scolding she had afterward as she placed her katanas into her magic bag for safekeeping.

Once she placed them away, she was officially done with collecting all of her items from her room. She now has nothing else to collect, nor anything she needed to patch up. She has done everything she needed to do in the manor.

Her heart, though her mind was calm and composed since the start of her rebellion, is still beating rapidly.

This was her family, after all. Even she wasn’t impervious to suddenly changing everything in her life and severing everything she has ever known and loved.

Inhaling her breath, then slowly exhaling it, Hinota put on her determined expression.

Suddenly, a knock could be heard on her door. Of course, it was on the wall near the sliding doors, but her sharp ears could hear it perfectly.

“Come in,” Hinota formally said as the paper doors slid open to reveal the caretaker.

“Lady Hinota…” The caretaker, Lisa, greeted Hinota with a small smile.

She could tell that it was a proud smile, and at the same time, it was also a sad smile.

“Lisa,” Hinota smiled back. “You don’t have to say Lady anymore. I’m officially cut off from the family.”

“I know, but,” Lisa walked in further as she smiled more genuinely now. “But I still prefer to call you that. If you allow it, of course.”

“...Heh, I can’t really change your mind, huh?” Hinota gave a short chuckle before looking back up at the ceiling. “…I’m going to miss this place.”

Hinota took a look around her room, then extended her mind’s eye to the rest of the household within her memories. Recalling every place she ever visited, and every person she met in here, all of them were stored into the storage of her mind to be put away for a long while.

“There were some bad times, but I can’t really say anything bad about them.”

“It’s understandable,” Lisa agreed. “You have always been a kind girl ever since you were young.”

“I’m not that kind,” Hinota refuted, looking away. “I mean, I just abandoned my family.”

“For a good cause,” Lisa shook her head. “For your freedom. If they love you, then they too will wish for this.”

“…Do you think Mother and Father still love me?”

Hinota didn’t know why she asked, but she figured that this worry was clutching her heart ever since she made her statement.

“Of course they do,” Lisa, without wasting any second, replied as quick as she did. “It’s just that they have different circumstances and issues regarding how they feel about it.”

“That sounds overly complicated,” Hinota showed a wry smile.

“That is the way of the world.”

Lisa showed a rather mischievous smile to Hinota who smiled back at her daring statement.

“…So you are really leaving,” Lisa changed the topic as she said it with a bit of a melancholic tone. “I knew this day would come, but it feels so soon.”

“Lisa…” Hinota felt her heart ache as she knew that she would also have to leave Lisa.

However, Lisa continued to show her gleaming smile.

“But Lady Hinota has made sure that she has her future set in her own way. I couldn’t be any more prouder.”

“…Lisa, I’m going to miss you too.”

Hinota wasted no time to move forward and embraced Lisa who quickly returned the favor. Embracing each other, feeling their caring warmth, Lisa spoke up.

“Please do your best out there. Never look back. Though, do send your letters like you promised.”

“I will,” Hinota made a short chuckle. “Make sure that you respond as quickly as you can.”

“You know I will.”

The two exchanged smiles as they released themselves from the hug, but then something caught Hinota’s mind.

“Ah, Lisa, let me ask something.”

“What is it?” Lisa tilted her head.

“About the class I have…”

Afterwards, Hinota explained about the new class her family’s special class has formed during her Class Up. After hearing this, Lisa widened her eyes, but then she understood.

“I don’t really have an idea of how that happened… However, I believe that Special Class is special that way.”

“Special that way?” Hinota parroted.

“Special Classes don’t always evolve the same way as they did. Sometimes, through someone’s will, they form according to their feelings. Though the chance of that happening is fairly slim, it’s sort of like comparing it to when a normal class transforms into a type of class that suits the adventurer’s needs.”

“Ah…” Figuring that it was right, Hinota nodded as Lisa answered one of the questions that clouded Hinota’s back of the mind.

Before long, the two of them heard another knocking on the wall. After Hinota repeated her ‘come in’ greeting, the sliding doors quickly opened to reveal Maon.

“Lady Hinota,” Maon walked forward as he bowed in respect. “I wanted to relay the news about how happy I am for you.”

Maon smiled, showing the elation that flowed from his heart through his tone and words.

“Maon… Thank you. I hope that you can do one last thing for me and take me out to another city.”

“It shall be done,” Maon lowered his head to respect his master. “Whenever, wherever, I shall always do as you say, Lady Hinota.”

“Hehe,” Hinota giggled. “You don’t have to say Lady either, you know.”

“I know,” Maon raised his head, curling his lips upwards. “But I want to.”

“Looks like you lost against the majority vote, Lady Hinota.”

Lisa made a quick retort which erupted laughter from the three of them, with Hinota laughing more naturally as small tears welled up in her eyes.

Hinota adjusted her magic bag afterward, which made Maon walk up to face her to say what he was going to say.

“Before you leave, I have a quick message.”

“Oh?” Hinota tilted her head. “From who?”

“From Lord Inferuno, your grandfather.”

That brought Hinota and Lisa to widen their eyes. They looked back at each other before turning their eyes to Maon.

“What did he want to say?”

“To see him in an alleyway between Hallsmark Inn and the salad restaurant in the northern section. He wishes to offer you words of wisdom.”

“Hinota turned her gaze to the floor as she considered what her Lord Grandfather want to say.

She has an inkling of what it could be, so Hinota nodded her head to Maon’s message as she walked towards the sliding doors and left her room.

At the entrance of the manor, the sky has already been darkened, showing the brilliant stars shining from above and the moon showing itself splendidly over the city of Erijo.

Hinota left the manor and looked back at it with a longing look in her eyes. She knew then that this would be the last time she would be coming back to this home of hers.

Feeling herself drifting away from her long-time home, she looked forward herself to see two people that have supported her throughout the rebellion—Lisa and Maon.

By the time she would be finished with her meeting with her grandfather, she will not be coming back to the manor, so she planned to meet Maon at the city’s entrance.

She said her goodbyes to Lisa once again and offering one final hug. She didn’t need to say goodbye to Maon since they will be traveling once again as Hinota quickly left to go to her grandfather.

Traveling through the city at night, most of the people in Erijo have already turned to go to sleep. Though there were some enjoying the nightlife, such as visiting the ramen shops and eating the noodle soups and drinking a specialized alcohol drink known as sake, and some others enjoying the rather well-known red district where Hinota made sure to steer clear from.

Walking alongside the street, some of the people looked back at Hinota who walked by in awe. Hinota was wearing her armor, so they were assuming that she has returned from her journey and was ready to go quickly.

Though none of them came up to her like they did when she drove in here, Hinota could tell their eyes were on her. She decided to pretend that they didn’t exist in order for her to focus on the task at hand.

She had to meet up with her Lord Grandfather in the city instead of the manor. The reason he did so was so that the other family members won’t raise such a fuss between the meeting of ex-family members.

Though doing this even far away from the manor is still dangerous, she couldn’t say no to meeting her Lord Grandfather. After walking a fair bit, finally released from the stares of other people, she saw the two buildings that Inferuno said to meet up in, and went in-between them in the alleyway.

There was a dim light from the mana stone lamps spread across the city which helped see the alleyway clearer. Noticing the dirty spots along the way, the night air cooling her skin, she noticed the large man lying in wait.

For a moment, she couldn’t sense his presence, but then suddenly she felt it completely overcrowding the entire alleyway.

His gigantic body rose up from laying on the wall to meet up with the girl who walked up to him.

Hinota looked to see the lamps giving light to her grandfather’s expression. Her grandfather wasn’t wearing the usual powerful like armor, but instead just simple clothing resembling that of a noble in the darkness—A white silk shirt which his muscles seemed to be bursting through the seams and long black pants with boots.

“Took you long enough, my little Hinota,” Inferuno commented with a smile.

“I apologize, Lord Grandfather,” Hinota bowed her head once. “It was difficult for me to ward off other people,” Hinota responded as usual with her serious tone.

“Enough with that, girl. You and I are no longer connected, so there’s no need to act so formal with me.”

“B-But…” Hinota knew what he was saying, but she still held her doubts on whether she could.

“Come on, now. Can you act a little bit like yourself at this time? I might never see you again after this.”

Despite the big smile on his face, Hinota was wrought with guilt the moment he said it. Knowing that what he said is true, her cheeks grew red as she inhaled her breath.

“A-Alright… Lord Grandfather.”

“Just Grandpa will suffice, too.”

“P-Please, just give me a break,” Hinota let out a sigh as Inferuno gave a short hearty chuckle at her plight.

“I guess it’s difficult to suddenly act close to me. Though it pains me that you’re no longer acting like the little girl that demanded katanas from me. You were so adorable back then. Well, you grew up to be such a cute thing now, though.”

“Lord… I-I mean, Grandpa, please…” Hinota’s embarrassment was reaching up to her ears, a red blush on her face, as he tried to duck her head beneath her shoulders.

To think that he would remember that kind of memory of her selfishness.

“And now,” Inferuno took a moment before speaking again. “You’re going away. That’s quite selfish of you too.”

“I-I’m sorry…” Hinota deeply apologized, her guilt reaching the maximum in her heart.

“Don’t worry about it. That’s a good thing. I knew that you weren’t sitting well in the family. Especially after being forced to marry someone you don’t like—that’s our bad, truly.”

Hinoa looked up with a widened look in her eyes to hear Inferuno’s sincere apology.

“But to think that you would take the same path as Kasara… You’re turning out to be like her more and more every day. It’s dawning on me that you’re no longer the little girl that followed her parents’ every word.”

Inferuno looked up for a moment, as if relishing in his memories. He then turned and put his hand on top of her head.

Feeling the warm hand that caressed her head out of love, Hinota closed her right eye as if to shut out any more embarrassing expressions on her face.

“So, where do you think you’re going next?” Inferuno released his hand off of her head as he asked.

Hinota was left silent for a moment before answering.

“I-I don’t know… Kudo shouldn’t be there in Vipory anymore. I told him that he needed to leave to go on his adventures… Maybe I should just keep going on my adventures on my own for now.”

Hinota answered as logically as she did, but her tone showed that she didn’t like the idea very much. Hearing her sincerity, Inferuno flashed a large grin.

“Then, how about you go to this place?”

Catching her attention, Inferuno brought something out in his hand, getting Hinota to see him holding up a piece of paper with a name on the top side.

“Mmh…? Roprase…?” Hinota took a moment before suddenly widening her eyes. “I-Isn’t that all the way in Lerabelum?!”

She took a step back after realizing that what Inferuno was holding up was actually a ticket to the ferry that leads towards Roprase from one of the port cities. Inferuno gave a short chuckle as he responded.

“Hell yeah! You can go there and improve yourself at a much higher rate than ever before! If you’re looking for strength, then Roprase is a perfect place!”

“B-But that’s on another nation! On another continent! Hinota screamed back, no longer using her formal tone as she said so. “T-That means… that means that I can never see Kudo again…” Her depressed tone took over her voice as she looked down.

Receiving a ticket to the one and only country Roprase in Lerabelym is a great honor as it is the land where adventurers go to when they are looking for a challenge—somewhere where they can get stronger as quickly as possible from all the strong monsters nesting over there, and of course, the place where they can get as much profit as possible if you’re talented enough.

It is a perfect place for an adventurer like her at her level to go to, but the idea of leaving Peranim behind left her to believe that she will be abandoning Kudo as well.

“Kudo… that’s the guy that you fell for during your travels, right?”

Though Inferuno smiled as he said this, the look on Hinota’s face suddenly reddened up to resemble that of an apple that got him to widen his eyes.

“T-T-That’s wrong! It’s nothing like that, Grandpa! H-He’s my best friend! It’s nothing more than a pure unromantic friendship between adventurers!”

Hinota practically screamed, her arms flailing up and down as if she was under panic. This was the first time that Hinota has ever shown such an expression to Inferuno, leaving him to smile widely with a silly grin.

“Hahaha! Girl, you crack me up! Even if you say that, you’ve been missing him ever since you left Vipory, haven’t you?

Hinota paused during her moment of panic as her face got redder than ever possible. Inferuno truly hit the nail on the head when he said those words, leaving Hinota completely silent.

“Hahaha! Ah, to be young again…”

Hinota blushed even harder, showing a glower like a young girl whose’s secret was just revealed as Inferuno said those words as he looked away with a distant look in his eyes, putting his index finger and his thumb beneath his bearded chin as he said it.

“G-Grandpa, it’s really nothing like that!”

“Haha, so you say,” Inferuno couldn’t believe her despite what he said, leaving her more frustrated than usual. “But either way, I don’t think that you’ll be missing out much.”

Suddenly, the air around Inferun changed. The cool atmosphere suddenly became heavier for Hinota as she sensed this sudden change in her mind.

“After all, you want to get stronger, right? So that the incident back in Vipory wouldn’t happen again.”

It was obvious that Inferuno would know about the incident at this point, and knew that Hinota was at the center of it all. The look on Hinota’s panicking face suddenly changed to that of a glower that recalled the memories of the days spent there.

“Not only it is a good place to train, Roprase is a place where an adventurer can find his hidden strength—that is to say, the strength to resolve the conflicts within oneself. It’s a saying in Roprase: ‘Finding one’s strength is in his adventurous spirit’. Do you know what that means?”

Making sure that she was getting it, Inferuno asked her. Hinata knew that at this point, staying in Vipory so that she would look for Kudo would counteract what she promised to him when they departed.

She promised that she would be strong. That she would shock Kudo by the time they meet up again. She can’t do that when she’s looking around for him before she could.

She has forgotten this after receiving that nightmare about Kudo back at the manor. She clutched her hands into fists as she couldn’t believe that she has forgotten something so important.

“…Grandpa,” Hinota raised her head, eyes full of fiery determination. “I do. I’ll go.”

Once she gave her word, her expression ever dauntless, Inferuno flashed another grin.

“Good! Then, take this. And also,” Once Inferuno handed Hinota the ticket, he then took out another item from his magic back.

Using the screen of his inventory, Hinota’s eyes flashed open as she sees the upgraded magic bag that Inferuno had on him that was more improved than her own. He took out something strange—a paper talisman. A strap of rectangle-shaped paper colored red with strange black markings on it.

“W-What is that?” Hinota could sense using her passive skill Mana Affinity that the talisman contained some unusual mana round it.

“This, my precious granddaughter, is a Growth Upgrader.”

“G-Growth Upgrader…?”

“It updates the obsolete Growth Crystal you have from Peranim to be the same as the ones in Roprase. This thing’s such a rarity that even I can’t get a hold of. A good old friend of mine sent it to me, so if you ever see her, you better thank her.”

“U-Updates it…?”

As Hinota was still left out of the loop, Inferuno explained about the differences between the growth crystals in Peranim and in Roprase, widening her eyes.

“I-Is that so? Then, will this make me stronger?”

“Well, this is just to start you off by better knowing yourself. And you know what they say—knowledge is power.”

Inferuno smiled his usual grin. Hinota could feel the elation flowing out of her heart as her expression changed to that of a smile.

“…Ah, Grandpa,” Hinota suddenly remembered something important when she heard about her class upgrading.

“What is it?”

“It’s about my Class… when it did the Class Up, it changed into a class I never heard of…”

“Ah, I remember that,” Inferuno recalls the class that he read before. “Hehe, I’m afraid that this is out of my range.”

“Eh?” Hinota became surprised that even her own grandfather doesn’t know.

“However, it’s only logical to learn more about yourself as you grow. So, keep learning your class. I’m sure it’ll be quite a journey.”

He smiled which got Hinota to understand what he meant. Like Kudo, she has to learn what kind of Class this will turn out to be. In the end, she’ll have to learn all the ins and outs.

“Hinota,” Once again, Inferuno’s tone has changed to a serious one. “Use these items to make yourself stronger. And then, show the family what you can truly do—as an adventurer.”

“Grandpa… I will.”

Showing her set of determined eyes, she nodded firmly to her grandfather. Then, as Inferuno showed his grin once more, Hinota smiled and charged forward.

Inferuno was left surprised to feel Hinota embrace him by the stomach considering her short stature, nestling her head to his chest as she smiled.

“Thank you, Grandpa!” Hinota’s jubilant gratefulness reached his ears, causing him to smile from ear to ear.

“Show the world what a true Flamver is made of.”

Inferuno rubbed Hinota’s top of the head as Hinota nodded in agreement.

The night time has gone away and now the morning sun shined down upon the land of Peranim.

Once Hinota came back to the entrance of Erijo, Maon, who waited for her at the entrance, drove her out of the city and into the port city close to Erijo.

The port city, known as Marvra, was just 2 hours away from Erijo, so Hinota had some decent sleep when she came to the city as soon as Maon took her there. As she requested, she chose to sleep in a common room instead of the fancier, more expensive room, because that’s where she felt the most comfortable.

The city is also the port where one of the ships was heading to Roprase.

Within the city, its citizens were showing jubilant expressions as some of them have finally arrived on the day where the ships would come in to take them out of the country.

Several people were waiting at the wooden docks for their boat’s departure. They had to finish up their last of business before leaving the country for good.

The ship itself that rested near the dock was not made by Peranim’s crafters. It was a foreign ship that was made entirely of metal, which for the people of Peranim, made them fear that it would sink in the ocean, but their fears proved to be groundless a the ship was floating on the ocean without any issue.

As the townspeople made a crowd towards the boat, the entire port city was in a slight festive mood since it was time for the boats to depart, one girl draped in a black cloak moved forward to meet up with a man wearing a sailor uniform at the docks.

He carried a wooden board with the paper that showed the names of all the citizens that will be going into the metal ship. The sailor looked at the cloaked adventurer as she passed out a ticket for him.

After scanning the ticket, the sailor nodded, “Name?” The sailor asked to be inputted into the list.

“Hinota Flamver,” the girl responded quickly as she revealed her face to the sailor through the opening of her hood, surprising the sailor either out of her beauty of her visage or her frightening look in her eyes.

After having been granted passage, she stepped onto the wooden bridge that connected to the ship and trudged to the inside.

Once inside, she was met up with several passengers which most were adventurers of considerable status by the look of their expensive equipment.

All of them had the aim of heading to Roprase to make something of themselves. The cloaked girl walked to the railing of the ship.

She heard rumors that there was an engine room in this metal ship and that the engine room supposedly runs on mana stones that make the ship move forward using the power of mana.

The ship itself was built sturdily enough to house hundreds of people at once. The idea of that actually existing excited her as an adventurer, and she wanted Kudo to see the same thing.

Hinota found herself smiling with giddiness, she spotted someone waiting for her from the docks below. Beneath her cloak, Hinota spotted Maon who looked up with a smile, enthusiastically waving his arm left and right to her.

Smiling back, Hinota did the same as she raised her arm out of her cloak to wave it at her messenger and dear friend.

Soon enough, a loud blare of a horn resounded throughout the docks. It was time for the ship to head out.

Hinota felt the ship suddenly rock as the engines were turned on, the rotors beneath the ship began to spin in the ocean rapidly.

Several citizens who were left on the docks waved their arms and shouted their farewells to the adventurers who waved at them back, turning out to be quite the farewell by the look of the screams and cries of their loved ones.

The ship slowly came out of the docks to head out into the calm ocean waves as Hinota watched Maon wave his arm until she was too far to even spot him out anymore as they left the country’s borders.

After some time has passed, the ship continued its slow passage through the calm but deep ocean. The blistering heat from the sun turned out to pump up the adventurers as they were up and about having their own fun within the ship.

Some were enjoying their liquor at one of the bars installed on the ship. Some were enjoying the air at the deck, feeling the fresh ocean breeze hitting their rough skin.

Hinota was one of them. As of this time, Hinota has torn off the cloak covering her body as she wanted to feel the breeze to her skin for herself.

Doing so revealed Hinota’s new armor that Lisa has given to Maon for her to receive as a gift. She wore a black shirt and pants, but she wore leathered armor made out of the darkest black that not even the sun can outshine.

The leather parts covered her arms and legs, silver metal covering the leather parts on the front. Over her arms and forearms, to her busty chest and back, and to her legs and forelegs, she was armored to the point of wearing Heavy armor, but she could move just as easily as she could in her Rabacite armor.

This certain armor had a higher level and more higher stats than her old armor, and since it was a gift from Lisa, she couldn’t bear to wait any longer to try it out.

She reached out to the sky with her hand covered in a black glove that resembled a gauntlet from the banded metal plate over the front of it. Looking at the distant ocean with her hand, she clutched it into a fist.

Hinota, her ponytail tied with her sister’s tie swaying in the breeze, showed a proud look on her face as she opened up her information on her status screen.

Name: Hinota Flamver

Class: Crimson Archmage

Level: 112

Title: N/A

HP: 7205, MP: 10358, SP: 7153

Guild: N/A

Attack: 1753, Defense: 920, Sharpness: 100%

Magic Attack: 2103, Magic Defense: 763, Speed: 556

STR: 81 INT: 560

VIT: 80 WIS: 35

DEX: 83 LUK: 15

Available Points: 0

With a grin on her face over the new information she learned by using the Growth Upgrader, she looked up at the ocean once more, seeing in her eyes the image of the boy whom she had every reason to believe that has changed her this much.

“Kudo, I promise that I will come back stronger than ever.”

Hinota proclaimed, her right fist tightening.

“You’ll be surprised when you see me again, because I will become stronger than you think possible. Hehe,” Hinota chuckled. “You’ll probably be saying ‘Amazing!’ all day by the time you see me again!”

Chuckling to herself as what she aid will most likely happen, Hinota looked forward, her purple eyes becoming fired up as her spirit blazed for the upcoming adventure.