Chapter 1:


Sokka's Chronicles

,,....I always wanted to live in Tokyo, but somehow God sent me to Noto, a small town, neither big nor big, I've always been alone since my family was killed, and my older brother was the last time I saw him. it was 5 years ago, I was going by train and I met him, he probably didn't even know me, but I didn't know him for the first time. I have only one dream, that dream being revenge. Since my parents died, I train daily to become stronger, it was hard at first but over time, I managed to progress, it was never easy, if it was easy, then everyone would be invincible, no one was beaten and everyone was equal. Besides the fact that I was left alone, I have someone by my side who always helps me hard, he is my sensei, Getou, he trains me almost every day and teaches me new things, he also taught me to swear and read, because my parents mine died when I was 8 years old in front of my eyes and Getou saved me since then he is for me as a kind of father.One day Getou told me something that changed my life he told me  ...."Bookmark here

RING RING Bookmark here

Leo answered phoneBookmark here

Leo:HelloBookmark here

Boss:You're transferred to Tokyo tomorrow Bookmark here

Leo: Okey, but ,why ?Bookmark here

Boss: Tokyo needs more surgeons, it is a wave of injured for some reason many people die and are seriously injured.Bookmark here

Leo: OkayBookmark here

Boss: It's a very good offer, you will be in Tokyo and in time you will have a higher salary, you agree ? Bookmark here

Leo: YesBookmark here

Turn off the phone Bookmark here

Leo: he had begun to pack the important things and everything he needed Bookmark here

NEXT DAYBookmark here

Leo gets on the train, he enters and sits down, Suddenly he noticed a bizarre man who seemed to be reading a newspaper, a newspaper about the deaths in Tokyo Bookmark here

Leo: Excuse me, but are you going to Tokyo? Bookmark here

Roy: YesBookmark here

Leo: Me too, you go on vacation or work ?Bookmark here

Roy: WorkBookmark here

Leo: Okay, by the way, what's your name ?Bookmark here

Roy: My name is Roy Kawaragi, what's your name ? Bookmark here

Leo: LeoBookmark here

Roy: And what profession do you have? Bookmark here

Leo: I'm a surgeon by professionBookmark here

Roy: It's true that you were sent, because surgeons are needed ?Bookmark here

Leo: Yes, how did you guess ?Bookmark here

Roy: So I was right, for a long time many people are dying and many are injured, I'm a detective and I'm going to investigate this, all I know from the newspapers is that married couples die, and the other cases, many young people was in love each other are injured, other victims are not, which is very bizaree.Bookmark here

Leo: What could be in the middle? Bookmark here

Roy: Probably a madman who failed to marry the woman he loved.Bookmark here

Leo: A psychopath? Bookmark here

Roy: Yes, but he's very smart, it leaves no trace and no clue to catch him, which worries me terribly, it makes me think we can't catch him Bookmark here

Leo: ...Bookmark here

Roy: I don't really think he's just a man in the middle, but if he's just a man, then he would have been caught Bookmark here

Leo: What if he's not human? Bookmark here

Roy: Impossible Bookmark here

Leo: I think you are right Bookmark here

Roy: No matter how many people there are, or what kind of person he is, I will find him and put an end to it .Bookmark here

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