Chapter 2:

Kento Leo

Sokka's Chronicles

Leo wakes up and sees on the clock at 6 pm, decides to prepare for his first day as a surgeon in Tokyo.Bookmark here

Leo takes a shower in the morning and when he looks in the mirror, he notices a different face from his, saw in the mirror, a boy of about 13 years, something scares Leo, besides the fact that he was not in the mirror, the face that had seen him had a smile, but in his eyes hell.Bookmark here

Leo decides to get over it and goes to the hospital where he was supposed to work.Bookmark here

Healthcare:Hello, you're Kento, the new surgeon.Bookmark here

Leo: Yes, i'am Kento Leo.Bookmark here

Healthcare: Great, you already have a new job, all you have to do is answer some simple questions. Bookmark here

Leo:OkeyBookmark here

Healthcare: How old are you ? Bookmark here

Leo: 23Bookmark here

Healthcare: Are you 23 years old and a surgeon by profession? Bookmark here

Leo: Yes, I studied as a child and graduated from medical school at the age of 19.Bookmark here

Healthcare: That's great Bookmark here

Leo: Thanks youBookmark here

Healthcare: Okay, you're free Bookmark here

Leo: OkayBookmark here

In a short time Leo got used to it and became one of the best surgeons, at one point he had a patient whom Leo had met on the way to Tokyo. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

During the operation, Leo operated with his colleagues, as they knew best.Bookmark here

Leo: Knife Bookmark here

Doctor: Yes Bookmark here

Leo: Needle and thread Bookmark here

Doctor: YesBookmark here

And so he managed to operated Roy.Bookmark here

Leo enters the room where Roy is hospitalized Bookmark here

Leo: How are you feeling? Bookmark here

Roy: I'm fineBookmark here

Leo: I hope you don't mind, but how did that happen? Bookmark here

Roy: I was shot in the head on a mission, I have no idea how I survived Bookmark here

Leo: The bullet didn't hit your brain and you survived because I had your surgery on time. Bookmark here

Roy: I see Bookmark here

Leo: It has something to do with the fact that you were shot with the unseen killer ?Bookmark here

Roy: I don't think so, but it's quite possible, due to the fact that I'm the most determined to catch this killer, even if I've only been in Tokyo for a week and he wanted to do it for me. Bookmark here

Leo: i see.Bookmark here

Roy: I thought a lot about the possibility that there would be more people participating in this.Bookmark here

Leo: a group ?Bookmark here

Roy: an organization  Bookmark here

Leo: InterestingBookmark here

Roy:  I hope that one day I will find out the truth, to find out who is in the middle of it Bookmark here

Leo: Okay, I let you get more rest after the operation. Bookmark here

Roy: Thanks, I really think I needed it.Bookmark here

Leo goes to the bathroom and washes his face and again notices the face of that meowing boy and again he saw him in the mirror, but this time the boy spoke Bookmark here

The boy: Why did you run ? Bookmark here

Leo: What? Who run ?Bookmark here

The boy: Why? Bookmark here

Leo: ...Bookmark here

The boy she started crying Bookmark here

Leo started to panic Bookmark here

Leo: Who the hell are you ? Bookmark here

Healthcare enters the bathroom.Bookmark here

Healthcare: What are you doing here ? Bookmark here

Leo: I was just washing my face.Bookmark here

Healthcare: Do you know you're done today? Bookmark here

Leo: Yes I know.Bookmark here

Leo goes home wondering who that boy is and why he accuses him of running away Bookmark here

Leo: It's very bizarre Bookmark here

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