Chapter 7:

red brick road

Blue in the sky

I had a strange dream, like everyone else, but this dream started differently, I was walking in the middle of a sandstorm, there was no clear destination, I was just walking, running away from something unknown to me, I was just walking forward, breaking the veil of sand and blinding me in the process, after this journey the sandstorm ceased, when I saw that I was on the edge of a cliff, on the cliff floor there was a mining operation and the workers had a skin bluish in color, in the mining carts it was filled with a crystal with a very dark shade of blue, almost black, an alarm startled us that I fell backwards, that's when I saw my body, I was wearing an orange suit, a scream shrill broke the alarm, when I looked at the origin of that sound, there was a whole battalion of Holdfighters that would attack the mine, I tried to stop it, but I was pushed to the precipice, as I fell I saw the facet of the girl with the cherry blossom hair color and when I looked at the ground I could see Lauriceia's face and then I hit the ground, that's when I woke up.Bookmark here

—Young, what happened?— General Hostviner was by my side and he was desperate for my awakening, to see his face, my shortness of breath became an outburst of laughter to see the face of the lord crumble with my terrifying awakening— Hey, stop, I don't like people seeing me messy—He tried to look away to hide his flushed face—Well, Are you ready to go?— He said that while I was already getting out of bed, something surprised him.Bookmark here

I took my things that were in place and we carried out the procedures to leave the hospital, on the outside a full escort, including two HF Armors in the air around the field hospital, the general was all excited, how he wanted to impress me, this in his face— let's go, princess— With disdain, he opened the door of the limousine that would take us to his residence, when we entered the vehicle, the bodyguards who were saluting, quickly took their posts and we left the field hospital that was near the coliseum.Bookmark here

—Genera... I mean, sir, could we pass?—I tried to ask him to take it to my house, to get my things —NO— His harsh response scared me—We're going to your house, no need to ask, just take what you need, after all, you'll only be staying at my house for a week, then you'll go straight to the Academy— When he finished saying that, the limo driver laughed at the general’s dissimulation, apparently this was already thought out before I entered the vehicle.Bookmark here

I looked out the window to see the HF Armor, by a flash of memory I remembered the dream, where there were dozens of them flying over that precipice, my expression froze, but a flash of light coming from a building made me look at the downtown and seeing the level of destruction from the attack, smoke was still rising from there, but apparently, life was trying to return to normal.Bookmark here

—Maybe you have forgotten, but humanity always seeks ways to survive, regardless of adversity, this is the jubilation of our troop, "win the battle, overcome the war" this phrase is fa, for it came out of the mouth of Palwell Lucius at the time of the foundation of our order—When he spoke, an air of pomp arose during his speech, the driver seemed to take pride in the general's speech.Bookmark here

—You memorized all this for the opening speech, right?—When I said that, everyone else in the car, including practically everyone in the convoy, after all the radio was open to everyone who was in the operation.— Ok, Ok, boy, you don’t… so-sorry—The driver would start to participate in the discussion, but seeing my face and right after the general, he decided to simply go back to his mission and from here the trip to my house was quite silent.Bookmark here

When we arrived at the place I could see that everything changed since the first time since the Bloodynight that apparently stole the red of the locality, left few houses standing, among them my house that seemed that it was not altered during the months that it was outside, when I entered memory flash appeared again in my mind, but the memory was older, this memory was the first time we entered the house just after our move, I and Lau were small, so small that I don’t remember the reason, but all of us, Dad, Mom, Lauriceia and I were smiling. — Hey, don't freeze, we have to go soon, because soon this house will go down.— When a subordinate of the general spoke this, I returned to reality and it was there that I saw the state of the place, most of the furniture had already left the place, leaving only the silhouette of where they were by the dust, Meanwhile some soldiers took the portraits and other utensils that were still in place.Bookmark here

—When you were hospitalized, right after Bloody Night, your sister's daily routine consisted basically of visiting you and going to the battalion, because of that she barely visited the house, so she decided to sell the furniture that was accumulating dust, half to gain more resource for the day you wake up, as the weeks went by and with this neighborhood emptying up, she decided to sell this house, but at the same time you woke up and everything changed.—At first glance, I thought it was the general Hostviner who was saying this, but when I looked back I saw the guy who was in the hospital along with my sister going into the resentment with a sling in his arm and bandages covering the right side of his face. — Sergeant Guille, what do we owe the honor of your visit?— Upon seeing him the general quickly presented himself as he acted the first time I met him.Bookmark here

— General, I am honored to know that the boy is alive—The Sergeant's condition left me feeling guilty, but seeing my facet, the Sergeant quickly tried to change my mood.—Oh these bruises, relax, this is the result of my mistake because right after taking you and his friends to the hospital, I went back to the operation and kind of ended up getting hurt.—His fake laugh sought to hide the seriousness of his operation, but General Hostviner would already show his classic disdain, but when he put his hand on the Sergeant's shoulder, the Sergeant gruffly answered the general's possible question.Bookmark here

—General, when we do the aftermath operation your thought was noted: unlike the Bloodynight, they did not send Drone, they attacked head-on.— His smiling false facet finally fell to an aura much more would be to pass this information, the seriousness took all the atmosphere of the environment, all the officers who were doing the operation stopped just when the sergeant gave his report to the general— So it was worse than I thought, we are in an urgent situation, I will have to run over processes for the new graduates who entered the Academy—The fear of the general contagious to all who were in the house who decided to increase the withdrawal of the items, this agitation made me run to my room to get my belongings, to enter in the four soon locked the door, as a desire to protect the last memory that would have of the room, I discovered the whole room and noticed a letter on top of my bed, the letter had Lauriceia’s handwriting, picked up the letter as a hungry man seeing a meal, the presentation of the letter was addressed to me, opened quickly to read the letter.Bookmark here

“Dear brotherBookmark here

By the time you read this letter, I’m sure we’ve already seen the fight tournament, I come here to tell you what’s going to happen from now on, straight up, tomorrow will be the last day we live in this house, but as you will go to Academy and there will be dorms then at least you’ll have a home to welcome you, after all I’ll go to the capital city to work in the central administration of the troops, by the way my work has been recognized by the leaders, I’m sure you’ll be fine, but in case you miss me, there’s a box inside your guadra-clothes with a little special gift for your wardrobe, I’ll take you to the Academy tomorrow, after all I want to talk more closely with you, outside that I would have more time to see you walking normally, outside that I will be able to enjoy more quietly your presence, something that you should also feel this, when we talked at the hospital, I know it’s by repeating my change, but I received this news on the same day of our conversation, so I apologize for your search for Ayako, I really wanted to know more about this friend of yours that her eyes sparkled as it was at my graduation, wait when you come back to see this girl on your side, while this continues as you have always been: moving forward, overcoming the barriers present in life.Bookmark here

P.S.: I love you”Bookmark here

After reading the letter, my first action was to go straight to the wardrobe, to see this box, but there were several boxes and all were empty, I searched the whole room and found nothing, I ran out of the room with suffocating despair when I saw the soldiers carrying boxes, I threw myself at him, further delaying the removal of belongings.Bookmark here

—What's going on here?— General Hostvier, who was still talking to Sergeant Guille, tried to intervene in my search, that’s when I questioned him vehemently— Did you take out that it was in my room?Bookmark here

—Of course, I don't this, but one of my subordinates found this while scouting the area before our arrival.—The general received a pink box from one of his soldiers and showed me, opening the box, with a certain angry face, and seeing what was inside my mood changed: They were pictures of our family, pictures of when Lauriceia and I were little, having fun together with our parents, times we went to the beach, out for picnics, shopping days and my graduation from elementary school, outside a photo where we were all set for the opening ceremony of the Academy for Lauriceia, all happy and smiling, these memories I will keep on my chest, so I reaffirmed my response to the generalBookmark here

—General, I hope to start as soon as possible. — I stretched my hands out to him—Great, so let's go—He lifted me with his strength from the ground and the moving operation started again, I put all my clothes in a backpack, while I took some of Lauriceia's things, never an empty cardboard box brought by the soldiers, I took some pictures of her, some of her utensils and a small pile in her uniforms, leaving her in the vehicle to decide to take a little tour through the house, each room awakened a specific memory, but this time memories where Ayako was present, like the first time I took her home, Lau met her and quickly they became friends, I took her to do school work, she was amazed at the view from my room, we had dinner together with my sister and I took her home, it was getting dark and during my escort to protect her we saw a Cloudloadings fleet crossing the sky. —"That’s beautiful!"—This memory of the choice of Cloudloadings, finally I could remember the origin of that memory, my joy frightened the general who entered the place. Bookmark here

—Hey you froze again, frankly if you keep this up I'll have to take your name off the pass list—When he put his hand on my shoulder, bringing me back to reality was already dusk, but the place was completely dark leaving only my right arm to illuminate the place, something that left us scared, after all this was the first time I saw this happen in front of me, the general, who was at my back, quickly grabbed my arm tried to show it to me, but then see my face of surprise, he released me and quickly took a cell phone out of his pocket and called something, I ran into the car, afraid of being treated like a monster, something that was intrinsic in the old commander’s face.Bookmark here

This concern became more sustainable when the general sat in the car seat and slammed the vehicle door shut, shaking the whole car, at the end of this shaking the car started at full speed.— Well, kid, due to your slowness, we won’t be doing anything today, but tomorrow we’ll have a visitor.Bookmark here

—Where?—A desperate facet surfaced in meBookmark here

—In a zoo, of course, it’s my house, I’m not as lame as you think, I’m charitable too, if I didn’t have a promise with your sister, you’d be in the gutter— Hostviner's face practically showed all his superb personality, complementing his speech, even passing the sour tone of his ego, his line alleviated my concern, at least momentarily, as I spent the rest of the trip on alert, the route was a little later, we practically turn halfway around the way, but we pass through the city center and are an area of large mansions, but also with a lot of military installations intermingled, when we arrived at the general's residence, the escort was dissolved, leaving only the driver who acted like a butler opening the vehicle door for the officer, who talked to some soldiers left over from that operation, only then could I get out of the car, the first thing I saw outside was that the house showed well the personality of its owner.Bookmark here

Two cascades line the entrance path, further blurring the white of the construction, the entrance door was basically a wide block of wood when entering the place two sets of ladders presented the house, at least its complexity, but there was a way right in the middle of the games that led up to the reception, that was empty, the general ran into the interior of the residence, remaining to me, with my things in my arms.Bookmark here

—Fifth room coming up on the right— The general’s weak and dry speech came straight from a possible bathroom next to the kitchen, because of the occasional echo from the distance of the reception, it was late at night, almost hugging with the dawn, then climb the set of stairs, I could already hear the call of Morpheus on the door half lit of the room, when entering the room I could see that everything was already prepared, just waiting for me, so I threw my things on the floor and I went inside the covers.Bookmark here

— Dear sister, if you've been listening to me then pay close attention, for your brother will show everyone that his words were right— With my left arm raised, I have made a promise to myself, a promise full of faces and rare memories that I will hold in my mind very well, a promise that I will fulfill regardless of adversity, for we must move on, without being afraid of what is around us, I laughed thinking how would be this phrase in the sweet voice of Lau, remembering her tears came out of my eyes and marinated my entering the kingdom of Hypnos.Bookmark here

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