Chapter 6:

Blue Cross

Blue in the sky

 A feeling of regret woke me up, a feeling of fear of losing those people I had just met, my vision was dark and I heard only the sound of leaking water, the cold filled the room, but a glare filled my eyes, inside from this isotopic white there was a girl in a condescending dress to the setting, her cherry blossom hair blowing in the wind hampered the view of her eyes, but a familiar voice coming from her mouth fueled my feeling of fear.Bookmark here

—See your sister quickly.Bookmark here

Like a soap bubble, I quickly awoke, scaring the two who were with me— Hopefully what you're alive— Junjoumaru quicking hugged me with all forces— Well, we’re all alive, but there’s no way we can get out of here— Junjoumaru father was looking for some gap inside a blue bubble that we were inside, at every touch of it a mini-wave of energy has controlled the bubble, the structure seemed fragile, but when he saw the debris around us gave an air of confidence for this bubble, I tried to lift myself from the ground but when I tried to use my arms as a support, my body leaned to the right and I went back to the ground.Bookmark here

—Wow, careful not to get hurt... where is your arm?Bookmark here

By reflection, touch where should this my right arm and to feel the emptiness soon I despaired, but when groping more attentively the right side my body ended up feeling a small circle where should be where my arm should be, feeling the icy circle I quickly associated with the material that is my right arm, a voice came into my mind saying random words like expanding, dilute and decrease, upon hearing that last word, I quickly obeyed and the bubble dissolved and the energy returned to be my arm.Bookmark here

Junjoumaru and his father were amazed to see my arm return as if it were magic and quickly looked at the arm more closely — Do you feel any pain when I touch your arm?— I replied to Junjoumaru’s father with denial when his son was looking for his weapon for the exam — A wet towel?— When I saw that object of his, I thought at first that it was a simple towel that was already in place, but when Junjoumaru twisted it and it remained moist, it proved that it was a test item since all classes are Sabers, Bowers, Shielders or Random Thingers use equipment developed by Holdfighers for the examination because he material used in the manufacture is close to that used in the field, but the material is extremely expensive to produce because of its versatility and strength, together with the choices of the challengers who usually chose the first three classes, made users of random things rare due to the complexity of their items and the cost of production, which ends up falling under the challenger's responsibility, but to save on production, all Random Things share the same mold is left to the user to model for their final use.Bookmark here

—Yep, I thought anything that would cause amazement but that would be useful to overcome that confusion at the beginning of the round.Bookmark here

— I tried to stop him but give up quickly since he was uncompromising like most of the family.— With an impression of forced acceptance, Junjoumaru`s father sought to hide his embarrassed face because of the revelation, a few moments later he found a survival kit that was in place, with our help, of course. — I knew there would be one in this locker room, this is a requirement since it happened on a Bloodynight.— The kit was composed with first aid, survival ration, a lighter and a flashlight along with a set of four batteries being two used in the flashlight — Ok guys, we're in the locker room closest to the coliseum exit, Junjoumaru, turn your towel into an umbrella, while you young man, stay next to me carrying the kit.— he said that by taking my arm to bring me near him.Bookmark here

Apparently, the corridor was intact, but the debris left the place almost completely in darkness, but the exit illuminated part of the place, however, night was upon us and when we stepped onto the Coliseum field, it looked like the structure was intact, but we looked back and see that the part where we left looked like a broken cookie, the place where we were was under the luxury gallery where Lauriceia was and the two were on the floor on top of the rubble, we could see the city and by the flames coming from it transformed the night by day, the sound of crying and crying mixed to the sound of metal hitting each other and shots tore the little blue sky.Bookmark here

—Oh no, not again—when Junjoumaru spoke that phrase, a rumble broke the calm of the place, when the cloud of sand dissipated, a sequence of shots claimed that it was part of the battle, where two parts looked similar, two humanoid-shaped armors around 4 meters, with tiny limbs and its robust hue, looking like a medicine capsule, but the one with metal color seemed to carry a sword similar to the challengers, only proportional to its size, while the dark navy blue robot had live charges in its arms and moved extremely fast, making the confrontation feel like a work of forge, with each attack of the blue humanoid hammering at the metal robot's armor. Bookmark here

—A HF Armor!—The Junjoumarus spoke in tune, seeming to know about the brilliant machine, when realizing the gravity of this conflict they took me into the facilities of the colosseum, the battle consented to multiple attacks of the blue humanoid on the bright robot leaving it with its back to us, but the sword has turned into a multi-blade net, slicing through the humanoid, ending the fight in an instant, at the end of the battle, the capsule opened and when your pilot appeared, his face was familiar to me.Bookmark here

—LAURICEIA—Noticing my presence, she quickly looked in my direction, at the same moment an HF Armor fell on her, while a bleacher began to collapse, forcing us to leave the place, when looking up we saw a Giant Ghost, practically triple the size of a Ghost that had come across me, repairing my surroundings, Junjoumaru and his father were frozen with fear, practically giving themselves up to death, fear and despair flooded me that almost everything around me seemed frozen except for a blue glow coming from my right arm, when I touch it, the scene around me changed, it felt like I was in a planetarium with a star next to me lighting up around me when I touched it with the same arm, my arm transformed and in a blink eyed, was sitting inside a cockpit, but no sticks, just a blank curved screen with a blank sentence saying: Desire for fight. When touching the screen a voice said the same sentence, but upon hearing this sentence, the image of the girl with cherry hair and for a glimpse, my vision changed precisely to the bleachers where I was.Bookmark here

I felt like a robot because feelings like fear of the event that was taking place around me, the anger of the loss of my only family and even the surprise of this discovery were paved, it seemed that I had forgotten everything, I practically felt like an autonomous puppet, acting automatically, as a machine, when I looked around I saw Junjoumaru and his dad looked like dwarfs and the Ghost that was in front of me was his normal size.Bookmark here

—HEY, what’s happening?— everyone who was at the scene was surprised by my transformation, all without exception, since the first thing I heard was static, but specifically a radio noise and from here I do not remember well, because I automatically attacked that Ghost and mangled it almost completely, but a scream of despair stopped me from pulverizing it.Bookmark here

Apparently, the Ghost body was also a capsule because I broke his body thought it was composed of muscles, but when I pulled one of his legs, the same sound of glass breaking my arm did the whole body Ghost broke as if it was glass and inside that capsule, a person was piloting it, that person had a blue hue on their skin and when they realized they had been discovered, they took a gun from their holster and shot me to push it awayBookmark here

—Whale 11, this is krill 086, I need support, repeat, I need support— The pilot was talking via the radio that was on his wrist while shooting at me and the Junjoumarus, but he didn't hit them because I protected them with my body, that was the last thing I remember doing that size was just a giant bird that was flying close to us and made a low flight catch him and take me away from him in the same instant because how much I played on the floor, the colors I was seeing usually turned into degrees of shades of blue.Bookmark here

—Hey! how you became that blue business before— The voice of Junjoumaru was the last thing before I fainted, but when I entered the realm of Hypnos, I was plunged into a sea at night, the icy water hugged me and the bubbles that rose were bright and multicolored and became smaller every time I sank deeper and deeper, as I lay on the seabed, I felt a shock go around my body, I closed my eyes and when open was in the lap of Junjoumaru’s father.Bookmark here

— Where is Lauriceia?— I quickly got up to see where she was when I last saw her, on the first attempt at a glimpse she was prevented by a sharp pain coming from my right arm, but I got over the pain to see if she was where her armor was, checking the state of it, but when I saw the place, only smoke from a fire beginning was standing, I tried to get up quickly, but my legs didn't have the strength to keep me upright.Bookmark here

When Junjoumaru’s dad hugged me, a strong light flashed over us. —Are you okay?— said the voice above that light, a troop of Holdfighters entered the coliseum quickly, apparently, the confrontation of the city had diminished, so they came to see if Lauriceia would be okay, they were commanded by the guy who was with Lauriceia, when she first visited me in the hospital, seeing the deplorable state of my sister’s HF Armor, they quickly came to me with a face of mourning and when they saw us, quickly came to meet and provided first aid, when I saw his face I could already know what happened to my sister triggered a flood of tears that in the end awakened me drowsiness and fall asleep.Bookmark here

When I woke up, I was in a field hospital, the sound of convention drowned the environment, I was only then quickly decided on the place, as I had no bandages on my body, but a nurse, upon seeing me up, took my arm, gave me a scolding, because according to her:—You must wait for the medical discharge to be able to leave here — then I returned to my bed and waited a few minutes, the doctor came talking general officer Hostviner, seeing him I felt threatened with his presence, but this duo was the general who began to express himself.Bookmark here

—Boy, you may already know what happened to your sister, but I have to go on record about what happened to her yesterday, right after you left the scene, I questioned her about the letter of recommendation she made to you, after all the letters of recommendation pass to the director of the academy, ie I, as director could not leave a cripple who had recently woken up, but she replied that you are her most precious jewel, since since the graduation incident you were the only family for her, since that incident, seeing you trying to overcome that trauma was a source of her pride and even after the accident, her eyes still showed the fighting spirit passed confidence that nothing could stop it, her aura affirmed it, it was then that we were attacked by a singular horde, with a much more planned modus operandi,taking advantage of our low guard, when we heard the siren, we quickly went into promptitude, we separated and I only met her, it was on the operating table, she asked me one thing: want was to take care of you, power that I come here to ask one thing: will continue or give up? If you choose the second, I will support you until you manage to stay alone?— He ended up talking, extending his hand to me.Bookmark here

His speech generated reactions such as sadness at not being able to see my sister anymore, pride for what she felt in me and for her nobility for acting quickly when requested, she doubts if I could deliver everything she thought of me and nostalgia because when the general talked about the graduation incident, precisely the clipping of that memory came to my mind; It was a sunny day and I was with our parents when we saw Lauriceia's graduation from the Academy, it was a festive day, but the mood changed when a horde of Ghosts attacked us and everything shiny became a bath of red, be it blood or flame, everything had gone to pieces, the only thing I remember clearly was Lauriceia's crying for everything that had happened.Bookmark here

— Could you give me a day to think about it?— I asked him for it because everything that happened was very fast, I needed to think about it, so I asked them where the Junjoumaru family was when they replied that they were already home, so I requested a conversation with them, but apparently, Junjoumaru thought that first.—Little man, where are you?— his cries reverberated behind tents and were ceased upon seeing me in a specific tent, he entered abruptly and was stopped when he saw the general’s face.Bookmark here

—Young, for what so much scandal—General officer Hostviner complained of the gaudy way that Junjoumaru entered the enclosure, Junjoumaru automatically was overwhelmed by the presence of someone as famous as was my sister—I'm sorry sir, I didn't want to scare you, I just came to visit a friend of mine, his name is...—When Junjoumaru saw me behind the general, all his respect for the officer evaporated instantly, he pushed the general aside to talk to me —Hey, man, you whole, lose some more part, they look at my fingers, how many do you see?—Apparently he’s very concerned about me, which surprised the general.Bookmark here

—Junjoumaru— when I said his name out loud it scared him, so his eyes paid attention to my speech —Do you trust me?—I questioned him, holding his hands with all my strength.Bookmark here

—Of course, you saved my life and my father's, you are the brother of the Lauriceia captain, the most remembered capital of the new generation, anyway, where is she?Bookmark here

—She is dead!—When I spoke what happened to her, my first impulse was to hide my face with my hands, but I could not stop my cry if it showed by my face, with the same impulse, Junjoumaru hugs me and says Guy, I met you yesterday, but I understand your feeling, losing someone we love is painful, but my mom told me something from the time she served as Holdfighter that I carry as my life motto: we must still move on, not for being disrespectful, but because it is the desire of the one who left is not to be a mess in the life of those who stayed, so I say to you, no I exclaim: you are a trustworthy person, who would give his life for those you love—When he told me this, I finally had a certainty, that my goal is to become the best Holdfighter, by making sure that I looked directly into the general’s eyes and answered his question quickly and succinctly:Bookmark here

— Officer Hostviner, I will become your recruit.Bookmark here

— Oh right, so you come home with me, and in a week you’ll go to the Academy, I won’t be like your sister if you want to become the best of us you should give everything of yourself and a little more.— as he saw my look, the general smiled and quickly turned his back and was leaving the site, but Junjoumaru quickly held the general’s wine-colored uniform, preventing him from leaving the site.Bookmark here

While me general, I can go to the Academy too, because you know I'm the only family of the guy— Junjoumaru was brooding, as if he had already admitted that he was not approved because of the event the night before Mikatsuki Junjoumaru— the general said his name like giving an order— You will go to the opening ceremony, not as a guest, but as a student.— When he heard this, Junjoumaru screamed and jumped for joy to hear the news, but this burst of happiness quickly ceased when the general passed on other information.Bookmark here

— This attack won't compromise our planning, we need recruits after this series of attacks, so it doesn't matter if you passed the practical exam or not because you'll know hell by my own hands anyway, you blue young, you'll see well before.— He spoke practically looking into my eyes and that sense of desperation coming from him practically ended the excitement at the scene.Bookmark here

After recovering from the presence, Junjoumaru returned to my bed and we spent the rest of the visiting hours, we were convincing, the content of the conversation was just getting to know each other better, after all, we only met the day before yesterday, finding out that Junjoumaru is a party animal, afraid to stay alone and seeks to be surrounded by people who trust, while to me, I cannot reveal anything due to the lack of memory that everything that happened before the accident, but I promised that in the opening ceremony I would reveal everything when he left, the doctor came to me who revealed that he would be discharged the next day since I didn't have any injuries after the doctor left, sleep arrived, so I decided to close my eyes so that tomorrow could come faster.
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