Chapter 4:

Sarah agreste

The Real You

At night sarah returned her apartment. She unlocked her room door. Thinking about what she experienced today.  She sat on her bad and squeezed the sides of her forehead, she had an upset expression on her face.

"This is weird" she said to herself.

'Risa, don't get so close with me I am no good' she sighed. 

"Jeez the fuck is wrong with me!?" She flopped on the bed and stared at the ceiling. "I planned to use her as hostage for the assassination. That right! She is nothing but a hostage nothing more!" 

Sarah took out her phone from her jacket and scrolled through her instagram's page, she came across a post by her parents, it was a photo in which Sarah's parents were at a park chilling and eating ice cream. Sarah raised an eyebrow "Seriously leaving me for doing these disgusting jobs and having fun all by yourself" she mumbled. She then typed her brother' in the search bar she went through his photos. One photo was of herself with her brother it seemed like her brother won a baseball match both grinning with a trophy in her brother's hand. Sarah stayed silent and just stared at that photo. She didn't even realize when a tear slipped down her eye. Sarah quickly wiped it away. 

"Damn it!" 

Sarah sat up on her bed and said "I will save you no matter what brother, no matter how many I have to kill. I will save Sid..." 


"Sarah agreste!" Said Marlene Smith.

"What? I have decided I am not going to work for you anymore. I don't care what my parents or you think I am quiting because I want to" Sarah replied with a cold stare.

"Not yet... you can't quit now!" He said.

"What?" Sarah said in confusion.

"I can't let you quit until you assassin Ryosuke Aizawa the president of Nelson" 

"No, I am quiting and that's final!" Sarah yelled.

"You are so stubborn Ms. Agreste... I didn't want to do this but" he gave a cold stare and switched on the his computer screen with a remote. 

The screen displayed Sarah's brother tied on an electric chair in a torture room. Sarah was frightened to see such a sight "sid..." she mumbled. 

Seeing this Marlene smirked and called one his assistant and kept the call on speaker, "miss. Selena, Sarah agreste has declined the request, you know what to do next" 

"Yes sir, start from phase one" as selena said so Sid was hit with electricity, he screamed and begged for help. 

Sarah was horrifed to see her brother in such a state. They stopped giving shocks and Sarah glared at Marlene "why! Why him!?" 

Marlene smirked and aimed a gun at Sarah. Sarah stood there for a couple of seconds and then kicked the gun from Marlene's hand with her right hand and then grabbed his wrist with left hand and flipped him to the floor. She then pointed the gun at his head. 

Marlene snickered "sarah agreste I knew you will go this far so I kept a condition. If I die your brother dies too right ms. Selena!?" He said to the call which was on the floor. 

"Yes sir, phase 2" she said in calm tone and sid was put under waves of electricity again. 

Sarah felt helpless and left Marlene. Marlene got up and walked to Sarah, he held her shoulder and spoke in her ear, "so do you accept the mission of assassining Mr. Ryosuke Aizawa? In return I will hand your brother to you"

"... yes" Sarah said in a low tone. She felt helpless there was nothing else she could do now.

"Good then I am assigning you for this mission now, Ms. Sarah agreste or should I say Sarah kristen" he said and handed a document and a pen to Sarah. 

Sarah signed it, there was nothing else she could do. For her there was no one more important than her brother. 

'There was no other option, if I couldn't save him then I won't be able to forgive myself ever again'

To be continued~

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The Real You

The Real You

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