Chapter 3:

Right or Wrong

The Real You

Risa sat on her bed texting Sarah. She was bored and tired so she texted Sarah to hang out with her. Sarah agreed and said will reach their in 10 minutes.

Risa smiled while looking at her phone. She was being with Sarah she received comfort when she was with her. She wanted things to remain the they are between her and Sarah. She was in her own thoughts until she got a knock at her door.

"Come in" she said it was her sister.

"Mom wants to talk to you" she said.

Risa signs, with no emotions she walked to her mom who was standing near the photos of my late family members. 

"Hey mom you called for me" I said.

"Yeah I just wanted to talk" she said "you look more happier these days." She said.

"Oh yeah things in my school are going kinda good" Risa smiled for a bit. 

"Good... you are smart girl and will not disappoint your family" she said with a smile.

Those words were confusing to Risa everything she got. "Mom... I know I will disappoint if I don't go on the right path of life but in what way will I satisfy them I mean of course bye chosing the right path but... what is that right path?" 

"Isn't that obvious my dear" she smiled "by being our pride! By running the Nelson's in the best wat, be successful and of course marrying a good man." 

"Oh... i see"  Risa responded, she was upset from what her mom said. But she just remain quite because she didn't want to fight, she knew she can't win from her parents she never did. 

The Next thing that happened was when risa punched the pillows of her room weeping and scolding the pillow. "Be our pride! Disgusting! Be successful! Run Nelson, marry a good man!!! Ugh..." she cried pouting and punching the pillow "she plopped on her bed. "What about 'we want you to be happy and proud of yourself' will keep doing things for them and nothing for myself. The doorbell rang. It was Sarah. She washed her face and rushed downstairs. Their butter was at door. She asked him to open the door. She saw Sarah standing right in front of her with a golden smile which was all she needed to heal. She wore her shoes and outside the doors closed leaving just Risa and Sarah outside.

'Thank God you are here Sarah.' Risa's eyes filled with joy and relief. She jumped and hugged her.  It was the first time she hugged her. She was happy and blessed to have Sarah did Sarah know? 

Sarah was shocked. Her heart was beating faster then ever. She looked at Risa head on her shoulder in the softest expression. 'Why?' She questioned not Risa but herself. 'When did become soft. I can't this wrong. I don't want to!' A wave of mixed emotions flowed trough her body. 'I just remain silent she different from usual it's not like a care but she literally seem to be more sentimental...' She had to ask because did down she did care.

"Risa you okay?" She asked in a soft and caring voice.

"Yeah... I am fine now" she smiled on Sarah's shoulder. "Let's go we decided to hang out didn't we!"she said and pulled Sarah by her wrist...

'Her touch... this feeling I don't remember having it usually.'

Flashback (the night at Nelson's party)

Sarah left Risa behind and went downstairs to the parking lot where the she shot the man. She found that the dead body was gone and their were few stains of blood around. She picked her phone and called someone. She looked around hung up the call and walked to a particular direction. She spotted a shiny black car she knocked at the door and and person inside opened the door. She sat at the front seat. 

"We may leave now" she said.

"There you are finally back Sarah! Done with your heroic act!" Said the man who sat behind her. 

Another one beside him yelled at sarah"You literally shot me back their luckily the hot wasn't that critical!!! But you literally did the most and worst herioc action their. Like are we a part of an anime or something!" 

"Just shut up you old fantass!" Sarah said making him quite. "Back their what did was necessary other wise you dumbasses might have killed the ceo's daughter.." 

"Hah that girl was ceo's daughter?! The three men said in unison.

"Use you damn brains sometime. I had to be heroic to make her feel that I am the good guy their. If I just directly went their saying stop! Give her to me and just show you guys a gun and run away like we are 3rd class action romance movie amd it would be too obvious" Sarah said showing off her intelligence. "And it's also not like that bullet at your shoulder will kill you" she said bluntly.

"You little!" He mumbled.

Sarah didn't bother talking toher assistants she had an emotion of seriousness'Like what they know...' She thought 'dad mom just watch I will complete this task in ease and proff I am no toy for you guys! I will make you guy shut your mouths and be free forever.'


Sarah and Risa were walking down the street with a can of coke in their hands. 

"What happened to you back their. You can tell me, you know" sarah asked.

"It's...well, my mom" she said. "You know this family wants me to be like them like ever since I was a kid all they wanted me was to be run the Nelson! Be a good girl, bring pride. I want to do thingd for myself too" Risa said in a sad tone. "I am sick with my life"

"Everything thing will be fine" Sarah reached her hand to her head and brought her arms. She hugged her. "Don't worry this too will pass. And you will be happy and you will do everything for yourself for the joy of your own" Sarah said with a comforting voice.

'Wow! I didn't know we share the same problem. How did I ended up having you as a victim... I can't understand if this is right or wrong?...'

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