Chapter 0:

Tragedy Of The Thru Clan


The Kid was frighten by the sight of adults holding the only picture of his parents but still showing courage to ask if anyone have seen his parents. His whole clan including his parents were wiped out in a single night without anyone one noticing. The Council of Saints issued an order to investigate the matter under the superviser Mage Kuld. It has been a month but the magicians have found no clues on whereabouts of the clan. The clan goes by the name Thru but is famous by the name ‘The clan with the authority of dark’. The Thru clan was one of the twelve noble clans of the nation. Even being a clan honorable enough to be a noble clan they all lived life of tribal traditions.

The tragedy was named ‘Thru tragedy’ by the council of wise men and is label as ‘End of Thru’ by independent magic researchers. The clan was one of the most important clans for the nation itself as 5 of the saints among the twelve saints were from Thru clan. Not only this kid but the council of wise men and the twelve saints are in chaos. Immediate Entrance exams were impose on mages and the winners were announce as the ‘temporary saints of the time’. The whole noble clans went into alert formations and the roles of saints were increased on borders.

The neighboring countries immediately started small-scale attacks to confirm if the rumors were true. The Head Saint hurriedly formed an alliance with other Nations to defend the Nation.

No one knows what will happen to this Nation if the alliances breaks or if the enemies forms an even stronger alliance, in these cases everything we did will go in vain.

The sole survivor is ‘Baron Thru’ and is no more considered a Thru clan member because he can’t use dark magic and is too young, as he is just 9 years old. He will be soon sent to another clan for his betterment. He will more likely not become a magician after what he saw that night. His mental health isn’t right either after that night.

Till the time he is adopted I was given his custody, I am the Emperor Knight Grad. I only have the job to look after him because his father was a good friend of mine. I have no hopes from him to become a magician or a knight. I am just fulfilling the role of a friend.

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