Chapter 1:

The Emperor Knight


I am the Emperor Knight of this Nation, a nation which is surrounded by dangerous magic beasts from all the directions. This nation is a really unsafe place for humans to live. And we knights and magicians protect the citizens of this nation. This nation's name is Zink. Magic beasts are not the sole threats to this nation, the whole world consists of only 6 recognized magic nations, where all of the 6 nations have a piece of the original Excalibur. The original Excalibur was destroyed a thousand years ago and today only 6 pieces of it exists and the Emperor Knights of these 6 recognized nations hold them, in other words I am the knight who has this nation's Excalibur. This Excalibur is the reason that the nations fight among themselves. Protecting the Excalibur is my duty and protecting this nation is the Excalibur's duty, we are both bound to each other.
 The magicians mostly deal with magic beasts inside the nation and they are also bound to deal with the politics and the criminals inside the nation. The knights on the other hand protects the borders of the nation and deal with any type of threat from outside. The knights and magicians also help each others occasionally. 

The whole nation is currently in chaos due to 'The Thru Tragedy'. The neighboring nations are going for a brawl on borders. I am stationed near the 'Staft mountain'. The battle has been going on for at least 2 years but the battle has become more deadly now. I have been ordered by the Head Saint to finish this battle. But before I jump into the battle field I will have to look after Baron, he has no knowledge of a battle and no idea about magic. He is the biggest liability because he doesn't wants to leave my side. He keeps on babbling about train me and stuff, I have no choice but to take him on the battle field. He is going to see hell now.

[Hey, Grad!! I am not leaving you until you don’t teach me]

He has no idea what’s going on, I have no other choice but to take him.

[Hey, everyone! Listen carefully our motto is to finish this fight but be careful that Baron doesn’t get hurt in the process and at last try to avoid any battle that would result in your deaths]

[Yes sir!]

This battle is not only going to decide the fate of the Staft mountain but also the fate of the whole northern mountains and we can’t lose it.

[We are moving in full force! All captains take your leads and attack!]

[Aye aye sir!!]

My plans are usually simply, the first squad is going to attack from front and the second squad is going for a surprise attack from behind. The third squad will be guarding the base. The fourth squad is the biggest squad and is currently not present here as they are patrolling the other parts of borders. The fifth squad is responsible for medical support on the battle field but that doesn’t mean they are weak, there are many strong knights in the fifth squad. And finally comes the last sixth squad which is supervised by the Emperor knight himself in other words it’s my squad. The sixth squad is the strongest squad among knights.

[All right, let’s go!]

The first squad has started the attack under the supervision of their captain.

[Grad? Aren’t you going to fight?]

[No, there is no need for it, Baron]

[What do you mean?]

Baron has no idea what the sixth squad is all about. The sixth squad consists of  only 20 members, and we mere 20 knights are strong enough to destroy a whole nation together. The reason we are here is to support the other squads, if the opposing nation will use strong knights then we will jump into the battle.

‘The battle of the Staft mountain has begun’