Chapter 11:

Chapter 11- A Traitor in the Midst and a Devilish Twist

The Husband and Hero


The whole world feels like it’s shaking, as the vibrations caused by the shooting of cannons cause me to lose my footing. Erebus grabs one of the metal bars and steadily holds himself up until the shootings end.

Devilynn: “Erebus, we will complete the interrogation later, come with me now!”

As I yell out a command the both of us rush down the stairwell of the tower. No guards can be seen in the inside and no danger has been done to the tower itself. Reaching the lower-level floor, I slam open the door to a horrific sight.

In the not so far distance, the capital building of Frostala can be seen. Smoke is rising through every open crevice and hole caused by the cannons. Shaken, my eyes widen. The kingdom I have called home for my whole life as Devilynn, is being attacked.

Because the book never said anything about an ambush or attack on the capital city itself, I assumed that it was never a possibility.

But this isn’t the same story. It hasn’t been for a long time.

Clenching my fist, I want to scream at my own stupidity.

I close my eyes for a brief second and then run to the nearby stable. Erebus follows close by; although he is talking to me, I can’t seem to hear him over the noises of citizens nearby screaming and whining. 

Grabbing the first horse I see, I quickly straddle myself up and take off to the capital. 


Making my way through the crowd of citizens still dispersing, I find myself at the drawbridge to the kingdom’s capital building. There are guards hunched over near the inter-side of the bridge. Each of the guards has gashes slashed through their uniforms. I don’t have time to assess them, but I can’t help by think they might be dead.

With a firm jump, I rush off of the horse and draw out my sword. Gulping down my cowardliness, I begin to run into the capital building.

Erebus: “Devilynn!”

Before I can make my way inside, Erebus grabs my shoulder and stops me. 

Devilynn: “Let go, I have to go safe those people! I-“

Erebus: “I’m not stopping you!”

Erebus lets go of my shoulder. I glance over to him and see he is also equipped for battle.

Erebus: “You need to think rationally. You’re not alone here. The other guards inside the building and I are here to help.”

Although my heart is bursting viciously, I am able to calm myself just a little bit thanks to Erebus.

Devilynn: “Thank you Erebus. Then stand close to me.”

Together, the two of us enter the capital building and I begin to assume the worse the further we go in. 

The smoke is making it hard to see anything on the inside and as we continue to stay inside the building, it quickly becomes harder to breathe. As we make our way to the corridor leading into the center of the building's courtyard, we find the silhouette of multiple figures close by. Wielding my sword, I inch my way closer until I can finally see the figures clearly.

Killian is standing their battling three other guards. The stained bodies of other fallen men are lying close by. It's quite a gruesome scene. With a swift swing, Killian gashes his sword into one of the three guards;  the heavy hit sends the guard to his knees.

Killian: “No soul will make their way to her majesty! Fight me and you die here!”

Making our way to them, the two other knights send a glance our way. Picking their feet up, they quickly dash over to us.

Knights: “Commander Devilynn and Sir Erebus! Since you’re here we will retreat!”

Before I can speak the two flee down the hallway towards the exit.

Pathetic cowards.

Looking over at Killian and the multiple corpses, I can’t blame them though. Killian glazes over at us and a devious laugh comes out of him.

Killian: “Look what the cat brought in! The comical commander! Whatever are you doing in the capital?”

Devilynn: “How dare you attack the capital building!? I will have you by your head immediately!”

Killian: “Oh?”

Killian’s whole body perks up and a crazy-like smile comes across his face. 

Killian: “Then by all means, do it commander.”

Frozen, I feel shivers running down my arms and legs. No matter how many times I see him act this way, it will always terrify me. 

You can tell by the look on his face, that he enjoy terrifying me. 

As he continues to watch me squeal, he glances over at Erebus who is standing beside me. Unlike me, Erebus is unshaken by the violent prince.

Seeing his strong resolve, I steel my emotions away. I’m a commander. A hero! I can’t be so pitiful, especially in front of one of my own. Fern once said that men can’t be vulnerable at war, and she’s right.

The happy look on Killian's face disappears and is left with a frown. Looking over in my direction, his eyes are bursting with irritation. 

Killian: “How disappointing; my little comedian has lost his jokes.”

Wielding his sword in front of himself, Killian’s eyes darken.

Killian: “Looks like I have to bring back your humor.”

Before the words can even come out of my mouth, Killian sends out a swing at me. I barely dodge before the sword reaches my face.

He’s fast-like crazy fast!

Trying to lift myself up, I grasp my sword tightly. Clashing his sword against mine, Killian continues to blow heavy hits; he’s made it impossible for me to stand back up.

As Killian tightens his grip, he once again aims to kill. Before he can swing downward on top of me, Erebus brings his sword up to Killians', saving me from the appending doom.

Killian: “Ah! The puppy dog is back!”

Erebus: “I won’t let you hurt him!”

Erebus pushes Killian backwards and continues fighting him. It’s the first time that I’ve truly seen Erebus fight. If it wasn’t for the amount of distrust between Fern and him, I’m sure that Erebus would have gotten the title of commander. Despite being grateful that he saved me, the whole thing makes me feel quite pitiful.

Looking at his swings, dodges, and movements he is clearly much stronger and more well-trained than I am. A sense of envy and jealousy awakens in me.

Erebus send Killian at one of the stone columns in the corridor and glances back at me. With a strong tone and heroic tone, Erebus calls out to me.

Erebus: “Devilynn! Go to the center! I will hold Prince Killian off!”

Picking myself up from the ground, I grasp onto my sword tightly. Right, now's not the time to let my emotions control me. I need to protect the people still trapped in here. 

Devilynn: “Then I will leave it to you.”

I find myself running past Killian as Erebus blocks his chances to reach me.

Devilynn: “Erebus you better come back alive!”

Erebus lets out a small chuckle. His chuckle, along with the clashing of swords is the last thing I can hear before I reach the stairs leading down to the outside center of the capital building. Finding my way to the bottom of the stairs, I place my feet at the last step. Lifting my head, I can't believe what I'm seeing. My body freezes and I feel as though I'll the strength I've had has vanished.

The dusty sandy ruins around us set the tone for the rest of the courtyard.

Lying in the center of the courtyard, battered and bloodied, lays Crowriff. 

And standing in front of him is a devil disguised as an angel.


Within the depths of the corridor, the only noise that can be heard is the wooden floorboards creaking.

Killian is lying on the ground with Erebus closely on top of him; Erebus’ sword is just barely inches from puncturing into his throat.

Killian: “Well this wasn’t what I wanted.”

Killian rolls his eyes and glances up at Erebus with an aggravated expression on his face. Although he has been defeated, the cruel prince looks overwhelmingly calm.

Erebus’ eyes are looking straight down the corridor halls where Devilynn had fled. After about 30 seconds of looking, he finally lets out a deep sigh and withdraws his sword. Glancing over at Killian, Erebus looks quite bored. 

Erebus: “Prince, you really have to get better at sword fighting.”

Erebus holds out a hand towards the prince and quickly pulls him upwards. As soon as Killian stands up, he lets out a big stretch.

Killian: “You’ve just had more training is all. My sister isn’t letting me on the battlefield as much as I want to.”

Killian leans over and picks up his sword; he places it back into his sheath and then leans himself against the wall. 

Killian: “It’s refreshing to see your face again, General Birch.”

Quickly covering his mouth, Erebus eyes darken into an frustrated expression. Darting his eyes back in forth, Erebus looks around for any nearby guards or royals.

Erebus: “Please excuse me for the rude gesture, but I am still undercover, Prince. Should anyone hear you, it could mean the end to our plan and, if you care, my life too.”

Rolling his eyes once again, Killian removes Erebus’ hand from his mouth and scoffs.

Killian: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I need to call you Earwax or something, right?”

Erebus: “Erebus.”

Killian: “Right, Ereboss.”

Killian looks over at Erebus with a very somber expression. His eyes that are often full of rage are filled with a sense of calmness.

Killian: “Bir-Earbus, the kingdom has really missed you. It’s been a few years now since my sister sent you off on this mission, has it?”

Killian let out a short chuckle filled with sorrow as he looks off in a nostalgic type of way.

Erebus: “Oh, does the cruel violent prince, whose rumored to eat the hearts of children, of Robal miss me?”

Killian gazes up at Erebus menacingly with his devilish smile on his face.

Killian: “I still don't miss jokes though. Anyways, having you on the other side has been more than beneficial. I don’t know how she got that idea but if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have been able to escape that forest.”

Erebus opens his mouth to say something and then pauses. Staring down over at the door at the end of corridor, Killian moves his eyes away from Erebus.

Killian: “This war will end soon. I look forward to the day we can reunite as members of the same kingdom instead of enemies." 

Killian begins to make his way to the door before he is stopped by Erebus who is grasping the sleeve of his shirt.

Erebus: “Let her face him alone. She needs to meet him alone.”

Although confused, Killian nods his head in agreement and leads back on the wall.

Killian: “I'll take your word for it. After all, regardless of what happens my beloved sister, Shinkyo, will be victorious.”