Chapter 12:

Chapter 12- A proposal for a disposable

The Husband and Hero

The dust and sand around us and the smoke from the inside of the building, makes it hard to see my surroundings. Taking heavy steps down the stairway to the courtyard, I find myself finally at the last step.

Before I can reach the ground, I find myself frozen by the sight in front of me. In the midst of the ruins, there are only two individuals standing there. Plenty of guards are lying lifelessly or unconsciously on the ground around them.

Crowriff is kneeling on the ground. His darken skin is covered in leftovers of the sandy core. And in front of him stands our villainess-the women I’ve been waiting to defeat-Queen Shinkyo.

Unfournatly for me, she looks the complete opposite from the original story. Her long white hair flows down to her hips and her eyes are more devious looking than soft. Standing tall, you can tell she is also quite muscular, even through her darken armor.

As my eyes wander, I find myself flustery looking at her up and down. I feel so unbelievably upset with myself at the feelings I am having as I look at her. Looks wise she’s perfect! Thick thighs and a good butt make a grown man quiver. No villain should be that sexy, damnit!

Before I approach the two of them, Shinkyo leans down towards Crowriff and extends her hand.

Shinkyo: “I want to give you a proposal.”

Crowriff’s eyes are shaking as he looks at her hand and then back up to her face.

Shinkyo: “I’m sure you’re unaware of the situation you’re in. Your kingdom has left you for dead.”

Crowriff: “What? The kingdom of Frostala would never!”

Despite the tension aura she lets off, her facial expressions remain calm.

Shinkyo: “Have you ever gotten a letter from any of your injured friends who returned from war?”

Crowriff’s face darkens as the queen continued to speak.

Shinkyo: “The moment you people become injured beyond repair, is the moment you lose your citizenship and are titled as monsters. The moment you lost your arm, Sir Crowriff, is the minute you were discarded.”

Crowriff takes a look around at the scenery around him. Taking a better look myself, I notice that the three carriages from this morning are stationed in the center and that a guillotine is set up on the western side of the building.

Crowriff: “I-I have lived here my whole life and they would-“

Shinkyo: “You are nothing but an enemy to their objective now.”

Almost as if shutting his mouth for him, Crowriff stops talking and looks at her with a pitiful expression on his face.

I decide that now is the time to approach them. I begin to pull out my sword, but my nerves get to me. If I couldn’t take on Killian on my own, how can I take on their leader, the queen?

Shinkyo: “If you won’t believe in my words, believe in your friend’s words.”

Crowriff opens his mouth to say something, then quickly closes it. Puzzled by her words, I try to move closer to hear more.

Shinkyo: “I have no intentions of making you fight for me or my kingdom. I know that you’re a man who cares deeply for the people he cherishes.”

Intensely listening, Crowriff’s face sobers as he takes in her words.

Shinkyo: “All I am asking is that you let me save you from this fate.”

Crowriff stares down at the dusty ground and takes in a heavy, defeating breath.

Crowriff: “I will not support you.”

Shinkyo: “And I am not asking you to.”

Crowriff: “I will not hurt these people.”

Shinkyo: “And you won’t.”

Crowriff: “I want to see my family again.”

Shinkyo: “I cannot promise you much, but I can promise you that I will do everything in my power to do that.”

It’s hard to not like her character. Although she is the main villain, her character seems genuine. Shaking this thought from my head, I begin to question myself. She’s a villain. That means she has to be evil; all of this has to be an act.

Crowriff: “Can I ask you one thing?”

The devious queen moves her head slightly to the left as she listens to his request.

Crowriff: “Do you plan on killing Princess Fern and Commander Devilynn?”

Shinkyo: “That depends on them. I want a peaceful war, but I will kill anyone who gets in my way.”

Crowriff ponders for a moment and then looks directly up at the queen.

Reaching out his hand to hers, he opens his mouth once more. He has a pitiful but serious expression written on his face.

Crowriff: “I will go with you, your majesty.”

With the tightening of a hand-grab, the queen lifts Crowriff up from his spot.

Devilynn: “Stop!”

Finally making my way over to the both of them, I lift up my sword towards the Queen.

Devilynn: “I will not let you take him!”

Crowriff: “Devilynn…”

With a delighted smile, the queen steps forward closer to where I am standing. Her eyes gaze over at mine. Crowriff is standing there unable to move, as he watches the event that is about to occur.

Shinkyo: “So we finally meet Commander Devilynn Lafair.”

Looking at me up and down, she presses her lips together to tighten her smile. She seems to be enjoying our unpleasant encounter.

Shinkyo: “You look exactly as I always imagined.”

Devilynn: “Enough chit-chatter, give me back Crowriff!”

Loosing her smile and letting off a more disappointed aura, Shinkyo pulls out a black spiral patterned spear. The weapon is unlike anything I’ve seen from this world and has a small blue colored ribbon wrap around it.

Shinkyo: “I will not be returning your tactic.”

Aiming to fight if I continue on, I look directly into her eyes. Her eyes are beaming brightly and are clearly filled with determination. 

I tighten my grasp of the tilt of the sword and right as I decide to send an attack towards her, a thought appears in my mind.

This woman will kill me.

Pausing, I begin to notice how strong she real appears to be. A sense of dread fluctuates through me as I come to terms that fighting her will mean my death.

Crowriff: “Devilynn!”

Crowriff runs past Shinkyo and makes his way in the middle between us.

Crowriff: “Your life isn’t worth this!”

With a pleading look, Crowriff firmly stands his ground. 

Devilynn: “I will not leave without you! You-“

Crowriff: “Leave now! Please…leave.”

Crowriff looks up at me and lets out a somber smile. His eyes are filled with tears and determination.

Crowriff: “Everything will be okay. I know it will be.”

Devilynn: “Crowriff, there’s no way I’d-!”

Crowriff: “We both know you can’t win here…I know we will meet again. I know it…so go. Go and don’t look back.”

As soon as I open my mouth, the sound of the door behind me rings in my ears. Erebus rushes outside with his sword in his hand wearing an overwhelmed face.

Erebus: “Commander Devilynn we need to leave now! The building is about to collapse!”

Looking back over, I see that the queen is wearing a smile on her face as soon as she hears Erebus’ words. She knew our time was limited.

Shinkyo: “Well hero, this looks like the end for now.”

Shinkyo walks up to Crowriff and waves him on.

Shinkyo: “This is our departure Crowriff. Let us leave.”

Crowriff turns his back to us and begins making his way towards the exit facing away from us.

Crowriff: “Devilynn and Erebus…we made a promise to see each other again once this war is over.”

Glancing over at us one last time, Crowriff smiles brightly. 

Crowriff: “I have no intention of breaking that promise!”

As soon as he exits the building, I find myself beginning to run after him. Erebus quickly grabs ahold of me and begins to force me to the other exit.

Erebus: “Devilynn we need to leave! We can find Crowriff after we get to safety!”

Although I am upset with his words, I finally accept them and put my sword away. As soon as I put my sword back inside it’s sheath, the queen places her spear into it’s cover.

Devilynn: “Queen Shinkyo!”

Looking at me with a humorous glare, she gives me her attention.

Devilynn: “The Kingdom of Frostala will be the victors of this war! No matter what you do, I will be the one to bring you to defeat!”

Instead of a confirmation or rejection of my words, she simply smiles back at me and defuses my previous statement.

Shinkyo: “The Kingdom of Robal has no desire to back down. You are being manipulated by the princess and the rest of the royal party. You and the rest of your people.”

A gentle breeze appears flushing away the sandy ruins. Shinkyo’s light hair moves in a flowy matter against the wind. Her eyes that are usually a light ember like color, look somewhat blue.

Shinkyo: “You don’t have to believe me, Commander Devilynn. But I promise you, I will be your hero.”

For a moment, it felt as though time had stopped. The sun’s warm rays lit perfectly onto her and her face looked as delicate and angelic as it ever could’ve been.

For but a moment, and not any moment longer, it was as though I had seen Eri standing in front of me again.

How cruel.

How horribly horribly cruel God would be, if he had made the love of my life, the person who wants to be the end of my life.