Chapter 44:

The Battle of Black Port (Part 1)

The Children of Eris

When the army arrived at Black Port, the undead were already barrelling towards them, screeching and running at full speed.Bookmark here

Most of them were armed only with a single weapon and nothing else, but others were using the same equipment that had once belonged to members of the city watch. Bookmark here

The Holy Legion halted their march and shifted into formation. Bookmark here

The soldiers on the frontlines stood shield to shield, swords drawn, and the pikemen behind them pushed their weapons far out in front of the formation, ready to skewer the attacking horde. Behind each of those formations along the Legion’s line were a company of archers and mages, ready to unleash volleys of missiles down on the undead.Bookmark here

When the undead got within a hundred metres, the missiles flew at them, destroying dozens at a time. Then, when the undead smashed into the frontlines, they were torn apart by the strong, coordinated attacks made by the Legion’s vanguard.Bookmark here

On the flanks, the cavalry and Paladins charged into the sides of the horde with more archers and mages at their backs, hastening the destruction of the undead horde. Bookmark here

From the rear of the lines, Prince Julius looked on and smiled.Bookmark here

It was clear to him, and his generals, that the undead horde was struggling against their forces and, for every man they lost, the undead lost more than eight times the numbers. Bookmark here

“General Pontus, any word from our lookouts?” Julius asked. Bookmark here

“No, your majesty. It would seem that the entirety of the undead horde hit us from the front, just as your majesty suspected they would.”Bookmark here

Julius grinned and turned his focus back to the battle before them. “Excellent. At this rate, we’ll be done long before midday. However!” Julius thrust his arm out for emphasis. “We cannot start acting arrogantly or foolishly, even if we’re currently winning. For all we know, our opponents want us to let down our guard and strike.”Bookmark here

The generals all nodded around him. “Send word to our lookouts to-”Bookmark here

“Your majesty! Look over there! Right above the horde!” A nearby soldier yelled.Bookmark here

All eyes turned and found four liches hovering above the undead as they started flinging balls of fire at the Legion’s lines, killing many men with every blast.Bookmark here

“Send word to the Paladins and mages immediately!” Julius roared. “Focus fire on the liches and destroy them at once! Soldier, is that all of them that you’ve seen?”Bookmark here

“It’s all our men have seen, your majesty!”Bookmark here

“Only four liches?” General Pontus whispered. “Then, that means-!”Bookmark here

Julius clicked his tongue, spun his horse around and bellowed, “The rest of the liches must be where our allies are. Send reinforcements to the Shadow Tombs immediately!”Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

When Connor’s team, the other adventurers and the garrison from Cliff’s Edge arrived at the Shadow Tombs, they had been beset by an army of one thousand skeletons and six hundred zombies. Bookmark here

“Don’t falter!” Connor loudly called. “We can handle this!”Bookmark here

In their small groups, the adventurers engaged the undead across the Shadow Tombs whilst the soldiers from the garrison engaged the undead one on one. Bookmark here

The undead weren’t particularly strong and most of the adventurers could take down a handful at once by themselves, but, amidst the sounds of bones clattering to the floor, there were screams of anguish and the sound of blood being spilt. Bookmark here

By the time they were done, all of the garrison soldiers were dead and so were a handful of the adventurers.Bookmark here

“Really wishing Kella was here right now,” Tiergan chided, lightly poking Connor’s side.Bookmark here

“Yes, you’ve mentioned that,” Connor hissed back. “Still, this feels…unnatural.”Bookmark here

“Yeah. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many undead gathered outside the tombs at once,” Alisa said. “Do you think there might be a few liches here?”Bookmark here

“Maybe. Best be on guard.” Connor turned and addressed the other adventurers. “Listen up! Due to the high number of initial undead we’ve encountered, we firmly believe that there could be several liches here. There could be even more so stay in your groups, stay alert and stay safe.”Bookmark here

The adventurers did so and then, with Connor’s team leading the way, they entered the Shadow Tombs.Bookmark here

They fought their way through the tombs and passages, losing more adventurers along the way, until they arrived at the great doors to the central chambers where they suspected the liches were.Bookmark here

However, inside, they discovered that there weren’t just a few liches.Bookmark here

There were sixteen.Bookmark here

“Dodge!” Connor cried as a wave of fire was launched towards them.Bookmark here

Half of the adventurers did so.Bookmark here

Others put up magical shields to deflect the attacks, but a few of them were incinerated by the flames, leaving only ashes behind.Bookmark here

“Welcome, foolish adventurers of Themis,” the Lich King taunted, his voice echoing throughout the chamber. “You chose the wrong day to come visit us, I’m afraid. However, fear not.” The Lich King began to laugh. “Once you’re dead, we’ll bring you right back to-”Bookmark here

Alisa thrust her palm towards the Lich King and two rock pillars burst out of the walls and zoomed towards him with great speed. One of the other liches pushed the king back and took the attack head on; it reduced him to dust.Bookmark here

“I really don’t give a shit about what you’ve got to say!” Alisa yelled, launching more rocks towards the liches.Bookmark here

The liches began generating shields and launching fireballs as the rest of the adventurers started to attack.Bookmark here

Arrows and magical bolts flew at and collapsed against the lich’s shields as the melee adventurers, led by Connor, charged them.Bookmark here

The Lich King growled at his fallen comrades’ remains and thrust his staff towards the adventurers. A stone wall shot out of the ground, sending three unfortunate adventurers skyrocketing into the ceiling, crushing them into paste.Bookmark here

An adventurer with a massive war hammer roared loudly and smashed his weapon through the stone, shattering it into pieces. Once the wall was gone, a wave of fireballs shot at the adventurers again, burning the war hammer adventurer to ashes, but Alisa and the other mages managed to protect the rest of the melee adventurers with their magic.Bookmark here

Connor charged forward and cut a lich in two before rolling out of the way of another lich’s lightning bolt. Tiergan fired enchanted arrows at the liches, but they kept being shot out of the air. Alisa manipulated the stones beneath the feet of the liches and had massive stone pillars shoot out at them, but the liches had learnt from their comrade’s mistake and dodged them.Bookmark here

However, by doing so, they left themselves vulnerable to the other adventurers’ attacks. Bookmark here

As one lich fell, three or four adventurers lost their lives.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Despite their high losses, the adventurers knew that they were winning.Bookmark here

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