Chapter 45:

The Battle of Black Port (Part 2)

The Children of Eris

Suddenly, across the battlefield, hundreds of undead collapsed into piles of bones.Bookmark here

At first, the commanders of Themis were confused until Prince Julius began to laugh.Bookmark here

“Fear not, this is what happens when a necromancer or summoner is destroyed!” Julius bellowed, his voice carrying across the battlefield thanks to a mage’s magic. “As we’re fighting the undead horde right now, our brave Paladins and adventurers are fighting and destroying the foul liches that spawned them! This is not an enemy trap, but a sign of our victory drawing closer!”Bookmark here

The soldiers cheered, their morale soared, and they fought harder against the undead, cutting down even more than they already had been.Bookmark here

The two Ravens atop one of Black Port’s towers were less than thrilled by that development.Bookmark here

“Do you think his majesty foresaw this?” One of them asked.Bookmark here

The other shook their head. “There was nothing about this in our orders.”Bookmark here

“Then, this could be a problem.”Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

After an exhausting half an hour-long battle, only one lich was left standing: the Lich King himself.Bookmark here

However, there were only nine adventurers left to face him, including Connor’s team and all of them were exhausted.Bookmark here

The battle had been intense and both sides had lost almost everything but, for the adventurers, this was definitely their victory.Bookmark here

Liches were very rare, and very dangerous, monsters that you had to dispatch quickly or else you would lose your life. Adventurers knew that to properly handle a lich, they would need at least eight members to destroy one in an open area.Bookmark here

However, in the Shadow Tombs, they were fighting multiple liches in an enclosed space where both sides had to be careful not to hit their allies.Bookmark here

For the liches, it meant that their most powerful and destructive spells were unusable.Bookmark here

For the adventurers, it meant they had a chance of winning.Bookmark here

“This cannot be happening!” The Lich King thundered, thrusting his staff once more towards the adventurers. Alisa and the other mages raised barriers to absorb the attack, but the shields broke and launched seven adventurers flying backwards. “How can I, the one he named Lich King, lose to weak humans?!”Bookmark here

Tiergan fired an arrow enchanted with lightning magic at the Lich King. It landed in his shoulder and exploded, knocking the Lich King onto the ground.Bookmark here

“I can’t lose!” The Lich King cried again, launching several large fireballs at the adventurers.Bookmark here

Connor and Tiergan took cover in some alcoves and Alisa generated a large magical shield to protect her and the other adventurers. The fireballs began to chip away at her barrier and Alisa felt her strength leaving her.Bookmark here

“I am the Lich King and I will not be defeated by the likes of you!”Bookmark here

The lich roared and thrust his staff forward, launching a gigantic fireball towards Alisa.Bookmark here

“Alisa!”Bookmark here

Connor knew that if the lich’s attack landed, Alisa’s barrier would shatter and she’d die. Bookmark here

He jumped in front of her barrier and thrust his shield ahead of him; the fireball slammed into his shield and Connor screamed madly in pain.Bookmark here

Connor’s shield was magically enchanted to make it stronger and resistant to elemental damage, but the lich’s attack was too powerful and reduced it to dust. The fire then spread across Connor’s body and badly burnt him.Bookmark here

He fell face first onto the floor as Alisa screamed in horror.Bookmark here

“Connor!”Bookmark here

Tiergan fired another lightning arrow at the Lich King. It snuck through the undead’s rib cage and into its spine, exploding it from the inside out.Bookmark here

To make sure it was dead, Alisa conjured a gigantic stone fist from the ceiling and crushed the lich’s bones to dust. Bookmark here

She then ran over to Connor and cradled him in her arms, calling his name again and again.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Forty thousand undead collapsed at once, ending the battle.Bookmark here

The Holy Legion and Paladins cheered, thrusting their weapons high into the air, praising Themis.Bookmark here

“General Pontus!” Prince Julius shouted. “Send relief and reinforcements to the Shadow Tombs as quickly as possible. Send medics, mages, healers and whatever men we can spare. Have the rest sweep the city, clean up the battlefield and make camp.”Bookmark here

“At once, your grace!”Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

“Open your eyes, dammit!” Alisa screamed, tears falling from her eyes. She hit Connor’s chest hard again and again. “Why did you jump in front of me, you idiot! You knew what’d happen and-!”Bookmark here

“Sorry,” Connor spluttered as he slowly opened his eyes. “But I couldn’t let that thing hit you.”Bookmark here

“I could’ve handled it!”Bookmark here

“No, you couldn’t have,” Tiergan said. “Your shield was about to break, so Connor acted to protect you and give me a chance to finish the last lich off.” Bookmark here

“But-!”Bookmark here

“Hey, he’s not dead. He’s just a bit charred.”Bookmark here

“A bit?!” Alisa howled. “Even the highest level healing spells can’t fix all those injuries.”Bookmark here

“And? Will that change what you think about him?”Bookmark here

“Of course not, but-”Bookmark here

“Just be grateful that he’s still alive, unlike.” Tiergan glanced over his shoulder at the dozens of dead adventurers.Bookmark here

Nine of them had survived and seven of them had been wounded in the fighting.Bookmark here

Alisa bit down on her lip and whispered, “Don’t you think I know that? I-I was scared that Connor wouldn’t make it.” Bookmark here

She started to cry harder.Bookmark here

“Me too,” Tiergan mumbled.Bookmark here

“I didn’t know what I’d do if that happened, and-”Bookmark here

“Hey, let’s not think about that,” Connor mumbled with a hoarse voice. “We’re all alive. I might just have to take a break for a while to heal up.”Bookmark here

“In that case, might’ve been better if you’d kicked it,” Tiergan said with a small smirk. “The life insurance would’ve been more than enough to make sure we’d never need to work again.”Bookmark here

“Tiergan!” Alisa cried.Bookmark here

The two men began to laugh until Connor started to splutter and cough again. Bookmark here

“You mind helping me get down the mountain?” He asked.Bookmark here

Tiergan laughed and went to offer him his hand. “Sure, you lazy git. Just don’t get too used-”Bookmark here

He cut himself off.Bookmark here

Something made all of the hair on his back stand up.Bookmark here

“I’m so sorry,” a deep voice said.Bookmark here

A portal had appeared behind them and, before anyone could react, Alisa had been stabbed in the back.Bookmark here

The blade pierced all the way through her heart and into Connor’s.Bookmark here

Alisa’s face contorted in agony as she collapsed on top of Connor, blood pouring from her wound. Bookmark here

“You bastard!” Tiergan bellowed. He knocked and loosed an arrow with frightening speed at the attacker.Bookmark here

The man dodged the arrow, then dragged his sword’s blade through Alisa’s corpse and cut Tiergan in half.Bookmark here

“I’m so sorry.”Bookmark here

Tiergan’s torso fell into a pool of his own blood as he glared up at the man who had killed his friends.Bookmark here

I won’t forgive you!Bookmark here

Behind him, he could hear the screams of the other adventurers as they too were attacked by an unknown force.Bookmark here

Themis curse you! Themis curse you!Bookmark here

Die!Bookmark here

Die!Bookmark here

Die!Bookmark here

Di…e…Bookmark here

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