Chapter 1:

When a door closes...

Hai to yuki (ash and snow)

``2 years, ago the world as we know it changed drastically to the point where it nearly collapsed. Reports said that around Russia an explosion big enough to make an earthquake all over the world took place. Everything went black and then the ending started. It isnt exactly sure how this happened, some say it was the use of a new weapon for the war. Others on the other hand suggest that maybe this is a punishment from god or an entity of sorts. There are also people brave enough to talk about this as a confirmation of the existence of aliens…. Real bullshit…. What do I think? Neither of those... And I will prove it by finding the real answer...´´

``Those were the first words that my… A really great scientist wrote in his diary19 years ago, words that I took as mine and followed his steps in order to do so… My name is Kurogane Kazuo and I will discover the truth...´´

The sound of shattered glass filled the room for a moment, just before a young man landed in it. He went through the window in an attempt to flee from another person who was chasing him on top of the roofs. The young man, smiling because he pulled off a brave and risky stunt, breathed calmly as he thought that he just lost his persecutor. The man, starting to walk to the other side of the room shaked his head making his silverish hair follow the movement. On his hands he had a box with a lot of different types of pipes, cogs and in general metal components that looked rather old and rusty. But his attention wasn't on those, but on his poked. With a hand that moments before was freed from the load of the box reached into it and grabbed a small, dark key, with a fancy looking design.

After making sure that he still got the key the silver haired man smiled again, returning the key back into his pocket and started heading towards the door. The room was dark, with most of the windows were covered, not letting any light inside. The floor, made of wood, crackled down his feet as he walked towards the exit just to be interrupted by another sound, similar to the one he made as he entered the room. Having crossed the window was standing another man, taller, heavier and in all ways, bigger. He had on his hands a huge mace with nasty spikes all over it. The new person in the room beared a smile that showed his yellow teeth and his bloodlust.

The silver haired boy turned around to meet with his blue eyes the dark ones of his chaser. He reached his waist where rested a black katana in a sheath of the same colour. The boy took it out of the sheath and pointed it forward, firmly and without doubts. He was ready to fight.

``I really dont wanna do It…" said the young man with his eyes fixed on his foe

"Do what? Fight me? Good for you, just give me everything you stole and I Will forgive you… This time…"

"I don't want to kill you…"

The persecutor as he listened to the boy started to laugh hysterically, almost falling to the ground.

"You're funny, I'll give you that. But I don't have time for this, hand over that box or I'll make you…" He began to move as he said that, handling his mace in his hands, waving it around to look confident and scary.

The silver haired boy smiled for the second time in that room. With his foot he tossed away the box and waited until the man was close enough and just whispered.

"Binding of the shadow… fear of the unknown…"

In an instant the already dark room went completely black. No light. No sound. Not even the signal of life. Just… void… the chaser was stunned… He could not see nor hear a single thing… he couldn't even hear his own heartbeat. He was scared, not sure if he was alive anymore.

Outside of his mind the man was standing still with his eyes rolled back almost puking as the silver haired boy looked to him with pretty much indifference.

"See? I told you I didn't want to kill you buuut you will stay like that for a few hours, maybe after you regain consciousness you will have a little bit of a trauma… but I'm sure you'll be just fine…"

The young boy, smiling, touched his arm a few times before completely leaving the building with the box making sure the doors were locked so anyone could enter, at least, not so easily.

As he walked away he reached his pocket again grabbing that weird looking key one more time. Having a happy smirk on his face he continued his way down the falling ash…