Chapter 1:

Nick's encounter

Grave in Arkansas

It’s another usual morning in the town of Arkansas. Everyone is busy reading the day’s headlines, chit-chatting, and drinking coffee. The door opens in Mr. Nick’s house. “What a fine day,” exclaims Nick. He gets ready for a walk. Nick has just relocated from Alabama to Arkansas. As he is new to the place, he hasn’t learned the routes and roads of the town. Wondering where in the park, he goes on to ask his neighbors. But unfortunately for him, Mr. and Mrs. Roy were sound asleep as they came home late from work. Thinking not to disturb them, he grabs a map of the town and leaves his house. After a tiring 10 minutes of walk and search, he did not find the park. “Man, this place is damn hard to navigate. I guess the map ain’t right,” said Nick. Lost and hopeless, he kept walking until he reached a cemetery. The place was gloomy, dark, and full of smoke as they had burned a corpse yesterday. Nick then started walking, but an awful smell caught his nose. The stench of the smell was horrible. “What is that smell” exclaimed Nick. Curious about where the smell is coming from, Nick starts following the scent of the smell. It leads Nick to a freshly - dug grave in the cemetery. When Nick looked down at the grave, he was horrified to see a headless corpse in the grave. Panicking and frightened, he ran to the nearby police headquarters. He called one of the cops, Aaron Fowler. Aaron saw the look on Nick’s face and asked him what happened. Nick shakily explained the whole encounter. Aaron then called the Police chief, Nancy Sam, to look upon the problem. “Aaron, come on. Mornings are for coffee and paper, not an investigation,” yelled Sam. Nancy Sam is the new police chief that just got elected to be the Arkansas police chief. Just 25 years old, Nancy is a carefree, happy-go-lucky person who joined the sector for money and fame. She lives in the northern part of the town. She lives with her father, James. James and Nancy’s mother, Sarah, was divorced as Sarah had other affairs. James is Nancy’s only family. James has Schizophrenia, a psychotic disorder that makes him hallucinate. He spends most of his time looking up in his room, drawing, and reading books. He also has different perceptions and messed-up thinking. Nancy wants her father to get good medication. And that’s the reason why she joined the police department. “What is it, Aaron” sighed Nancy. “Apparently, the guy over here, Nick, has seen a headless corpse in a half dug grave in the Arkansans cemetery,” said Aaron. “He might have seen a dog’s body,” said Nancy carelessly. “No, mam. I knew what I saw. And I am sure that it’s a person’s corpse!” told Nick with confidence. Being a new joiner and having literally no experience other than finding missing keys and pots, Nancy has no clue as to whether what Nick is saying is real or not. In the hope of finding what it is, Nancy, Aaron, and Nick leave the office and reach the cemetery. On reaching the cemetery, the first thing Nancy noticed was the smell. Aaron couldn’t smell the scent because he was knocked up with sinus for the past 3 days. Nick then led them to the half dug grave. Terror mounted them with every step. Nancy and Aaron couldn’t believe their own eyes and were trembling in fear as they saw the headless corpse in a half decay state lying wildly in the grave.