Chapter 2:

Kenny Sirius

Grave in Arkansas

It’s been 3 days since Nick encountered the headless corpse. The police crew just received the autopsy report, which contained the cause of death and biometrics. Nancy and Fowler went to Arkansas City Hospital and met the lead pathologist, Herring Wayne. He was a tall, well-groomed, 23-year-old, handsome-looking guy. Nancy’s heart pounded as she saw Wayne. Her heartbeat was faster than ever. Wayne saw Nancy and was shocked to see a girl so beautiful, brave, and wholesome. It was truly love at first sight. Nancy then approached Wayne and asked, “Is the report ready, doctor?”. “Yes!” exclaimed Wayne. Wayne leads Nancy and Fowler to the Morgue, where they kept the body. Then Wayne started explaining.Bookmark here

“His name is Zayn. He is 35 years old. He has just moved from California to Arkansas. He is living alone. He works in Sysop Tech ltd.”. “According to our report, Zayn was murdered cold bloodily. He was choked, tortured, and tormented till the point that he gave up his life. The killer is very sneaky and has left no biometrics or traces in the body. He has 20 cuts all over his body which was done by a serrated blade. The ring and middle finger in his left hand were chopped. There was a cross symbol on the left side of his chest which was very odd. Other than that, we didn’t find anything,” explained Wayne. Nancy and Fowler were shocked to see how Zayn was murdered or to say massacred. “We need to be careful with this guy,” uttered Fowler. They then received the corpse and said their last honors, and buried him.Bookmark here

Nancy and Fowler were confused and terrified as to where to start the investigation. They then started listing out the potential suspects. They cleared everyone except one guy, Kenny Sirius. Kenny Sirius has killed, tortured, and massacred over 100 people in Arkansas, one of the most notorious serial killers. He has been under covers for over 3 months. “I think Kenny has started his hunt,” exclaimed Nancy. In the hope that Kenny is the killer, they started tracking him down. They gathered 10 highly trained investigators to accompany them. After 2 weeks of tiring search, They found Kenny in an abandoned shack in Charleston. What they saw left not only Nancy but the whole crew speechless and dumbfounded. Bookmark here

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