Chapter 13:

A Nightmare of the Past

The Past in The Present

Louise’s POV:Bookmark here

Walking out of her house, at around 4:30 PM, she was heading to Mena’s house, as he had invited her last night on the phone.Bookmark here

“Dad! I’m going now, don’t get too lonely without me, okay?” She yelled into the house, halfway out the door.Bookmark here

“I’m glad you’re excited, but be careful, okay?” Walking down the stairs, he spoke as if to calm her down.Bookmark here

“It’s fine, besides, I’m really nervous. I don’t want to make a bad impression with his parents too.” Saying that, she twirled her hair a little, as it had become a habit of hers to do so whenever she was worried about something.Bookmark here

“Just…if anything happens, make sure he wears protection, okay?” Now facing her at the door, he spoke to her with concern, while holding out a small plastic wrapper.Bookmark here

“Dad!” Blushing, she yelled at him filled with embarrassment. “I’m leaving!” Bookmark here

With that the door slammed shut…before soon opening again. She reached her hand out and grabbed something from the palm of his hand, immediately putting it into her small handbag that she was carrying.Bookmark here

“Th-Thanks…” She looked down at her new shoes that she had just bought recently, too embarrassed to face her father.Bookmark here

“So, you came back after all. I see, I see.” With a smug look, he crossed his arms, nodding his head annoyingly.Bookmark here

“It’s…j-just in case…n-not that…that’s why I’m going! Anyway…thank you…for…it.” Nervously fidgeting about, she thanked him for the item, that she was currently to embarrassed to name.Bookmark here

“Oh, if you want…I can give you more?” Unfazed by her boiling embarrassment, he asked her with a serious tone.Bookmark here

She looked at him in shock at his words.Bookmark here

God! Why does he have to be like this!? I’m just going to a…friend’s house…anyway, there’s no way that would happen in the first place! I only took the one, because…I need to be prepared just in case, right? Yeah, that’s it, it’s just in case. It’s not like I’m having some weird kind of expectation that we’ll… do it. So, I know exactly what I need to tell this dear father of mine. I need to explain to him that this is all just a weird misunderstanding.Bookmark here

“S-So…how many are we talking about here?” Unable to hide her desires any further, she gave up on feeling embarrassed about it, and instead became curious.Bookmark here

Pulling out a sealed box from his pocket, he handed it over to her.Bookmark here

“Did you have that in your pocket this entire time?” Embarrassed from his foresight, she grabbed it and placed it next to the other…one and silently closed it. Bookmark here

“I’m so glad to see my sweet daughter growing up so fast! It feels like it was only just yesterday that were running around saying you’d marry your dear old pops one day. What good memories we had. If only your mother could be here to see you off with me. Oh, wait a second, let me take a picture of you in your cute outfit really quick.” Unable to speak up to her father reminiscing about the past, stood there silently until he asked to take a picture.Bookmark here

A bittersweet feeling overwhelmed her heart, as she thought about her mother.Bookmark here

“Make sure I look good in it, okay?” Brushing her hand down her hair, as he pulled out his phone.Bookmark here

SNAPBookmark here

After posing with a peace sign, she put her arms to her side and walked up to him and hugged him.Bookmark here

“Thank you, for being here for me. If I end getting rejected, you better be there to catch me, okay?” Patting his back, she let go of him and walked to the sidewalk and turned around to wave goodbye to him. Bookmark here

With a bright smile that she would never be able to show him again, she turned around and continued walking away.Bookmark here

I’m so excited!Bookmark here

Unable to contain her anticipation as she watched a car slow down and stop in front of her. Getting in, she fastened her seat belt and turned to look at Mena who was driving the car.Bookmark here

“H-Hey Mena.” Slightly anxious, she greeted him as calmly as she could and soon, he turned to face her.Bookmark here

“Please go out with me!” With a burning red face and his eyes close facing down, he suddenly bombarded her with…a confession.Bookmark here

What? What? What?Bookmark here

“Yes, gladly!” Giving up on trying to understand the situation, she happily accepted his surprise confession.Bookmark here

“Really?” Looking up at her, with those soft blue eyes that she had longed for, yearning for them to look her way. He looked ecstatic just from her saying yes.Bookmark here

He really is handsome…wait that’s not the point right now. This…means we’re dating now, right? Right!?Bookmark here

“Ehehe…” Feeling overwhelming joy fill her heart, she began laughing to herself.Bookmark here

“W-why are you laughing?” Nervously, he asked her, as if he thought her answer before might’ve been a lie.Bookmark here

Embarrassed by the sad expression he had suddenly made, she turned to look away from him.Bookmark here

“I’m just so happy right now. It feels like I’m dreaming.” With quivering lips, she looked back at him.Bookmark here

“Wait, does that mean y-mmh…” Realizing what her words meant, he tried to confirm his thoughts, but was stopped.Bookmark here

Ahh! I kissed him! It feels, so warm and so lovely. He was saying something wasn’t he, he probably realized that I…also liked him. Just knowing that it was mutual…makes me so happy. Now that I think about it…how long have we been kissing?Bookmark here

She pulls back and as their lips parted, she opened her eyes to see him wearing a flushed face while softly touching his lips.Bookmark here

I can still feel the warmth from his lips…Bookmark here

“You see, I was planning on asking you out today. I’m so so so happy right now.” Giggling to herself, she covered her mouth, worried that she may have been smiling too much.Bookmark here

He moved her hands aside and brought their lips together again.Bookmark here

For some reason, it feels so different then the first one. I feel even happier somehow. Is it because he kissed me so forcefully like that? Ahh! It tastes so good! I love him so so so much! Geez! What’s with you! It’s not fair making me like you even more! Hk!Bookmark here

Opening her eyes in surprise, he embraced her gently, but that wasn’t what shocked her.Bookmark here

It felt like something wet touched my lips just now. Wait! Is it…’that’!?Bookmark here

Giving her no time to process anything, he continues to push through her lips, which had slightly opened.Bookmark here

AHH! This…Too much! Too much I tell you! I want to stop him, but, but it feels so good! I’ve never experienced this before, but it feels so good for some reason, is it because I like him, or do kisses like this just feel that good? Bookmark here

Pushing his chest softly, she pulled back, leaving a trail of saliva that broke soon after they parted.Bookmark here

“Haah…” Her heart was racing at a blistering pace as she failed to keep her eyes steady, glancing back and for the between looking at his eyes, his lips, and outside the window.Bookmark here

“Umm…I don’t think…I’m ready for that yet.” Still unable to calm down, she muttered this him.Bookmark here

I feel like my heart is about to explode! I’m so happy! I need to calm down though, we’re still in the car parked outside my house! Bookmark here

“Oh…I’m sor-mmh?!” Feeling that he was about to apologize, she moved swiftly to shut him up and moved back away.Bookmark here

“Idiot…I wasn’t saying I disliked it. Rather, it was the opposite, but! We’re still in front of my house!” Covering her blushing face with her hands, she sunk down in embarrassment.Bookmark here

Nodding silently, apparently finally realizing it, he started the car and thus began the slow and painfully awkward drive to Mena’s house.Bookmark here

“Wait, how should I greet your parents?” While waiting outside the door as he unlocked it, she remembered something and asked him worried that she could make a bad first impression.Bookmark here

I mean as his girlfriend…ehehe. As his girlfriend, I need to make sure his parents like me too, right?Bookmark here

“Ah, they said they were going to be busy with something. So, we have the whole place to ourselves.” He then nonchalantly walked through the door, as if unaware of her booming heart or how the words he chose affected her.Bookmark here

T-t-that means, ‘that’, right!? Right!? We’re really gonna do it!? I hear it hurts your first time; I have to make sure he’s gentle. No…I’m sure he’ll gentle on his own. Thank you for the…the…thank you for the support Dad.Bookmark here

“Umm, are you coming in?” Snapping back to reality, she hears him asking her to come in with a concerned voice.Bookmark here

“Ah, yeah! I was just…appreciating the door, what nice woodwork indeed.” Stumbling to come up with an excuse, her eyes landed on the door frame.Bookmark here

What the hell am I even saying, that sounded so forced.Bookmark here

Closing the door behind her, she took her shoes off next to where he put his as she walked behind him as he headed to a room in a hallway. He closed the door and locked it as she sat down on his bed. The lights were off, and only the light seeping through the window could be seen, but it was enough to see everything in his room.Bookmark here

I’ve been in here before, but I feel so nervous right now. I mean, we’re going to do ‘that’, right? I hope he doesn’t think I look weird. Ahh! This is so embarrass-Huh?Bookmark here

She was lying down on the bed as Mena pushed her down and was pinning her to his bed.Bookmark here

“Me-na?” Terrified, she called out his name, as if she didn’t recognize him. His once soft blue eyes were gone. In their place, was nothing, so pitch black that it felt like it was exuding fear itself just from his eyes alone.Bookmark here

“Yes?” With a terrifying grin, he asked her.Bookmark here

“Did something happen again?” Remembering a similar situation that occurred before, she pried him for an answer.Bookmark here

Upon hearing no answer to her question, she hugged him and pulled him down onto her as she caressed the back of his head. A gentle smile grew on her face as she comforted him.Bookmark here

“Even if it’s not something I can do anything about, I can at least be here to make you feel better.” Kissing him on the forehead, she spoke to him and soon he got up.Bookmark here

It was sudden and frightening.Bookmark here

“Ahh!” Moving her hands to cover now exposed cleavage she looked down to see panties removed and felt an overwhelming fear burn into her.Bookmark here

“Wait! Mena!” Crying out to him, with no response, she tried to get away from him, only for a sudden pain to flash through her entire being.Bookmark here

“Mena! Stop!” Sobbing while covering her eyes, she immediately knew what he had done. Bookmark here

“You love me, don’t you? So, it’s okay for me to do what I want.” His words, which held no emotion, tore her heart painfully as she continued sob.Bookmark here

“Please…! Stop!” Crying out to him was all she could do, but no matter how much she tried, nothing seemed to reach him.Bookmark here

“I let you love me, so why are you crying?” His words continued to stab her heart as he suddenly thrust his body into her.Bookmark here

“Please…I’m begging you…Please stop…” Feeling this sudden movement, sent another wave of pain throughout her body, but no matter what she said to him, it seemed that he wouldn’t listen.Bookmark here

Then, he began to move again, but this time he didn’t stop. Endlessly swinging his body into her own.Bookmark here

It hurts…so much. Mena! Mena! Mena! I didn’t want this! I never wanted this! I wanted it to be special, why are you doing this? Were you always like this? Did I just not notice it? Bookmark here

Not bothering to worry for her wellbeing, he continued thrusting as if he were some kind of machine.Bookmark here

“I was looking forward to doing this so much, I barely got any sleep last night. I even spent an hour thinking of what clothes I should wear, so that you would think I looked good. My Dad even gave me...some that I happily took thinking that maybe, just maybe something would happen…” She cried out to him as he kept moving on his own as if he didn’t care about what she said to him in the slightest. “…I was so happy when you confessed too, but…now…I hate you Mena! I hate you so much right now!” Unable to bear the pain in her heart, she screamed out to him, and suddenly he finally stopped moving.Bookmark here

“Mena?” Terrified, she called out to him. As he moved back away from her, he fell off the bed hitting the ground.Bookmark here

She looked down at her body and saw blood on the bed sheets and began crying again. She then turned her focus to him and realized that he had been banging his head on the floor.Bookmark here

“Mena!” She got up and held him in her arms, gently embracing him.Bookmark here

“Louise…I’m…I…I…I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He was shaking erratically and hugging his arms in absolute terror.Bookmark here

“Are you okay?” Concerned for him, she asked him while gently rubbing his back.Bookmark here

“You shouldn’t be worrying about me right now! Umm…it must have hurt a lot…I shouldn’t have done it so suddenly like that.” Still panicking he shook off her worry for him.Bookmark here

“Of course, I’m worried about you! Don’t be an idiot! You look terrified right now! Don’t try to pretend that you’re okay dammit!” She began to yell at him, furiously.Bookmark here

“It did hurt, it hurt a lot…so much that I thought I was going to die but looking at you now…I know that you’re just as afraid as I was.” Calming down, she sweetly pets his head as he feels something in his heart give in. He placed his hand on her forehead, picked up her unconscious body, and 5 days later; his dead body was found in his room.Bookmark here

Waking up she felt tears roll down her face as she quickly turned to her side and felt a wave of relief wash over her.Bookmark here

I’m so glad…he’s not here right now.Bookmark here

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The Past in The Present

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