Chapter 12:

The Missing Piece

The Past in The Present

After handing in their finished reports, he sat back down next to Louise.Bookmark here

“You never told me, what kind of project are you working on?” Turning to look at her, he curiously asks her for details.Bookmark here

If possible, I hope I can be of some help.Bookmark here

“It’s fine, you don’t need to feel responsible. Besides, I was just teasing you earlier, I worked on it yesterday, so don’t worry.” Under the impression that he felt guilty, she tried to clear his apparent worries.Bookmark here

“Huh? Umm, that’s…not what I meant…” Looking a little dejected, he mumbled to her after turning away from her.Bookmark here

Is there some kind of guidebook for this? I just don’t understand what I’m supposed to do anymore.Bookmark here

“It isn’t?” She turned to face him and found him blatantly looking depressed.Bookmark here

He laid his head down on the table, still facing away from her.Bookmark here

“I just…wanted an excuse to be with you more.” After quietly confessing his goal, he forced his eyes shut.Bookmark here

She just flat out rejected me, without even answering my question too. Wait, was she just trying to be nice about it? Am I just being a bother? No, I know that’s not true.Bookmark here

“That’s not fair at all.” Blushing slightly, she shyly pouted as she looked at him lying on the table.Bookmark here

That strange feeling, I had earlier…and now this. I hate this.Bookmark here

Lifting his head up from the table, he let out an exhausted sigh.Bookmark here

“Fine.” Stretching his arms back, he spoke in a voice devoid of all emotion.Bookmark here

The blue sky filled with scattered white blobs, became a hazy gray background as it became motionless.Bookmark here

“You’ve surprised me yet again, Virtril.” Looking directly at Louise’s unmoving body, he spoke in a sharp tone.Bookmark here

His once blue eyes, that were gentle and warm were now gone. What was left, was a seemingly endless pit of black that had taken its place.Bookmark here

“To think that you would remain the same child after all these years, its laughable.” Remarking on his childish actions, he reached his hand out, into Louise’s chest. Bookmark here

“You never were good at hiding from me.” His voice became vicious, as pulled something out of Louise.Bookmark here

A frighteningly vile smile appeared on Mena’s face.Bookmark here

Gasping for air, he grabbed his chest. His haggard breathing was painful, and he looked around nervously at the once again colorful world.Bookmark here

“Wha-?”Bookmark here

His eyes widened as he tried to think, unconsciously hugging himself. His entire body was shaking erratically. He could her voices calling out to him, but he couldn’t hear the well, not understanding what they were saying.Bookmark here

What…was that?Bookmark here

He gently touched his quivering lips.Bookmark here

That…was my voice…so, why?Bookmark here

He stood up from his seat and looked around.Bookmark here

Nothing happened, everything is alright, but…why…do I feel so…insanely terrified right now?Bookmark here

Sitting back down, he tried to calm down.Bookmark here

I swore to her…that I would never do this again. I promised that I would never interfere with this world again.Bookmark here

“…” He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out, except for pain.Bookmark here

“Why are you crying?” A painful voice forced its way into his mind.Bookmark here

No.Bookmark here

“You shouldn’t be crying, after all…”Bookmark here

No! Stop! He screamed loudly, in a strained and exhausted manner, but no words came out.Bookmark here

“…this is completely your fault.”Bookmark here

Why am I remembering this now of all times?Bookmark here

The warm blood in his hands felt heavy and painful. In front of him, where his mother and sister should’ve been, were motionless corpses.Bookmark here

“You should’ve at least given them a farewell before killing them, don’t you agree?”Bookmark here

He’s right. It was my fault. I killed them…and yet here I am crying because they’re dead.Bookmark here

“This will conclude today’s test. We got great results from this, but I do hope you’ll be ready for tomorrow as always.”Bookmark here

Mom…Sis…Bookmark here

“Huh…?” Opening his eyes, he looked down confused.Bookmark here

“Mena!” Her loud yet somehow gentle voice pierced through his battered heart.Bookmark here

He moved the sheets that were covering him and embraced Louise, pulling her down onto the bed with him.Bookmark here

“M-Mena?” Embarrassed, she called out his name again.Bookmark here

He nuzzled her soft cheeks while wearing a passionate grin.Bookmark here

“Ahh…” Letting out a breath of relief, he calmed down and sat up, with Louise in his lap.Bookmark here

He looked at her, with his gentle blue eyes softening more than ever before.Bookmark here

“You look so cute blushing like that. It’s making me fall for you even more.” Leaning his forehead onto hers, he sweetly teased her.Bookmark here

“What happe-mmh…” Her voice became muffled as she stopped talking. Bookmark here

She blinked several times, as if trying to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating.Bookmark here

I couldn’t properly appreciate it last time, but her lips are so soft, and it feels like my whole body is becoming warmer.Bookmark here

After some time, he moved back and opened his eyes once again to look at the now blushing mess that was Louise. She then pushed her face into his chest.Bookmark here

“Can I trouble you with my worries after this?” Whispering into her burning ear, he asked her.Bookmark here

Silently nodded, rubbing her head into his chest.Bookmark here

“I’m glad, but for now…” He calmly sat up and assessed his situation. Bookmark here

I’m in my room? Okay, this should be good then.Bookmark here

He locked the door and turned off the light and pulled out something from a drawer, putting it in his pocket.Bookmark here

“Wait…is…” Extremely flustered, she stammered to get her point across. Before she could finish, she was pushed down onto the bed and covered in the sheets.Bookmark here

“I’m so glad that you were there when I woke up.” Lying down beside her in the bed, embracing her, he whispered quietly into her ear.Bookmark here

“Of course, I was with you, I’d be too worried if I left you alone. I wasn’t expecting you to be so…aggressive when you woke up though.” Still flustered, she mumbled the last of what she said.Bookmark here

“I have to make up for what I did earlier somehow, right?” With a voice full of regret, he spoke seriously.Bookmark here

“Aren’t you…gonna…you know…” Fidgeting nervously, she tried to voice her curiosity to him.Bookmark here

He moved to a position where his lips almost touching her ear.Bookmark here

“I don’t want to.” Whispering as softly as he could, he calmly denied her suspicions.Bookmark here

“Oh…” In a slightly dispirited voice, she whispered silently.Bookmark here

“Don’t act so blatantly depressed.” After moving away from her ear, he looked at her expression and felt a stinging pain in his heart.Bookmark here

“Of course, I’d want to…do it, with the guy I like…” Clearly embarrassed, she paused a bit before telling him how she felt.Bookmark here

“Louise…I...need to tell you something. It’s something…very important…” Tears rolled down onto the bed as he tried his best to steel his resolve.Bookmark here

I feel the same way you do, but…I can’t keep trying to run from the truth. I must face what I did to her, the girl I loved, only then can I finally…no, I don’t ever want to be forgiven for my disgusting sin. Bookmark here

He placed his hand on her forehead and slowly watched her fall asleep.Bookmark here

Once she wakes up, it’ll all be over, won’t it? Once she sees the kind of person I really am, she’ll hate me. Deep down, I have the faintest spec of hope, that…maybe…no, I’m disgusting for even trying to think that she wouldn’t push me aside. Thinking that might as well be the same as thinking that I should be forgiven.Bookmark here

He let go of her from his embrace and cupped her hands withing his.Bookmark here

“Good night.”Bookmark here

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