Chapter 17:

The Lemons Don't Know What To Do

Former Magical Girls and their Daily Lives

Kasumi chowed down on a Big Wac in a WcDonald's. Usually, Risa would be cooking stuff but today was Saturday and she didn't want to cook that day, which isn't that bad considering that she has made breakfast lunch, and dinner (excluding Megumi's valiant effort) this week. She deserved some kind of break.Bookmark here

"You know, we have a big WcDonald's gift card. Why don't we use it so that Risa doesn't have to cook ever again?" Kasumi suggested.Bookmark here

"That doesn't sound like a good idea, Kasumi," Risa said, "We are growing young women, and we should eat healthily. WcDonald's isn't that healthy. If we went here every day, then we will probably get fat and get diabetes or something. Homemade food is much better."Bookmark here

"Actually, I remember seeing this movie where this man only ate fast food for a month, and he actually lost weight. I believe his blood pressure or whatever got better too. It's possible to eat healthy here."Bookmark here

"Sure, but he avoided drinking sodas and didn't overeat. I doubt you are willing to give up your large soda, Kasumi."Bookmark here

Kasumi drank from her soda cup.Bookmark here

"Well, sure, but the gift card is just free money. We could spend it freely."Bookmark here

"While we do have a truckload of gift card money left, we don't have that much money if you consider it in the long term. If we ate here breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that 1,000,000 yen is going to disappear quick. If we assume that we only pay 1,000 per meal, it will last 1,000 meals or about 333 days. We wouldn't even last a year with 1,000,000 yen. If I cook, then we save a lot of money. This gift card doesn't expire. Does it?"Bookmark here

"Well, I don't think so." Kasumi looked at her gift card. "But I wonder how we are going to solve that issue. How are we going to eat 1,000 meals? If we only consider our high school years, we could go to WcDonald's almost every day. I guess I could plan into adulthood, but that's a little too much for me. I don't want to go here in my twenties, using the same gift card. It's weird."Bookmark here

"I don't see it to be a bad deal. Unless I don't like WcDonald's when I become an adult, then I don't have a problem with using such a big gift card. I don't know how long this will last. And either way, if you don't like your gift card, you could try selling it online. I'm sure that someone would pay good money for the gift card."Bookmark here

"I don't think I want to sell it..."Bookmark here

"So, then you don't want to sell it. You just want to eat WcDonald's all of the time."Bookmark here

Kasumi took a bite out of her burger.Bookmark here

"Anyway, we need to talk about what to do for the rest of the day. We already have the homework done, and there's no school today. What are we supposed to do?" said Kasumi.Bookmark here

"Well, I don't know," Risa said. "Yuri, do you have any ideas?"Bookmark here

"No," said Yuri.Bookmark here

"What do girls do on their days off?" Kasumi said.Bookmark here

"Oh, in the movie I watched, the girls went to a country club."Bookmark here

"What's a country club?"Bookmark here

"It's a place where you can do a lot of sports. There's a swimming pool, tennis courts, and even a golf court. Also, there's a lot of food and drinks."Bookmark here

"Okay, that sounds cool. Let's go!"Bookmark here

"Well, you need a membership, which tends to be quite expensive, and the characters in the movie had to sneak in, but they could only do that because they had a friend on the inside. Also, I'm not even sure if there is one in Japan."Bookmark here

"Why did you even bring it up anyway? Okay, Risa. Think of the least American thing you've seen in movies."Bookmark here

"Um. We could invade Poland."Bookmark here

"Let's not do that. Yuri, do you have any ideas?"Bookmark here

Yuri didn't say anything.Bookmark here

"I think she already answered that question," Risa said.Bookmark here

"Damn, we are repeating questions," Kasumi said. "We need to figure something out now. Come on. Think. Think-"Bookmark here

Then two men with ski masks and guns barged in through the door of the restaurant.Bookmark here

"We are taking all of you hostage!" one of the men said, "Everyone gets down and don't you dare mov-"Bookmark here

"WHY DON'T YOU JUST SHUT UP!?" A voice said.Bookmark here

The yelling man turned to the voice and he saw a bottle of ketchup hurling at his face. The bottle broke and knocked him over. Before the other man could react, Kasumi ran at him, jumped onto one of the tables, and dropkicked his face. With both men on the floor, Kasumi repeatedly kicked them over and over.Bookmark here

Still in a violent rage, Kasumi heard sirens outside and a bullhorn demanding the two men to come outside. She decided to comply with the police and threw the half-dead bodies outside.Bookmark here

"Anyway," Kasumi said with her shoes covered in ketchup and blood. "I think I know what we are going to do today. Do you want to go to the mall?"Bookmark here

Already committed to whatever she suggested, Risa and Yuri agreed to the idea. However, it wasn't that easy to get to the mall. All of the customers praised Kasumi for saving them all, and the police and the news team wanted to talk to her. But she didn't want all of that, and she pretended that none of those people existed. And she soon made it to the mall.Bookmark here

The mall wasn't how she saw it in her dream. For one, the chocolate chip store wasn't there, and frankly, nothing was really the same. Her dream mall was flat out a different mall. The dream mall was a mall, but places in dreams don't have to be similar to their real-life counterparts. You just know that it's a mall. Nothing else. Your school could have a gift shop in your dream and you won't question it. It's your school.Bookmark here

Anyway, what am I talking about? It's just a mall.Bookmark here

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