Chapter 21:


The Saint Series 2: The Beastman Saint is H*rny, so I was Kidnapped to Another World Vol. 8

Of course, there were no coronation ceremonies that didn’t end with a speech from the newly-enthroned ruler.

“Ursura! Ursura! Ursura!” the cheers from the crowd inside the Black Tower’s throne room was deafening, and it never ended. They were joined by the people waiting at the courtyard, who were made aware that the Queen was just officially crowned.

It was a hair-raising sight. The walls of the fortress reverberated from the acclaim of the people, and it continued for a long while…

However, Her Majesty finally went down her dais and gestured for everyone to keep silent, which they promptly did. When the order returned, I took the opportunity to cross the last few distances between me and the Orphans, and discreetly stood beside them.

“Chief!” it was Yufa who whispered, “Where have you been? We thought you didn’t come!”

“I was in the crowd earlier,” I explained, “I couldn’t come here at the podium because I might attract unwanted attention.”

“Big sis Ursura has been searching for you.”

“I know,” I could only grin, “And I’m sure she’ll kick my ass later because I was missing her coronation.”

Yufa replied to that with a laugh, “You guys are really close.”

Well, I don’t think it would be so, starting today. That bear-woman would surely be busy with monarch and kingdom stuff, and I’d be preoccupied in dealing with the last problems of Cherwind, before returning to Chersea.

“Chief!” the butterfly girl called to me.


“I really want you and big sis Ursura to be together.”

Heh…where did that come from?”

“Nothing,” she shook her head and averted her eyes from me.

Suspicious. It seems like Yufa’s hiding something…

“To my Beastmen and human friends!” Ursura began her speech, “First, some of you may have already been aware that I shun formalities, so I’ll be dropping the pretense that I’ll speak in a verbose manner. Fuck that!”

The crowd, as well as most of the Beastmen and human leaders were used to it by now, so they just laughed it off.

“Okay, second, now that I’m free to speak in the style that I’m used to, here’s what I wanted to say to you. Thanks for supporting me and my policies so far! I don’t want humans and Beastmen to fight each other from now on. Starting today, your neighbor will be your brother, or sister, or friend…whatever the hell you’d like to treat them, as long as they’re not an enemy.”

The claps were resounding the moment she said that. I think her subjects perfectly understood what she meant.

“Third, our work for Cherwind isn’t done yet. We still have to put an end to that stupid fight between Lady Konka and the Saint! We don’t want to suffer in their conflict anymore, so it’s time for us to be heard. I, as your queen, will make sure our voices together will make them reconsider. If not, I’ll kick their sorry asses!

Another round of laughter and applause. A proof that the Beastmen and humans were tired of the endless wars between the two religious ladies.

“And fourth, as well as my most important point,” Queen Ursura paused for a bit, before continuing, “I’d like a co-ruler.”

Suddenly there were murmurs among the people about what she had said. Even the chiefs and the human leaders were surprised about it.

“Hey, it’s difficult being a queen, you know!” she reiterated, “Especially if you got two different races under your banner. I’m a Beastman from the West Ursus tribe, and I know little about human customs. So, if possible, I want a co-ruler who’s a human!”

Err…from the looks of this, I don’t think I’ll like what will happen next.

I slowly stepped back, intending to run away. However…

Oh, Kuro mah boy! Where are you goin’?” it was Sir Loin. He deliberately blocked my exit from the back.

“Chief! The coronation speech isn’t over yet!” Yufa grabbed my arm and never let go.

“I want a human co-ruler who’s smart, and charismatic!” the queen continued to elaborate her requirements, “I want a co-ruler who’s got a pair of sharp eyes, a little beard on his chin, has a short, straight, black hair, and a missing right arm!”

The fuck Ursura? Aren’t your requirements for a co-ruler way too specific?

“Just say you want the Human Chief as your co-ruler!” it was Chief Gislaine who shouted that, teasing her. “There he is!”

“!!!” At once, everyone’s attention fell on me, who was still being restrained by Yufa and Sir Loin. Her Majesty Queen Ursura smiled the moment she laid her eyes on me, and went over to my spot. Yufa and Sir Loin then let me go.

Oh, here’s my ideal co-ruler!” the bear-woman said, before turning to the crowd, “Let me present to you your king, Kuro of the Orphans!”

I was utterly dumbfounded by her declaration. Amidst the swooning and cheers of the crowd, Ursura never gave me an explanation; she just winked and planted a kiss on my lips.