Chapter 1:

Prologue: The Boy and The Beginning

There's No Way I'm a Loner!

Warning: Bad grammar, Might have some wrong spelling. Inconsistent tenses, etc. Read at your own risk.
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The noise from an alarm clock echoed throughout the room, getting louder and louder as time went on. After ringing for a good 2 minutes, a sudden hoarse voice shouted across the room, accompanied by the sound of a loud metal hitting the wooden floor.Bookmark here

CLANG!Bookmark here

After the loud noise, the alarm absurdly stopped.Bookmark here

That shout was from a boy who had been woken up from his long slumber. His lips was dry, yet his pillow was a watery mess. Human is said to be in a half awake state after waking up for the first one or two minutes and this saying was proven by this boy's reckless action of smashing his newly bought alarm to the ground. After being in a soulless state for a while, he finally woken up completely and immediately regret the mess he had just made.'Bookmark here

"Oh god, what did I just do?", said the boy as he hold his head.Bookmark here

He quickly got off his bed and tried to collect the scattered pieces of the alarm.Bookmark here

"It's the start of my new high school life and I fucked up on the very first moment.", said the boy.Bookmark here

Then, he put the collected pieces of the alarm on top of his bedside table. He looked onto it as if it was a bad luck charm.Bookmark here

"Son!! Its 7am already! You're going to be late!"Bookmark here

The voice seemed to belong to a young lady in her twenties but in fact, it was from a middle-aged lady in her late thirties. After hearing the call, the boy quickly changed his clothes to his newly bought uniform and prepared for school.Bookmark here

"Okay, Mom! Hold on a second!", replied him.Bookmark here

After dressing up, he walked down the stair, almost running perhaps.Bookmark here

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!
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"Don't run at the stair! You don't want to be injured on your first day of school, son."Bookmark here

Below, on the first floor, there was a small dining table that could in theory hold around 4-5 people. It wasn't the most beautiful dining room but it certainly fit the bill for a small family. Sitting at the dining table was a middle-aged man. He was really into the newspaper while ignoring his heart-shaped sunny side up egg laying in front of him. Aside from that, a cheery lady was cooking another egg with a warm smile on her face while humming a melody. Seeing this gentle scenery, the boy then remembered the very fundamental reason on why he had trouble waking up on time that led to his alarm clock death. It was the noisy passionate "night session" of his parent.Bookmark here

"I see, both of you were still in lovey-dovey mode since last night. I guess I should leave quickly.", said the boy jokingly as he snatched his lunchbox. "Don't forget to use protection, I don't want another sister!"

"Shut up, go get a girlfriend or something, kid", replied the middle-aged man while still reading the newspaper, smiling faintly.

"Damn you! I will get a girlfriend today, just see me, Dad!"Bookmark here

His dad replied only with a smug smile.Bookmark here

"I'm leaving!", said the boy as he dashed toward the door and left.
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His face was full of hope, a big grin was painted all over his face. He had a gut feeling that something might happened today. Is it something good though?
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ END OF CHAPTER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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