Chapter 2:

Chapter 1_1: The Boy and The Girl

There's No Way I'm a Loner!

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Katagi's school was 30 minutes walk away from his home. Because of the morning accident, now he only had around 20 minutes left so he ran as fast as he could. He didn't even care anymore about his uniform that would get messy.Bookmark here

"Chikoku chikoku!", said the boy imitating the generic harem Japanese cartoon that he normally watched, not to forgot the imaginary piece of bread in his mouth.Bookmark here

He ran swiftly in the residential alley, putting other pedestrian in danger. He was hoping to be a Japanese cartoon protagonist that would bump into a girl, setting off his first love flag. But, what he didn't know was the bitter reality that would soon fell unto him.Bookmark here

After a short while, he could finally see his school. He could see the school's name chiseled beautifully on the school gate wall. But suddenly an absurd encounter happened, or to be precise, a disaster  happened.Bookmark here

"Kyaaa!", a girl shouted.Bookmark here

Because of his carelessness, he bumped into a girl. He was so captivated by his school that he didn't see a girl in front of him. As he fall, he could see a little glimpse of her panty and her skirt.
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Pure White.
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As he fall, he thought that this is totally the turning point of his life. He didn't even care if he broke his nose because of the fall.Bookmark here

I might get a girlfriend.
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-was the only thing in his mind. After all, this setting fits perfectly with his Japanese cartoon. Then, both the girl and the boy fell to the ground, hard. Fortunately, she landed on her knees and palms.Bookmark here

"Aaahhnnn!!", the girl gave out a small shout.Bookmark here

The second girl who was standing right beside her was shocked. How can she not be shocked when suddenly a guy bump into her in a fairly open space.Bookmark here

"Huh?!", said the second girl.
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"W-Wha-, fucking loser, cant you see her?!", shouted the girl as she tried to help her friend getting up.
"Ouch ouch, slowly!"Bookmark here

A faint traces of blood could be seen on the girl's knees and palms. Then, the boy immediately stood up and apologized. His bowing posture was perfect but he couldn't hide his creepy smile. After apologizing, he quickly regained his composure and close the distance between him and the girls.Bookmark here

"Aha-ahaha-ahahahaa... Sorry, sorry. I'm too captivated by the school that I didn't see you two angels in front of me.", said the boy as he blinked to them while closing the distance even more between him and them. It seemed like that he didn't hear the word loser or subconsciously ignored it.
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"Pervert! LOWLIFE! What is wrong with you? You've just hurt my friend and you immediately flirts with us? DISGUSTING!", replied the second girl angrily, "Come on, lets go. We're close to the school, I will treat your wound there."
"Y-yeah", replied the first girl.
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After hearing the word "disgusting", the boy fall on his knee, frozen in time. He tried to process what had just happened. He tried find his mistake in the current situation. Why didn't the girl fall head over heels for him.  After quite a while, he was mind broken. His brain couldn't deduced what was the wrong action that led to his shattered fantasy. To cope with it, his mind went 100% denial mode.Bookmark here

"Hmph!, it seems those girls are too shy to act honestly in front of me.", said the boy as he raised his posture and ran his hand through his hair, tidying his bangs.Bookmark here

People that were passing by giggled at his action, although he himself wasn't aware of that. To him, he acted cool and calm but from other's point of view, he looked like a narcissistic guy. And so, he became famous from the very first day of his high school as the guy no one should approach. This was certainly not the popularity that he was looking for! It seems that the broken alarm was truly a bad luck charm.Bookmark here

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Author's Note: This editing session too longer than I've expected. I fixed a few things here and there. Changed some paragraph, etc, etc. I'm not really sure if the onomatopoeia fits the story. Good day!
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