Chapter 6:

A night to remember

heaven's hell

As the dagger misses Kakoroshi by few centimeters, he immediately looks at the direction at which the dagger went. As the light stops working in the park, he can only hear the dagger piercing something, not the thing it pierced.


As the dagger starts to burn furiously, the inhumane being the dagger pierced starts to be a little bit visible by the light emitted by the fire. The dagger pierced the being in the stomach. In the opposite direction stands Toshiro, Ino and Mio, Toshiro having his fingers crossed. As he undones his cross, the dagger stops burning.

"Behind you!!"

Shouts Mio as the being stands right behind Kakoroshi. As the being is about to land a punch, Kakoroshi realizes that it is too late to dodge now so he tries to block it.

"100 wind cuts!!"

Ino joints palm of her hands as she uses a wind art. The cut appears at the right shoulder of the inhumane being, close to the speed of sound, one after another, eventually cutting its right hand in barely enough time. Kakoroshi takes the opportunity to distance himself from the being. Suddenly the lights start working around the park, revealing how the being looks as he regrows his limb and the stab wound created by the dagger. The beings is really big as he is close to 8 feet tall with no facial feature and 3 arms, 1 on the right, 2 on the left.

"Unbreakable kusarigama!"(Kusarigama or chain sickles are weapons which have a sickle at one end of a chain)

Mio dugs her hand into the earth as she mysteriously grabs a 2 Kusarigama from the earth. She throws the chain at the being, eventually pulling the being towards her. Ino runs at the inhumane being which is being pulled.

"Wind fist!"

Ino forms an art as she gives a combo of punches which makes several holes into the chest of the being, but eventually the holes heals as the being swings both of his left arms towards her.

"Melting blade!!"

Toshiro jumps in as he cuts both of the left arms on the being with a single swing of the blade, he gives several swings after but the being dodges it effortlessly.

'They are going to die if you don't do something'

'You are scared aren't you? Fear of dying if you try to help'

The mysterious voice inside Kakoroshi's head starts to speak again, rather calmly which disturbs him as his friends tries there best to bring down the being, struggling to even damage it in some way as it just regrows limbs like nothing happened. He is standing at the same place since distancing himself form the being. He still hasn't accustomed to the blood and gore.

'there death will be on you'


He shouts and run at the being with a katana in his hand. He swings the blade at the waist which cuts the being in half, as the blood spill on the ground, he looks at it being terrified, not being able to move. The being stands up with his arms as he again regrows his bottom half and lands a punch on Kakoroshi, the punch sends him flying as he eventually drags on the ground to a complete halt, Mio tries to help as she swings the chain at the being and tries to stop it but it doesn't even budge the being as Mio is rather tired after all those try they gave to stop it. As the being slowly walks towards Kakoroshi, he barely stands on his feet, still terrified of all the sudden things happening, suddenly the being increases his pace and starts running towards him, making Kakoroshi more terrified.

'Blood rush'

Suddenly the bulging veins on his hands details as Kakoroshi can feel a sudden strength flowing in him. As the being is about to land another punch with his right hand, Kakoroshi has no other option except countering with another punch as it is too fast to dodge. Kakoroshi fist collides with the being which crushes the beings right hand as the punch sends the being flying, eventually crashing into the wall and breaking it. Kakoroshi runs towards the being with furious eyes.

Fear has turned into anger as Kakoroshi is landing punches after punches furiously with no breaks to the point where the beings head has turned into mush. Just as Kakoroshi thinks that the being is dead, the head regrows as the being kicks Kakoroshi away from him. The beings stands and starts walking towards him, stumbling after every steps, eventually the being reaches him and grabs him by his neck, lifting him. Kakoroshi tries to loosen the beings grip by using both of his hands to grip its right arm and pushing himself away from it. Both of the beings left arm slowly reaches towards kakoroshi's head.

'Blood burst'


As the words escapes his mouth, the skin where both of his hands touches the beings right arm starts to peel off as the being loosens his grip on him, letting Kakoroshi lose. Kakoroshi lands a final blow as it punches a hole in the chest. As he takes his hand out, the being falls to the ground, mysteriously turning into a pool of blood. Kakoroshi falls to the knees as he tries to catch his breath. 

As Toshiro, Ino and Mio are looking from the sidelines, tired, they see that the blood spilled mysteriously starts moving towards Kakoroshi, climbing up his body and seeping in through his nails to the point where no blood is left on the ground which makes him unconscious. 

Toshiro picks up Kakoroshi and piggy backs him to his room.

"We have to inform Fumino tomorrow about everything that happened"


From a distance, the person who ambushed him on his first mission was looking at everything.

"He is getting stronger"