Chapter 7:

It is getting closer

heaven's hell

"Why were you there in the park at midnight?"

"I just went out to get some fresh air and coincidently stumbled upon an inhumane being"

"You could have opened the windows in your room if you wanted fresh air"

Fumino is furious at Kakoroshi because of the last night incident. Toshiro, Ino and Mio are rather quiet in his room, trying not to get involved.

"If it hadn't been for them, you wouldn't have been alive."

"Yeah, I know"

Says Kakoroshi in a low voice.

" Ishiro, today you will be moving into the hotel I am staying in"


Says Ino hesitantly as she is surprised that Fumino gave him a nickname.

"Yeah, his name is too long so I had to make it short and besides, it suits him. 

By the way, you were the one who informed that he is not in his room last night, right? What work did you had in his room at midnight?"

Asks Fumino carelessly

"Nothing really"

Says Ino as her face goes red.

"Anyways, we are going to the beach today so grab your swimsuits and be ready in an hour, meanwhile Ishiro, pack your stuff and move to the hotel I am staying in."

Kakoroshi is rather quiet, continuously staring at his nails, still thinking about what happened last night.


Storage room in a hotel

"You failed again"

"I tried my best, I almost captured him but his friends......"

"I don't need any more excuses

The god's representatives are on high alert because of you"

"I am really sorry, I will definitely get him the next time"

"As I said, there will be no next time"

Haruna is furious as the man fails yet another attempt on capturing Kakoroshi. 

She slowly walks towards him with bloodlust which makes him stumble. 

"Just..... Give me another.. chance"

The man is scared as he knows what is coming. As Haruna comes closer, she grabs him by his neck, snapping it in an instant, taking his life. As she hides his body, she gives a voice mail to someone.

"The god's representatives are on high alert, we have to delay the meeting"

"Mom, what are you doing here? We have to go to the beach today."

"Son you startled me. Of course we are going, go and change, I will be there in a minute"

Haruna sighs as she escapes a close call.


In the beach

"Its really crowded in here"

Complains Toshiro

"There is only one beach at Yokohama which allows swimming so definitely it will be crowded so there is no point complaining"

Says Mio as she is rather enjoying the beach. Kakoroshi is still lost in thoughts about last night.

"Ishiro, You okay?"

Asks Fumino as she is concerned of how his eyes looks dead.

"Why am I selected as a representative?"

Questions Kakoroshi with a serious look.

"Everyone is selected for a purpose and has a duty to follow, you also must have a purpose given by the gods"

"I hope I find the purpose soon"

Kakoroshi slowly walks into the water as he joins his friends, trying to get his mind off the last night incident. As Fumino is staring at Kakoroshi, knowing well that he is hiding something, she gets a little push from behind, as she turns around to see who pushed her, she sees a boy who seems to be around 8 year old.

"I am really sorry on his behalf. Son, you have to apologize as well, didn't I teach you this"

Haruna stumbles upon Fumino, though Fumino has no idea who Haruna is, Haruna knows exactly who Fumino is.

"I am really sorry miss"

The kid apologizes to Fumino in a really polite manner.

"Its completely fine, its actually really crowded in here so these mistakes are common"

Fumino gives off a light smile to ease the kid. 

As they walk away, Fumino gets a call.


shouts Fumino to Kakoroshi and the team as she takes her leave.

After a while, the team also leaves for there hotel rooms

"Kakoroshi, we will be drinking tonight, want to join?"

Toshiro gives an invite to Kakoroshi.

"I will be there at 9"

'September 23rd, midnight, at the beach' 

The voice inside Kakoroshi's head speaks again, giving another location and a time.


Night at Toshiro's room

 Kakoroshi, Toshiro, Mio and Ino were having fun time together, playing cards.

"Aren't you lucky, by having a household already, and a leader on top of that."

Says Mio suddenly

"Yeah, It seems I am"

Answers Kakoroshi, trying to hide all the things happening inside his head.

"You know I can cook really well, and can be a housewife if you want."

Mio is drunk as she tries to convince him to marry her (A representative can change there household to there spouse's)

"Stop talking already, you are drunk"

Toshiro is annoyed by the words of Mio.

"Why don't you try on Fumino, you also need a household, don't you?"

These words make Toshiro's face grow red.

"I just want to know about the blood household, I don't know why but this household feels really different from the others"

Says Kakoroshi, breaking the conversation between Mio and Toshiro.

"Well, as far as I have heard, Fumino's parents were in the blood household"



Kakoroshi stands up with the beer in his hand.

"Thank you Ino. I will be going now, I need to be somewhere!"

Kakoroshi leaves in a rush as he slams the door behind him. Ino is confused as how she helped him.

As Kakoroshi reaches Fumino's room, he calms himself down and gently knock on the door. Fumino opens the door after the 6th knock.

"Ishiro, its really sudden for you to be here, anyways, come inside"

As he sits on the couch, he asks the question he wanted to since he left Toshiro's room.

"I got to know that your parents were from the blood household, so I wanted to know that you have any information on the household"

"I knew that you will eventually ask this question"

Says Fumino as she sits down on the bed.

"Well the story is too painful for me so Kia will be narrating"

Fumino takes off her glasses with her left hand as Kia takes over.

"This girl, calls me whenever she wants."

Complains Kia with a twisted face.

" Anyways, I guess I should start with her father.........."