Chapter 0:


An Ideal World

"Am I in another world?"Bookmark here

No, this is Earth as I can certainly reassure myself. Right in front of me are stars from a clear night dark blue sky. The sky is filled with stars that have identical patterns to stars seen in Tokyo. Patterns of stars can only occur when specific stars line up individually. That is to say that the stars I am currently looking at would be drastically different if I were at the moon. Bookmark here

But then, where am I? This feeling is like you have just woken from a long dream, not knowing what you have done last night. Currently, I'm not on a bed or inside a building. The texture I'm lying on feels rough but not hard like on concrete. Bookmark here

As I try to stand up, a warm liquid pours down my head and into one of my eyes. It stings but when I touch the liquid, it hurts.Bookmark here

"Is this blood?" I saidBookmark here

While there is no bright light around me but I can somewhat see the liquid is red and the floor that I have been standing on is grass. I take a deep breath in to comprehend the situation, the air feels oddly refreshing. It doesn't have that distinct smell from a road or in a building. It feels very soothing and relaxing for me. Bookmark here

But the most important question of all hasn't been answered as I look aroundBookmark here

"Why are there so many windmills?" Bookmark here

Takahashi  Eien
Golden Boy
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