Chapter 4:



There is a girl who is picking flowers in the garden in the afternoon, that girl is the first princess of the Leonard kingdom, Valentia Siv Leonard. Princess Valentia is a very beautiful, graceful, and elegant woman, she is also very authoritative and very suitable to be a leader, because of her beauty and authority many princes from other kingdoms come to propose to her but all of them are rejected outright. Bookmark here

When the princess was picking some beautiful flowers suddenly a soldier came. Bookmark here

"My apologies, Princess, Your Majesty the King summoned you to appear immediately because there is something important to discuss." Bookmark here

"Alright, I'll be there as soon as I finish picking flowers" Bookmark here

"Yes, princess" Bookmark here

After finishing picking flowers and placing them in the flower basket she went straight to the meeting room where she was called. While she was on her way there, she met her two younger sisters, the second princess, Nanna Leonard, and the third princess, Yoko Leonard. Bookmark here

The Leonard Royal Family consists of the King, Queen, and three Princesses, they wanted a son to be the heir to the royal throne but the Queen died due to an accident while on her way home from a meeting in another kingdom, she was found at the bottom of a cliff by the beach. The king who heard that was very upset and he cried incessantly. Valentia who was eight years old when she saw her father and sisters crying for three days after their mother's funeral, immediately ordered the servants to bring all the work of her mother and father to her. Of course, the servants were surprised by that because the princess who was only eight years old couldn't possibly be able to do so many and the heavy work. However, seeing the enthusiasm shown by princess Valentia, the servants also intend to help the princess do the work. After a few days later, the King came out of his room and was surprised why the palace was crowded with so many people. He went straight to the center of the crowd and he was immediately shocked when he saw his eight-year-old daughter sitting on the king's chair and commanding the subordinates with great grace. After he saw this, he realized that he could not continue to be sad for days because he had a kingdom and three princesses to take care of. After that, the king returned to work with the help of his daughter. Due to good leadership and diligence in work, Princess Valentia, who was then 13 years old, was appointed as the successor to the royal throne. Bookmark here

"Good afternoon, Nanna, good afternoon, Yoko. What are you guys doing here?" Valentia asked her siblings. Bookmark here

"We are also heading to the meeting room, we heard that sister was called by our father so we also want to know" Nanna replied. Bookmark here

"S-so-sorry sis, I told Nanna not to interrupt sister and father's conversation but she won't listen to me!" answered Yoko nervously and shyly. Bookmark here

"Oh my gosh, my sisters are so cute, they are also at an age where they will be curious about everything," Valentia said to herself. Bookmark here

"Alright, then let's head there together" Bookmark here

"Yes, let's go!" shouted her sisters very excitedly. Bookmark here

After that, she and her siblings headed to the meeting room as instructed. As they were almost at the door, they heard their father yell. Bookmark here

"I told you that magic belongs to the kingdom of Leonard! Other kingdoms can't have it!" Bookmark here

"But your majesty, it's the gods who determine magic, we can't determine that" Bookmark here

"I know that too! but why should that rotten kingdom gets creation magic? You know that kingdom, right?" Bookmark here

"We also know about that, Your Majesty, that's why we recommend this advice" Bookmark here

"I reject your suggestion! You think I will give my daughter to that rotten kingdom?" Bookmark here

"Then what should we do, Your Majesty? We know that the creation magic once belonged to your wife, Her Majesty the Queen Vivian Elin Leonard" Bookmark here

Princess Valentia and her sisters who were eavesdropping on the debate between their father and the higher-ups of the kingdom immediately barged into the meeting room when they heard their mother's name. Bookmark here

"What? mother's power? what does this mean?" Bookmark here

"Valentia. Please calm down first." Bookmark here

"How can I calm down after hearing that? Is there anyone else who can use mother's power? Why didn't father tell me this?" Bookmark here

"Father will tell you this. That's why I called you here to talk about this. So, calm down" Bookmark here

After hearing her father's advice, princess Valentia calmed down and sat down immediately. After princess Valentia sat down her father began to tell what happened according to the information they had heard from the public. Bookmark here

"So, mother's power is now owned by the second prince of the Buorn kingdom? And father wants to match me with the second prince so that the mother's power that is in the second prince does not fall into the hands of others?" Bookmark here

"Yes. That's what the higher-ups of the kingdom suggested. But I don't want you to suffer from that decision." Bookmark here

"No dad, I'll do it. I'll do the matchmaking." Bookmark here

"Huh? Are you serious Valentia?" Bookmark here

"Yes. I'm serious. I will do whatever it takes to make sure this second prince's mother power is not abused" Bookmark here

Everyone in the room was shocked by what the princess said. After hearing this, they began to discuss how to convince the king of the kingdom of Buorn to agree to this arranged marriage. Bookmark here

The higher-ups began to suggest things to be offered, ranging from livestock products, food products, their abundant marine products, slaves, and others. But as a result of all the suggestions they put forward, money was the result of the deal. But they also have to think about the amount that will be given so as not to harm their kingdom and also be able to convince the king of the kingdom of Buorn. Amidst the confusion over how much to give, Princess Valentia immediately stood up. Bookmark here

"Ten Million Gold coins" Bookmark here

"Ten million gold coins? Princess, please think again. Ten million gold coins are too much. The kingdom will suffer a huge loss." Bookmark here

"These ten million gold coins will be taken from my savings so far. Therefore, the kingdom will not suffer a loss" Bookmark here

"From the princess's savings? We can't accept that! It's the princess's savings, the money is dedicated to the princess" Bookmark here

"As you said. This money was taken from my savings. Since it was taken from my savings, it's up to me what to do with this money. This is my final decision. If no one agrees with my decision, then I will go before the king of the kingdom of Buorn not as the first princess of the kingdom of Leonard, Valentia Siv Leonard but only as Valentia" Bookmark here

The king laughed upon hearing this and agreed with his daughter's decision. The higher-ups who were afraid for the safety of the princess also agreed with the decision. But actually, the higher-ups were afraid of their reputation being looked down upon by all the people. Bookmark here

After getting a mutual agreement, the king ordered his subordinates to immediately send a letter to the kingdom of Buorn about this offer. Three days later a reply from the kingdom of Buorn arrived. Bookmark here

After getting the approval, King Vegard and princess Valentia immediately got ready to depart by ship to the kingdom of Buorn. Bookmark here

Preparation took two days. After everything needed was ready, they immediately sailed to the kingdom of Buorn, accompanied by cheers from all the people of the kingdom of Leonard who prayed for the safety of the King and Princess. Bookmark here

They sailed for 3 days and docked at the border port. They continued by riding a horse-drawn carriage for 4 days, followed by a 2-day trip using a flying carriage carried by a wyvern. Bookmark here

When they arrived at the Royal Capital of Buorn, they were welcomed by the gatekeepers and escorted to the finest inn that the king had prepared. They had to stay for 4 days because they arrived 4 days too early from the meeting schedule set out in the letter. Bookmark here

During their 4 days stay, King Vegard chose to stay in the room because he knew the rottenness of the born kingdom. Meanwhile, princess Valentia chose to take a walk to enjoy the culinary and culture of the Buorn kingdom, which was escorted by several soldiers on the orders of King Sariel. Bookmark here

The appointed day arrived. Dozens of soldiers came to pick up King Vegard and princess Valentia and were immediately taken to the palace in a luxurious horse carriage. Arriving at the palace, they were immediately greeted by King Sariel and Queen Veronica at the palace door. They walked into the meeting room and chatted for a while about the agreement. Bookmark here

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