Chapter 8:

The beginning of vengeance

Waking up in a new world without any memories

Yuri was stabbed in his stomach, while Yuris sword only grazed Taikis` shoulder slightly. "How can this be? I'm far stronger than you." Yuri wondered before he went down. He looked at his fellow bandits who were trying to stop the group of adventurers. He saw that some of them had already fallen. Suddenly, Yukio clapped: "I'm truly amazed that you managed to beat my right hand. You've truly improved since our last meeting. However, I will now finish what we started back then." "I'm no longer the weak one you knew back then. I have the power to defeat you." Taiki raised his voice resolutely: "We'll see if you can just talk big or if you've really become that strong! Baerfists!" Suddenly, Yukio rushed forward and struck with his fist. Although he was able to block the attack with his sword, the warrior's strength was still so great that Taiki was thrown backwards and slammed against the wall of a house. The blow was so strong that the young boy had to spit blood. But Taiki did not even have to withdraw now, no matter how painful his already received wounds are, which he received from Yuri before.

Spur of the moment, Yukio rushed forward and gave Taiki such a violent blow that he crashed through the wall and was now in the building that was in flames. "Was that everything? Even at our first meeting, you were at least a little tougher than you are now! Are you done yet?" Provoked Yukio. Out of nowhere, Tsuyoshi threw himself at Yukio, who shoved the bandit away. Even before the leader of the bandits could act, Tsuyoshi gave him another hit. However, Yukio fended off a third blow and pushed the berserker backwards. "Know your place! I have a higher berserker title! I have the rank "Berserker King! There is only one rank above me and I will certainly get that title after this fight! Then I could even take it against Grindol iron axe! I will show you that they should rather not mess with me, Yukio Takayama! I am a mountain that rises till the clouds! I'm going to crush you!" Shouted Yukio with the desire to kill. Suddenly, the bandit hissed forward and gave Tsuyoshi a blow, causing him to go to the ground. "That's it for you!" Grinned Yukio.

Tsuyoshi accepted his fate. He knew that he would not be able to fight him. He closed his eyes. But then he remembered his promise that he had given to a person who was very important to him. He must not break this promise under any circumstances. Tsuyoshi blocked with all his might all subsequent blows of the bandit leader, until from nowhere Yukio received a kick to his head when Taiki jumped out of the flames of a house where he had previously been beaten in by Yukio. "So you're not done after all...Then I will probably have to use even more of my strength to destroy you. "Berserkerking"! I need all the strength I can have!" Exclaimed Yukio. "That's still not his full strength? How strong is he?" Taiki was a little frightened when he heard those words from Yukio. Suddenly, the bandit leader whizzed forward and threshed his fist against Taiki, who was able to fend off the attack with his blade, but could no longer parry the subsequent blow, which is why he was hit by it. Rya just stabbed a bandit through the chest, while Cyril protected Icarus because another attacker wanted to harm him. The dragon boy spat flames, causing him to sizzle that attacker. Another bandit tried his luck with Rya, who was only stabbed from behind by Icarus. Immediately life faded out of him and he was just another corpse on the ground. 

A lake of blood formed around their struggle. In one go, black clouds were formed above them. It suddenly rained over the village. When the bandits realized that they had no chance against the three warriors, they fled. When Icarus wanted to pursue them further, Rya stopped him: "It's enough. We don't kill out of revenge. We fight until the enemy retreats." "But they....." The kitten wanted to complain, immediately being interrupted by Rya: "We will not put ourselves on the same level as them. Don't worry. They will still receive their just punishment. I feel it." Icarus was slightly enraged, but nevertheless he accepted Rya's decision. Five bandits, who took flight, suddenly met Chizu, who comfortably watched the spectacle flying. "We will kill her! There are five of us and she is completely alone! We can do it!" Said one of the bandits, which is why they all attacked the half-demon at the same time. They raced towards her. But when Chizu turned her head to them, she mocked the men, "You're slower than I thought. At least I thought yukio's men can do better! Even Yuri was defeated just like that, even though he is the strongest fighter in your squad next to your boss." Chizu saw the bandits approaching her in slow motion, as her fighting speed is 10,000 times slower compared to Chizus. 

Thus, the first carried out his attack, which was blocked by the half-demon. The next one attacked chizu who skilfully dodged. When the third one wanted to smash his sword on her, the half-demon had had enough of it, so she divided the weapons of all five bandits into two with two quick punches. Before the five men realized what just happend, Chizu led another attack that was so powerful that the bodies of the bandits were shredded into pieces and their claret was splashed everywhere. "Ridiculous....And I had to get my hands dirty on something like that. However, I am curious to see how Taiki will develop. I want to compete with him at some point. I want to see if his inner power is truly so powerful." Chizu thought. Meanwhile, the young boy was on his feet. He spat blood. "It's amazing that after such a blow you can still keep yourself on your feet but you still will die here!" Yukio spoke before racing towards Taiki again and giving him another blow. When Tsuyoshi, Rya, Cyril and Icarus noticed this attack, she immediately wanted to rush to his aid but Taiki stopped her: "This is my fight! I have to settle my own reckoning with him alone!" "But Taiki...:," Cyril began to talk when he realized how badly Taiki was actually injured. " I can do it," Replied the young boy.

Rya and Tsuyoshi still wanted to intervene, but suddenly they heard a familiar voice: "Let him... He must at least fight this battle himself. I trust him. He is stronger than you think. He will be able to defeat him." "Father!" the dragon girl recognized the voice. Even though Tsuyoshi did not like the fact that Taiki had to fight alone against such a monster, he accepted Taikis`decision. Next, the powerful fists of the bandit leader colided on him faster and faster, so that he had difficulty fending them off. "What's going on, Taiki? Does your stamina leave you? Just give up and let me crush you! Maybe I'll get my deserved reward!" Grinned Yukio. "Reward? If he defeats me? But why? Does this have anything to do with this high priest? Is he still alive? This can't be... Chizu destroyed him. But who wants my death then? Ranak? No, he is also death... Hebior! He must have survived...or someone else? At least this snake could have survived our fight." Taiki pondered. All of a sudden, the two opponents crashed into each other. The young boy felt that his strength was leaving him. "Honey! Don't give up! We believe in you! Your children watch over you! We are always with you!" Suddenly a voice sounded in his head.

"Who was that? It was a female voice that I had never heard before, but she still seemed so familiar to me." Suddenly, he felt hands pushing against his back, as if they would help him to ressist against the bandit leader. "What the..." Yukio was frightened, as he had not expected the sudden strength of Taiki. Out of the blue, Taiki burst off, but immediately swung his blade again against Yukio, who parried this attack as well. Taiki didn't give the bandit time to rest and carried out further attacks until he actually gave Yukio a cut on his left shoulder, where a lonely trace of his lifeblood came out. "Not so bad! I wanted such a fight! Nevertheless, this is far from enough to defeat me!" Yukio laughed, whereupon he pushed Taiki away and wanted to smash the young boy's skull with another attack. Taiki managed to counteract the attack with all his might. "How? I have the title "Berserkerking". How can you still ressist against me?" Wondered Yukio stunned. "Now the hour of reckoning has come." Taiki said, when he suddenly leaped away into the air and stormed towards the bandit leader again.

The bandit wanted to counteract this and beat the young boy, who blocked the attack of the first fist and the following fist and all of a sudden hit him with his blade. Taiki managed to cut across Yukio's right eye. Yukio screeched in pain. Immediately he held his bleeding eye and quickly realized that there was a scar that went right through his eye. "You're going to pay for that!" Shouted Yukio. While one eye cried blood, tears dripped from the other, because of the pain. Out of nowhere, Yukio slammed his fists from above on Taiki, who parried the attack. But now he had to lift the mighty weight of his fists, otherwise he would be crushed by it. Suddenly, Rya and Tsuyoshi ran forward. "No, that's my fight," He wanted to stop his friends. However, they did not listen to him. Out of thin air, the dragon girl stabbed at Taiki. "What?!" The young boy shrugged in terror when he realized that the dragon girl pushed her sword through something invisible, where the blood was already leaking out. Suddenly, the invisible figure became visible.

It was Yuri who survived Taiki's attack and was now pierced through the chest by Rya. Blood splashed from his chest and mouth. The light in his eyes extinguished slowly. The last thing he saw before he fell to the ground was Taiki fending off his boss's attacks with concentrated force. "Juri! You were still alive. Now he really wanted to help me with his skill "Ghost!" but he failed again. Now I can at least slaughter you with pleasure!" Said Yukio. "You can say good-bye to that!" Taiki raised his voice as he pressed the bandit's fists off him with all his might and injured his stomach with a quick cut across Yukio's body. Yukio had not expected this at all. So he staggered backwards. His blood burst out of him. He was still standing. When Yukio took a closer look at how badly he was actually injured, he decided to retreat: "We will meet again at some point, Taiki! And then I will get my revenge for this! Take my word for it!" Yukio then sprinted away in the same direction as his surviving bandit colleagues did. The first thing Taiki did was to went to the ground. This fight deprived him of all his strength. He fought with an enormous will to grow beyond himself. 

"That was just wonderful! You really some nice move!" Praised Rya. Tsuyoshi grunted contentedly and Cyril clapped with enthusiasm. Only Icarus looked grim and said in an envious voice: "Yes. Well done. You're really strong." "Thank you, but I need a short break!" Breathed Taiki with effort. "Daiko! Daiko!" Hana suddenly sounded, who was hidden behind bushes far away from the fight. She loosened her sister's chains and clasp in her arms. She was seriously injured, but out of danger. "Daiko! Talk to me! What has this man done to you! Did he do anything to you?!" Hana wanted to know, but Daiko shook his head: "Before he could do something sinnful to me or something terrible, you showed up." "I'm glad about that." Hana cried as she embraced her beloved sister. All of a time, the survivors of the villagers came and thanked the adventurers: "Thank you for saving us! We thank you! You are our heroes! How can we make up for that!" "Thank you, Taiki! You helped my sister, even though you would hardly get any money!" Hana thanked Taiki very warmly. 

The joy did not last long when her gaze spread over the devastated village, where many corpses lay around. Many of the villagers have lost their friends and families to the bandits, which Daiko and Hana were now aware of when they saw their dead father. "Dad! No Why! Why did it have to come to this! We wanted to give some money to the bandits, but they wanted more than we had! Why did all this happen here!" Complained Hana. Rya went to Daiko, put her hand on her shoulder in a soothing way, and performed a healing spell that completely freed her from her injuries: "Gods blessing!" "Our work is now done here! Let's go home!" Icarus then said, because he could no longer bear the mourners of the villagers. Before they could leave, however, Hana wanted to ask Taiki: "Where are your other companions who saved us against the goblins?" Taiki mood lowered. He clenched his fists and replied, without bursting into grief, "They are in a better place now."

Tsuyoshi also had to fight not to cry at this question. The girl was a bit confused about what the answer meant, but she left it at that. As a result, the survivors of the villagers began to completely rebuild their village. When Taiki looked at the devastated village one last time and a small tear passed through his cheeks, he marched with his group back to the training ground, where they were already awaited by the old master, who already knew of their victory: "I congratulate you! You managed to drive out the bandits! You did a good job fighting Yukio and Yuri!" "But how exactly do you know that?" Wondered Taiki, whereupon Rya explained: "Have you forgotten it? He can talk to ghosts." "You're right. To be more precise, the girl's father tell me that you saved her and the rest of the village. Now he can rest in peace." Said the old master. "Can we now start with the magic training?" Taiki wanted to know, whereupon he received an approving nod. "Follow me, Taiki," Replied the dragon, whereupon the young boy followed him and the old master took the lead. They disappeared into the small hut. "And we will continue to train you to become stronger. We have to be prepared for everything," Rya said excitedly.

Tsuyoshi accepted his fate. He knew that he would not come up against him. He closed his eyes. He allowed it. But then he remembered his promise that he had given to a person who was very important to him. He must not break this promise under any circumstances. Cyril and Tsuyoshi made joyful noises, but Icarus, on the other hand, turned his gaze to the hut, where their master and Taiki had previously walked in. The kitten was angry. He couldn't believe that a newcomer was allowed to get private lessons with their master. "Icarus?Is everything allright?" Asked Cyril. "Yes! Everythin is fine. Let's start training," Ikarus moaned slightly grimly. Meanwhile, the old master and Taiki sat cross-legged opposite of each other. "I will now teach you the most powerful kind of magic. It is not that easy to control, but it is stronger than the one that the adventurers usually use. In addition, your other skills can then become better. The fire and the earth magic become a lot stronger, as well as your aura view. You might even feel someone who tries to hide their presence. You already fough such an opponent. Hebior, the snake of shadows, had the ability to hide his presence. At least someone told me that." "Someone? Who?" Asked Taiki.

"An old friend of yours. Her name is Aimi. She wants to help you, even if she is no longer with us. I can teach you to talk to the spirits at any time." The old master explained. Taiki listened intently. He wanted to absorb every little piece of information he can get. "First of all, you have to become free. Free from your inner self from all evil. Spirits only try to communicate with the pure ones. However, there are also evil spirits who want to establish contact with everyone just to mislead them. I once knew someone who died and became an evil spirit. It was so powerful that it could manifest itself in this world. I even fought against them once and narrowly escaped with my life. To become free, you must discard everything that has caused damage to your soul. Search for it!" Taiki went into himself. He felt different emotions. He felt a broken heart and a heart soaked in hatred. But both were himself, even if he felt no anger, he felt a second heart that was also clearly his own. "How can that be?" Pondered Taiki. "Soon he will notice who is in him. No one could save him from the truth and his past," The old master thought of Taiki pitifully. All at once, the pain gripped him. Something strangled him. He saw Hebior choking him. He also saw his former comrades lying slaughtered on the ground. Orax was also present with his hooded men, each holding a bloody knife in their hands.

"What's happening here! I can't breathe...Why is this happening here...... I want revenge....I want to kill....They did this to me! You did that to me! They were! This priest took them from me!" Said a voice within Taiki, which he did not perceive previously. "Who is there? What are you? Why are you in me?" Taiki wanted to know from the voice that sounded exactly like him, but he received no answer. He can`t breath. Hebior suddenly left the undead body and meandered around the young boy. "This is all an illusion! You are not real! These are all things that plague me inside! That I couldn't stop Hebior before my friends were harmed and that I couldn't fight Orax before he killed them! It is all my fault! I want to see blood for that!  No! I can't, but I want to! I....Who am I?..... What is that? I see someone! He is filled with sadness! He is me! But I don't recognize him!" Shouted Taiki out of desperation. His heart pulsated. His veins freeze. His life was a pile of rubble. "Let me go! I annihilated all of you! No! No! I don't want that! What is happening here!" The young boy despaired. "Taiki! Wake up! Free yourself from your current feelings!" A voice roared from the sky, where the young boy could only see a cave ceiling. The serpent constricted his heart and lungs. The end was his friend. "Let him run wild! Let the spirit of revenge run wild so that the prophecy of this world may be fulfilled!" Said Orax devilish. "No! I don't want to! But it burns like fire when I suppress it! Ah! Leave me alone!" Shrieked Taiki. 

Suddenly he felt a warmth that he could not feel for a long time. A woman who made his heart light up and who is more beautiful than the stars from the sky, embraced him from behind: "We are always together.It´s fine! We are with you. We do not leave you. We are so proud of you." "Who are you?" Wondered Taiki. However, when he turned his head to the woman, she disappeared, as did the entire illusion. When he was able to find out that he was safe in the hut again, the young boy exhaled relaxed. Nevertheless, his whole body trembled. He could feel a being that felt like him, but also not at the same time. When he looked back, he recognized Rya, who tried to calm him down by hugging him. Tsuyushi was also behind the young boy, who put his wide hand on his shoulder to calm him down further. "Did you have to give him such an exercise immediately! You know yourself how dangerous such a thing is, Father!" Complained Rya. "You're right, but there's no other way to teach him this powerful magic. He also wants to talk to ghosts." The dragon defended himself. "But....." Rya wanted to discuss further, until she was interrupted by Taiki: "That's fine. I really want to learn it. Besides, nothing happened to me."

"Good thing you woke up now....You are always able to go into yourself and recognize the depth of your soul that has fallen. You could pull it out a bit. That was the first step. However, you will have to take this step again because you were interrupted too early. But maybe it was even better, because otherwise you probably wouldn't have been able to free yourself and this power that lies dormant in you would have taken over this body. You should now be slightly stronger! You can use magic if you name the element of your choice and the subsequent movement or attack. Depending on the talent, this attack is more powerful or weaker. I will demonstrate this to you briefly: "Fire bomb!" Out of thin air, a gigantic fireball hissed into the  air, which then exploded high up in the sky. It was so strong that it burned the entire sky.

You couldn't see the sky anymore, just the orange color of the flames. However, the fire disappeared after a few seconds. "Since I am a dragon, the fire magic is quite powerful within me! To demonstrate a comparison with another element! Water bomb!" Shouted the old master, whereupon a football-sized water ball was created on his palm, which he then threw upwards, with hardly anything happening after its explosion, only a few drops came from the sky. "And what about light and shadow magic?" Asked Taiki, with the old master getting serious on the spot: "It has almost the same system. You can only use light magic sparsely anyway, because you have no talent for it and shadow magic you should not use it at all, understood! It is very dangerous, especially in your condition! You are now vulnerable when it comes to the shadows!"

"Got it, Master! I'm not going to use it!" The young boy affirmed the dragon's statement. "If this wise man warns me about magic, there has to be something about this magic that justifies his warning! I'd rather keep my hands off that kind of magic!" Thought Taiki. Before the old master could continue with his lesson, an agonizing cry sounded from afar. "What was that?!" Wondered Rya in shock. "It's here! This monster dares to go to Kaishi!" The old master talked to himself. "Which monster?" Asked Taiki nervously. All at once, Icarus storms into the hut and declared: "A Desuboringa has invaded Kaishi! I could hear it with my special skill "Cat ears" and see it with my other skill "Cat eyes"!" "You have to go there immediately! Defeat this monster! Defeat the demon king's pet!" The dragon ordered. "Demon King!? Desuboringa?! Wasn't it the same cattle that Grindol and his group attacked and which then took flight?!" Taiki recalled the events in his mind.

 "We have to help the people immediately!" Urged Cyril, who entered the hut after Icarus. "Go! I trust in your inner strength! Use them wisely! Always be on your guard! When you come back, I will continue your training so that you can talk to ghosts as quickly as possible and become even stronger!" Shouted the dragon of the group that was already rushing out of the hut. They made their way to Kaishi as soon as possible to support the adventurers there. It didn't take long for them to arrive on the street in the opposite side from the guild house. There they saw him, the Desuboringa. The creature roared wildly through the air. Then they realized that Grindol with his people, Leiko and Leika with their bodyguard and also another group of adventurers that Taiki had never seen before, were fighting against the monster while the inhabitants tried to escape from the creature. "Let's kill this cattle!" Said Icarus confidently. 

"Off to the attack!" Cyril added loudly. "I never thought I would fight against such a cattle! At that time I swore to myself to avoid this monster after seeing how one of the strongest fighters against this monster had struggled against it. But now I have to fight it! God help us!" Thought Taiki as he stormed into battle with his friends to support the other adventurers in order to kill the Desuboringa.