Chapter 9:

The fight that changes destiny

Waking up in a new world without any memories

Thus, Grindol carried out an attack with his powerful axe, whereby the monster was able to fend off this attack with its snake tail. Leiko and Leika attempted a combo attack, being knocked away by one hand of the monster. The two crashed into the wall of a building. All at once, the Desuboringa wanted to carry out a deadly attack on the elven siblings. But their bodyguard interfered, who repelled the first attack and was subsequently pushed away by another attack. Even before the monster could carry out another attack, Grindol intervened and parried the attack. "Finally get up or do you want to die!", the dwarf jostled. The other four dwarves, who belonged to Grindol, jumped at the monster and rammed their axes deep into the flesh of the being. The monster then screeched so loudly that your ears could explode. Now another group of adventurers carried out a blow, with only six of them storming forward and the seventh keeping a safe distance. This seventh person also seemed to be the leader of this group of adventurers. 

His olive-green, broad eyes already radiated his dishonesty and cowardice. He had a narrow mouth with a greasy smile on it, knowing full well that he was out of danger and only sent his people into battle. Then his six people were simply swept away with a quick blow, causing them to faint on the ground. Suddenly, the Desuboringa raced towards the leader of the six lying on the ground, whereupon he carried out a quick attack with his iron axe. The leader was solidified. He could not move, only observe his premature fate. However, at that moment Taiki jumped in between, fending off the monster's axe with his blade. The young boy had to struggle not to lose his balance and bend over because his blow was so violent. The leader was able to free himself briefly from his rigidity and stabbed his blade in the arm of the monster, who then withdrew his axe and shouted loudly: "We have to take care of this cattle together!" Abruptly, Rya sounded who was above the Desuboringa and just at that moment spewed fire at the monster. 

Instantly, his fur began to burn, which apparently did not harm him, since monster did not give a flinch. "I could have thought about that!" Complained Rya inwardly when she recognized the failed attack. Grindol's men carried out another attack, which is why they shredded their axes into the monster. Blood burst out. Taiki also made an attack, with his plan interrupted by the Desuboringa when he was knocked away. The cowardly leader of the one group of adventurers sent his six members into battle again, this time the monster impaled one of the six with his claws. His lifeblood burst out of his body. He could not move and his eyes slowly lost sight. He was dead. Shortly thereafter, the monster threw the body at the leader, whereupon he hitted him. The leader did not expect this throw, which is why he was stuck under the corpse. "Come on! Help me, you useless bunch of idiots!" Scolded their leader when he realized that he would not be released on his own. Instantly, his five group members helped him succesfully.

Instead of thanking them for their rescue, he just scolded: "Couldn't that have been faster!" However, their conversation was interrupted by the Desuboringa, who suddenly carried out an assault on the adventurers. The cattle raced forward at an enormous speed. However, Grindol was able to parry an attack, which is why the leader of this adventure group did not get harmed. "Luvin! Stop sending your people into battle so recklessly and fight with them yourself, you coward!" The dwarf scolded. Luvin couldn't say a word. Nevertheless, the anger over the insult of the dwarf gripped him. Out of nowhere, the monster kicked Taiki, Tsuyoshi and Grindol away. Icarus and Cyril attacked the monster together and let their weapons crash into him. However, the monster was so fast that he simply dodged and brought the two to the ground after another blow. Two of the dwarves of Grindols`group daringly jumped on the monster. One aimed at the head and the other at the stomach. The two thought that they could at least score a critical hit. "Bain! Glein! Come back immediately! Are you insane!" Shouted Grindol after noticing the attack of his dwarf colleagues.

They didn't listen to him. "You idiots," Grindol thought stunned. Suddenly, Bain managed to hit the monster's belly, giving the monster a deep wound. Out of thin air, the Desuboringa grabbed the dwarf who gave him that wound and squeezed him. Glein now stabbed the neck of the monster. The dwarf, since the monster wanted to block the attack with his axe, managed to destroy his weapon, with the creature reacting on the spot and piercing the dwarf with his claws with a quick move. He spat blood and his blood flowed along the beast's arm. At a single blow, he shredded the severely wounded man to the ground. "Glein!" frightened Grindol. Suddenly, the monster crushed Bain so badly that all of his bones broke. A hell of a cry sounded from the dwarf. But the monster continued to squeeze until the skull of the other dwarf exploded. "Bain! No!" His dwarf leader howled. Grindol quickly rushed to the seriously injured Glein. He was still alive. "You're really so stupid! You are real idiots! Why did you do that?!" Grindol, close to tears, wanted to know. 

"We both thought that we were at least hurting the creature so badly that you could kill it immediately. We are sorry, brother!"  Were his last words before life disappeared in his eyes and another corpse lay on the floor of the street. Anger gathered in Grindol. For two weeks they had been chasing the monster that always managed to flee narrowly from them and now the monster even had the audacity to show up and riot here and even take two of his comrades from him. Grindol did not think about his attack. He just wanted to see that monster dead. Leiko and Leika supported him. All three carried out an attack, which was repelled by the Desuboringa and whereupon all three received a blow from the monster. Luvin and his men now stayed in the background and just watched. "This coward.....Although he somehow reminds me of me, at least as far as anxiety is concerned. If I had to fight against this cattle back then, I would be just like him, just anxious," Taiki thought. 

Rya, Icarus, Cyril and Tsuyoshi were also swept out of the way by this monster. But now Taiki was fed up. He never wanted to lose anyone again. He never wanted to see anyone suffer again. Suddenly, Taiki stormed forward. He swung his sword high into the air and shredded it on the monster, which looked unimpressed and tried to attack the young boy with his second fist, but Taiki swerved and struck again. Again, the Desuboringa parried his sword. "Get undefiled! Become in tune with yourself! Get away from pain and hatred! Then you will see good ghosts and you will become more powerful!" Taiki heard the old master's voice. But no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to forgive himself and to let go of the hatred, some of which is not even his own. Nevertheless, he did not fight here with anger, but to save those who are important to him. 

Once again, Taiki and the Desuboringa collided. Grindol, Leiko, Leika and Taiki's friends were amazed that he could stand up to the monster for so long. However, the Desuboringa next gave the young boy a punch that made him thunder against the wall of a house. Only now did he realize the true strength of the monster. He was truly the pet of the Demon King. That monster continued to fight, although it was covered with many wounds and bled from so many places. Taiki also began to bleed from his nose and mouth. But he did not want to give up, even though he felt that some bones were probably broken. He didn't want to give up because he had already taken the first step to get stronger. He was able to defeat Yukio and Yuri and he was determined to defeat this cattle as well. Suddenly, the Desuboringa hit Taiki again, causing him to go to the ground. He wanted to get up, but it didn't work. When the monster finally wanted to kill the young boy, Tsuyoshi interfered, who stopped the punch. "Go! Defeat him!" He heard his comrade's voices that were whooping.

It wasn't a deep or ugly voice, it was gentle. Taiki did not expect such a thing. But the young boy took advantage of the opportunity his friend gave him and sprinted off. First Taiki jumped on his arm, that he then walked along. The Desuboringa wanted to stop him, so he wanted to hit him with his second fist, with Cyril and Icarus stopping him, who now clung to the second arm of the monster and held him back with their swords. When the monster wanted to bite with his pointed teeth and thus end the life of Taiki, Rya interfered, who again threw a hail of fire at the monster. Although the monster received no damage, it was still blinded, which is why he missed the bite. Taiki ran continuously. He never looked backwards. "Thank you, friends! This moment was not in vain! Those who died in this struggle did not leave us in vain! Grindol! I will fulfill your revenge! But I'm not going to kill him out of hatred, but out of protection!" Thought Taiki. At that moment, Taiki jumped forward. He swung his blade and cut into the Desuboringa`s neck. The monster wanted to do something, so it was fiddling around with loud shouting, but it didn't help, as Taiki's friends stopped him from doing anything with his hands. The blood burst from his throat and doused Taiki with a dark red color. The young boy continued. He continued to cut. 

"More! I have to keep going! I have to cut deeper!" Taiki thought. So Taiki took all his strength and continued to cut until he managed to separate the Desuboringa's head from the body. With an abruptly stopping cry, his head flew off his body. Suddenly, Taiki heard an inner voice that sounded threatening: "You will regret this! My Master will find you and make you suffer! He will show you despair again! You'll see! Don't underestimate the Demon King!" It was the Desuboringa who, through the skill telekinesis, addressed his words to Taiki, his executioner. After those words, life disappeared from the monster and his head crashed on the ground. The blood splashed out of his body, which is why the street of the town was stained by it. Shortly thereafter, the body also went to the ground with a loud bang. The demon king's pet is dead. Everyone involved cheered with joy as that cattle finally ceased to be. "Strange? Was the Demon King responsible for the sacrifice of my friends? If so......Then I will get him...." The anger rose in Taiki, before he was congratulated by Rya and Cyril at the same time on the victory against the Desuboringa: "Well done! You killed him." Taiki became modest, which is why he replied: "Oh......I hardly did anything......Without your help, I would have died......So congratulations are also due to you!" 

"Yes......Well done..." Icarus murmured disappointed in the background, as it was not he who could defeat the Desuboringa, but Taiki. "I have to get stronger! I don't want to be trumped by this new one! I still want to be in the favor of our Master! I need to try harder!" Icarus secretly spoke to himself. When the danger was over, Anja stepped out of a house to congratulate the adventurers: "I congratulate you all! You really managed to defeat this monster! This mission was not a guild mission, but each of you will still be paid out with the same amount of money. Each of you gets ten gold pieces! We will honor the fallen and bury them with dignity near the town!" While Grindol looked at his two fallen for one last time, Luvin didn't even look at his loss. The elfentwins, however, wanted to complain, which is why the Leiko said: "Why should we get as much as this weakling, who interfered in the fight at short notice! He should know where his rank is! In addition, he is not descended from a noble house!" "Leiko!! Do you really want to start an argument now!" Grindol suddenly raised his voice against the elf, whereupon he immediately fell silent.

"Your stand will not be considered in the Adventurers' Guild! It doesn't matter whether you are descended from a noble family or not! Even if your father is the king of the elves, this has nothing to say here!" Anja added. Shortly thereafter, another woman marched out of the guild building, who had a sack full of gold coins. Each individual adventurer was given the promised money. Moments later, Leiko and Leika left the town slightly angry. Next, the dead were buried on a grassy mound near Kaishi. Grindol felt particularly dismayed, as he thought that he could have somehow prevented their death. Shortly thereafter, Grindol and Luvin's group went to the inn to celebrate their victory, with the dwarf leader wanting to drunk away some of his grief. Taiki and his friends went back to the practice area, where they were awaited by their master, who already knew about the outcome of the fight: "I knew you would win. I hope you understood why you were able to win mainly against this monster." "I think that I understood it. Don't kill out of hatred, just fight to protect others." Taiki replied. 

"Right. In order to talk to the dead, you have to put aside your guilt, your hatred and also your fear. You can only achieve this if you have can complete with the capter that you experienced in the past and where you had to suffer a great sorrow as a result. Let go of it." Said the old master. The old dragon then marched into the hut with Taiki, while Rya continued with the others with the fight training. When Taiki disappeared into the hut with the old master, Icarus stared jealously at the young boy. In the hut, the two sat cross-legged across the street. "Now concentrate. You have to go into yourself! You have to let go of everything that oppresses you! Release yourself from pain! Get away from hatred! Release yourself from the guilt!" The old master pointed out. Of a sudden, it happened that he went into himself. But every time he saw the images of the past, he rigidify. Unpleasant feelings rose in him. Guilt strangled him. Fear crushed him. Hatred engulfed him. His soul was surrounded by darkness. "I wanted to save my sister! I wanted to go back to my wife! We wanted to live on!" The voice sounded in his head. It hurt. It was a hell of a torment. His soul slowly devoured itself.

"Focus on that. You have to get rid of it. You have to find peace with it! Don't let your darkness eat you!" The old master's voice sounded in Taiki's head. So he tried to come to terms with himself for many more days and nights, which unfortunately he did not succeed. No matter how hard he tried, he didn't make it. After the fourth day, the old master said: "I know what your problem is. It is not you, but what lives in you does not want to let go of his hatred and guilt so easily. I know it's hard, but keep trying." Nevertheless, this task turned out to be impossible, as he still could not make it after more days. One day, while Taiki was trying to come to terms with himself again, a stranger entered the practice area: "Where is Taiki and his group of adventurers?" It was a slim man who was dressed like a nobleman. His olive green and straight hair blew in the gentle wind. In his small mouth you could see that two of his teeth were made of gold. His crooked nose breathed in the scent of summer and his pointed ears listened intently to the response of those involved who had just started sword fighting.

"My name is Sasori Kobayashi! I am a nobleman who was specifically ordered by the king of this country to visit all the adventurers who were involved against the fight of the Desuboringa called Shin, or in other words the demonking`s pet, and invite them to the castle where the king is already eagerly waiting for you. I ask you to tell Taiki and his group this information. The king needs Taiki's help!" Said Sasori. "You´re in the right place because we were all involved. Taiki is just in the hut over there. We will inform him. But then the question arises, why do you need those adventurers who fought against the monster?" On the spot, Sasori replied: "The king needs your help against the demonking and his army." "What?!" Shrugged Rya, Cyril and Icarus in shock. "He will come! He wants to destroy the country that killed his pet! Our king wanted to campaign against him for a long time, but he has not yet dared. Now the time has come to take action against the greatest enemy of all living things!" The nobleman replied to their reaction.