Chapter 3:

The Terrible Trio

Whispers heard in the dark

Soon the Abandoned Street didn’t seem to be abandoned anymore. It was filled with curious common people swarming like bees, not knowing what was going on, the Police, who were skeptic about even being in that Zone and reporters waiting to eat people alive with whatever information that they could gather. 

The very thought of being there was debatable in everyone’s mind, but what can we say, the inquisitiveness sometimes really does help in overcoming fear don’t you think?

“Well, well, whom do we have here” inspector Reavan says, noticing reporter Zack. 

“Hello Reavan, looks like you can make a feast out of this case.” Zack responds to Reavan's comment.

Reavan neither sounding happy nor sad responds, “hope so, though I’m genuinely glad that I finally get to investigate this place”

 “I know you’ll get your way with it, don’t you worry, after all, I have known you since childhood” Zack tries to cheer him.

Reavan too attempts to cheer Zack up with a futile attempt at making him spout out whatever he knew, he thus says, “So will you, together we’ll solve the mystery of this street. By the way, did you gather……”

The conversation gets disturbed by a new comer “aren’t you leaving someone out?”

Poking into the conversation, Pure Luck enters. “Ooh hi Billie, didn’t know you were still a cop” she is enthusiastically welcomed by her classmate Zack.

 Pure Luck ignores and continues, “So, Reavan, case closed….” 

“I know, shut up" Reavan snaps at her.

 Laughing, Billie replies, “You guys carry on chit chatting, I have to comfort my client, after all my pay check comes first” 

“Hmm, I heard, her boyfriend did it,” goofy Zack responds and is ignored again.

 Billie walks away. Zack turns to Reavan, “she hasn’t changed at all, has she?” Reavan responds with a nod of hopelessness. 


Though it was a horrible get-together, all the three were internally satisfied to have finally got a chance to solve the god damn puzzle that had given them sleepless nights.

Brimming with so much curiosity as that of them, believe me no mastermind can create an issue or cause ruckus in the society, though the only issue is that they can’t do it even if one of this trio didn't contribute. Unfortunately, they didnt know about the same  thus they all acted and worked individually.

 One thing that could be said for certain was that, since they finally got the taste of the scenario, it won’t leave their minds and they won’t stop until they finally put all the pieces together. 

“No, no!!! it’s not over, the case isn’t solved, it’s there…... I can see it; I can see her…. She’s the accomplice, wait! Don’t comfort her she might bite your leg as you sleep. Yes, yes! She’s the one. The only rat that could possibly tempt the Snake. Catch her! Lock her up! No, no! don’t let her leave, they planned it together…. catch her, catch her!” saying all this, Ashura held his head so hard as if he was going to burst it open.

The very same evening, his pace fastened and so did his speech, he kept muttering things, he suddenly wanted to run away from himself, from his thoughts, from the whispers…. He held to a chair. He suddenly felt so weak, as if the energy was completely suck out of his body. Things became hazy and everything suddenly blacked out! .. He wakes up to find himself in the kitchen with a broken glass in one hand ready to pierce his own neck and blood oozing from both his palms. He was crawled up into one of the corners of the floor…. 


Trying to understand what had just happened, he tries to look around when he’s slapped on the face by strong but slender hand. 

“Get back to your senses!” shouts the cop as he elegantly snatches the glass piece from one hand and grabs the kid by the shoulder with another. 

Ashura looks bemused, not knowing who the person was or what he himself was doing in the kitchen. 

 Reavan, the cop, calmed his voice and gently asked if he was alright. Took his hand and got him on his feet. Ashura still couldn’t look up and seemed to look like a lost kitten that had made a mistake. Smiling, Reavan understood the scenario and gave him his sun glasses, obviously as he can’t stare in bright light. It’s as if he’s a nocturnal being.

 If you ask how Reavan knew, its pretty obvious. Over the years of knowing their family, he had developed an interest towards the kid, thus got to know about Ashura from his mother Maya.

 Ashura could finally look up, he then scanned the cop from top to bottom, as if he was a burglar who broke into the house. Reading the surroundings, Reavan introduced himself, told him how he was related to the house. Not too much of aa back story but just that he was a neighbour, a good one at that, who care for his family.

Ashura finally spoke, “So you’re the one who unlocked my room this morning? now I understand how this happened.” 

Reavan’s polite face turns into a serious one, “yes, I wanted to talk to you” 

“yes, yes, I now know sir, the reason you are here is to know how that case was quickly solved, please enter my room.” 

Surprised by Ashura’s capability of assessing situations almost immediately, Reavan followed Ashura into his room. They went in, the door shut, Ashura returned the sun glass and went directly to the answer of the question. 

He gave a detailed history of what had happened, and what Billie had found. Oh, well, Ashura wasn’t going to talk about everything he knows, his answers were specific to the question. Nothing more, nothing less.

In other words, he knew a lot more than just what they had found. How he finds them is stil a mystery, the only logical solution is.... 

Ask the whisperer.....