Chapter 4:

The Eagle’s Eye

Whispers heard in the dark

The wings of fan clearly visible as the pace of it was slow, and a warmth giving out optimum temperature of twenty five degrees to let Ashura focus and thus continue, “It was the case of post mortem hanging, it could be easily figured out, as the culprit didn’t even try to hide the fact that victim was stabbed in the heart multiple times even before hanging her. 

Also, the knot seems to have been tied so strongly that it seems impossible that a thin, non-muscular women could tie. Plus since there was no dribbling of saliva or dilated pupil on the side of the knot, she definitely was dead before she was hung….”

“Thus, the trail of flooring where the dirt was cleaned was because she was stabbed elsewhere and the blood on the floor was cleaned? She was thus dragged to the room then hung that high? I get it, the height of the ceiling cannot be reached by someone smaller than six feet-

-It makes sense, and the only suspect that seems to have visited her on the day she went missing other than Eliana, was her boyfriend-

-Poor Eliana, cheated by her own friend.” Reavan finished the analysis of Ashura proving he was no less than him.

 “Are you sure?!” Ashura blurted out, then regretted the same.

Sensing something Reavan asks, “what do you mean? Well, thanks” now that he knows where to focus on, though he’d already known all the facts discussed, he finds Ashura to be an eyeopener, towards something that he hadn’t noticed until then. Now he knows, he mentally notes down, suspected accomplice- Eliana.

Reavan then gets up to leave the room when he stops in his track to tell him, “Like I unlocked your room, I hope to unlock your shut heart and make you see all that you have missed in life. Hope your puzzles keep you occupied for long!” 

He shuts the door behind him leaving Ashura stunned for a moment, he smiles and replies to the walls of his room, “that was uncalled for”

 The cop returns, shows the keys and locks Ashura’s room and rushes to the stairways with dup-dup sound along the corridor.

Ashura knew no reason why he was smiling so much that day, but it seemed like he liked the cop… though he didn’t say it out, he had an urge to say “see you soon” obviously he wouldn’t, why would he, being the person he was, having company is one of the things that goes into ‘occasionally fine’ list. 

Back to himself for the rest of the evening, he wondered how he got to the kitchen, realised what had happened.


 He was frustrated and tired of overthinking, his head hurt, he wanted to have a sip of water. Knowing clearly well that mom wasn’t home, and his water source was empty, and also that someone had unlocked the door, he had unconsciously reached the kitchen, found a glass jar with water, drunk it. 

The pain in his head had reached a certain extent that he couldn’t tolerate it anymore. The only thought in his mind was to die to escape this pain, this suffering, the horrible whispers that keeps going on and on for hours together. 

He wanted to run away from all of it, all the sickening thoughts about murder and death and the tools used and the way the person was killed…. how does he know, why does he know them all? He doesnt know, but like I said, someone keeps whispering to him. In fact, every time a person dies, he experiences it, as if he’s the one who was killed.

Unfortunate for him, but this time, since the door was open, he ended up utilising the tools, the weapon that he saw the person use as it was something so simple as that of a broken glass piece.

And this time, the one who killed themself with a broken glass was a young girl of fifteen, yes, same age as him.

 She had killed herself as she hated her life, she thought, the only way to escape it was to kill herself.