Chapter 0:

A world of light and marble

I became a god!?

At first there was nothing, an empty space. When suddenly a bright light in this endless void appeared. From the crack that had formed, a humanoid stepped out. The being constantly aged, but when it reached old age it got reborn. But every time it got reborn, the cycle started to slow down.Bookmark here

It wandered the endless darkness, it left piles of dust as it died and got reborn. From these piles of dust, six other similar forms stepped emerged. When the six and last humanoid appeared, the first one stopped aging and was left as an old man. The others all stopped aging between the ages of 15-50. Bookmark here

For centuries, they wandered endlessly. When suddenly the old man gathered them together. He cut out is tongue, poked out his eyes and fed it to the other beings. This gave them intelligence, the power to see and to communicate. He gave himself and the others a power and a title.
"I am The Old Man, Solomon, the god of order light and the sun." When he ended the sentence, he looked towards four of the other gods.
"You are The Weaving Beauty, Erena, the god of water, weaving and beauty." He pointed towards a 25-year-old looking girl in a long blue dress. She had long blue hair that went from light blue to darker blue the closer to the tips.
"You are The Calm Silence, Genjo, the god of wind and the calm. But also the storms that ravage and destroy." The old man turned once again, this time towards a 15-year-old looking boy. He had short white hair and a white tunica.
"You are The Persevering Worker, Cham, the god of smiting, work and the earth." He had this time turned towards a 30-year-old looking man that had big muscles and was wearing a leather apron. He had short dark hair and held a hammer.
"You are The Fierce Hope, Azar, the god of fire and the warmth." This time the god had fiery eyes and was wearing a black coat. He was wearing a dark hood. 
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When he had given these four gods their title and power he turned to the last being, this being was the only one not listen to the old man. The old man gave the being its title and power. "You are The Striving Fighter, Louisa, the god of war, pain, destruction and torture." This god had long red hair and was wearing a suit of armor and was swinging around a sword.Bookmark here

The sixth god had ran away from the old man. But he was granted the title of The Bringer, Kishi, He became the god of Chaos. He was completely covered in a dark coat, dark hood and had coal dark eyes.Bookmark here

The new gods still wandered the wastelands, until once again almost a millennium later they met again. This time they build a giant chamber with thrones for all of them and all the other minor gods that they had created out of boredom. 
In this new chamber they decided to create a world. This world would be inhabited by a race from the seven gods and monsters and animals from the minor gods.
The seven gods created Humans, lizard men, dragons, dwarves, elves and Kishi created demons. These new races ruled these lands and soon sub-races from these main seven races.Bookmark here

But suddenly one day when the gods were out and doing whatever gods do. They got summoned to the throne room by the old man. All gods answered his call. When they started to appear, they all noticed the same thing.Bookmark here

Guillermo M Sweatt
Abraham B. A.
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