Chapter 8:

Do not regret

Scorpion Grasses or simply, Forget-me-nots

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene

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She gave him a sweet smile.Bookmark here

“Pleased to meet you, Haru!”Bookmark here

“Let’s go to Aiu Park. It should be enough privacy there.” He starts walking without looking at her.Bookmark here

“I have never heard of this park! Is it far?”Bookmark here

“It takes 10 minutes from here if you walk.”Bookmark here

Why doesn’t she know the main park in the whole Tokyo? Bookmark here

“You can start explaining everything. I warn you, if it doesn’t make sense I will go home.”Bookmark here

“Then we have a little problem. Let’s stay quiet for a while; there are a lot of eyes watching.”Bookmark here

As they reached the place, Haru took her to the center. A sparkling fountain was dominating the area. Around it, some flowers were planted in star-like pots. They looked like forget-me-nots.Bookmark here

“Wow! This is so beautiful!” Her eyes were glowing and she seemed so excited.Bookmark here

It’s been a while since he last visited this park. Indeed the view is pleasing. Bookmark here

“You can talk now. No one sees us.”Bookmark here

“You see, I was born and raised in Tokyo. But not the one you know.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean by that?”Bookmark here

“I’m from another universe. I know you won't believe me, but I already proved that others can’t see me!”Bookmark here

“Let’s say I believe you but there is a lot of missing information. You better spit it out or I’m leaving!” He gives glances at her with a judging look.Bookmark here

“I’m here because of you… In my city-“Bookmark here

“City? Your Tokyo is a city?”Bookmark here

“Of course it is, silly! Do you mean here is something else?”Bookmark here

“You either say the truth or you’re really bad at geography. My Tokyo is the whole world.”Bookmark here

“What the hell?”Bookmark here

“It’s parted in more divisions, but 6 are the most evolved ones. We even have a factory that represents each district.”Bookmark here

“That’s incredible! We have 7 continents and each continent is parted into countries. I leave in the largest continent which is Asia. Tokyo is the city capital of Japan, one of the countries.”Bookmark here

Is she making things up or is she telling the truth?Bookmark here

“Suicide girl, I will be frank with you. I don’t understand you and I think you are out of your mind. I want to see some proof. I’m not the type to lose time on useless things. Do you get that?”Bookmark here

The boy gives her a card. Bookmark here

Haru ChibanaBookmark here

Representative Manager of the Fear DistrictBookmark here

FF workerBookmark here

Contact number: 8123-***-****Bookmark here

“Call me when you also bring proof!”Bookmark here

“Wait! I don’t quite understand this card. What does FF mean?”Bookmark here

“It stands for Feelings Factory.”Bookmark here

“What exactly it’s that?”Bookmark here

Haru sighed.Bookmark here

“I told you already, it’s the factory that represents the districts.”Bookmark here

“So one of them is Fear District?”Bookmark here

“Yes.”Bookmark here

“Which are the others?”Bookmark here

“Happiness, Sadness, Disgust, Surprise and Anger Districts.”Bookmark here

“I see! That’s why you call it Feelings Factory! Correct me if I’m wrong but do you work with people’s emotions?”Bookmark here

“About time you say something good! As you’ve seen earlier, the building has 6 floors for each feeling.”Bookmark here

“And what are doing as an employee?”Bookmark here

“Each one of us gets assigned some people. For example, I have in my care 30 lives. We must regulate their emotions, but most of the time humans stay on a blank.” Bookmark here

“So you turn off your feeling?”Bookmark here

“I guess you can say that. It doesn’t actually mean that we are not able to feel things though! Everyone is often tested with insignificant issues. Such as family disputes or different points of view in a group.”Bookmark here

“What is the reason behind these tests?”Bookmark here

“We have to select the ones with grade 5 of emotions. We call them VICTIMS and the government needs them to keep the rest of us protected by The Ninth Heaven.”Bookmark here

“Does this mean their feelings are intense?”Bookmark here

“Yes. They are rare cases. At the yearly Freedom Festival, 9 of them are judged by a priest. In the end, the victims have to die in a special fire. They become sacrifices ever since they are born. That’s what the deities want in return for their protection.”Bookmark here

“Are these deities considered some kind of Gods or something?”Bookmark here

“They are the Gods here. I don’t know what you believe in, but we pray to them.”Bookmark here

“We have many religions and every one has its own story and God. But to be frank with you, I don’t acknowledge someone above us.” She looks at the sky.Bookmark here

It was already dark and the stars were shining in the dark. The place didn’t have many lights, but it was still beautiful. In her eyes, it had that mysterious aura. Bookmark here

“That’s a little bit arrogant.” He finally takes a sit on a beach right in front of the girl.Bookmark here

He missed talking to someone without being scared. She doesn’t seem a bad person; she just looks lost somewhere far away. He can totally understand her lifeless eyes and he has to admit that they are quite comforting.Bookmark here

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that we humans are the most powerful thing in the world; in fact, I don’t even know how our existence started. There are some theories but I don’t want to think about them. Do you wish to know why?” She gives him a sweet smile.Bookmark here

“Sure…” Bookmark here

He admired the girl. She was very pretty. Aiko looked unreal, without a reflection or a shadow. She didn’t know his world, yet she also seems in silent pain. Can he trust her?Bookmark here

“Everything is in the past. No one can ever change what it was a long time ago because we leave in the present. Seems logical, right? Even if we all know that we still want to live in the past. We want to repair our mistakes.”Bookmark here

“Don’t be stupid, we cannot go back to the past.” He cuts her off harshly.Bookmark here

“Then I guess I am stupid, we all are. As long we have regrets and fears, we will never leave the past. That’s why you can’t succeed in your present and for the same reason you don’t know the future.”Bookmark here

Haru tried to think of her as a crazy person again, but if she was right. Everyone has something that is holding them back. Bookmark here

“So what if we don’t have a future? The government will take care of-“Bookmark here

“Are you brainwashed or something? How could some random people know what are your goals in life are better than you?”Bookmark here

“I’m not brainwashed! They want the best for us that’s why-“Bookmark here

“They work you to death? Kill some innocent humans? Regulate your emotions? I don’t see where the freedom actually is in you Freedom Festival or even in this society.”Bookmark here

Haru was shocked. She’s right again! What if he is  brainwashed?Bookmark here

Out of a sudden, he felt a déjà vu. A strange feeling hit his whole body. His heart felt lighter for some moments as if his worries went away temporarily. Bookmark here

The two made eye contact. She wasn’t a stranger to him anymore. It felt like they’ve known each other for an eternity and now they are just catching up on what’s new. Bookmark here

“I wish I could just stop time…” Haru thought to himself.Bookmark here

Without realizing his lips curved into a week smile. Bookmark here

“The moon is beautiful, isn’t it?” She said while looking back up at the sky.Bookmark here

He followed her gaze and saw a full moon watching over them. Is this a dream? Will she disappear when he wakes up?Bookmark here

“I finally found you, Haru Chibana!” She says with a lot of enthusiasts. Bookmark here

“We’ve met before?” He tried to remember her but even if she felt familiar, his memories didn’t contain her.Bookmark here

“Nope!” She giggles. Bookmark here

He was a little pissed.Bookmark here

“Then what’s the deal?”Bookmark here

“I wanted to meet you for a long, long time! You see, we are connected by fate.”Bookmark here

“How I am connected with a ghost?”Bookmark here

She gave him an amused look.Bookmark here

“I am a normal girl with a normal life, not a ghost! I traveled in your universe with a purpose.”Bookmark here

“And what could your purpose be?”Bookmark here

“If I tell you it won’t be fun anymore!”Bookmark here

“Did The Ninth Heaven sent you?”Bookmark here

“Do I look like an angel or something?” She starts to laugh.Bookmark here

What kind of angel would have scars? But even in the darkness, she was shining in his eyes. Her presence was covered in mystery. Bookmark here

“More like a fallen one.” He whispers.Bookmark here

“I’m here to make a promise!”Bookmark here

“That’s a stupid reason to travel through universes, you know?”Bookmark here

“It’s not stupid as long as you won’t have any regrets. So I’m asking you, do you regret meeting me?”Bookmark here

How could he ever feel any regrets when his curiosity was raised to a high level? Bookmark here

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