Chapter 9:

It's a deal

Scorpion Grasses or simply, Forget-me-nots

“Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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“I assume your promise is for an important person.”Bookmark here

The girl nods. Tired of admiring the landscape, she turns her gaze on him.Bookmark here

“Do you believe in such a thing as soulmates?” She says suddenly waiting for his reaction.Bookmark here

The boy gives her a confused look. He tried to understand Kibo’s thoughts, but between them was an invisible wall of mystery. Bookmark here

The only way they could know each other was by being completely honest. Yet they kept a low profile. Maybe that’s why Haru accepted her to be around him, because she will be able to know what he tells her and otherwise. Bookmark here

“I believe in destiny.” He answers after a long silence.Bookmark here

A smile appears on the girl's face while she started to approach him. Bookmark here

“I didn’t expect another answer from you!”Bookmark here

Kibo stops in front of him. Covered in some pale lights her figure looked pretty. Bookmark here

“What is your biggest wish?”Bookmark here

It’s ok for him to answer that question? Should he tell the entire truth this time?Bookmark here

“Change and answers.”Bookmark here

“What if I told you that what you want to achieve is impossible?”Bookmark here

His eyes widened. Does she know the future? Does he stand no chance in front of this society?Bookmark here

They seem to understand each other, why is she taking his hope away from him?Bookmark here

“No matter what you have to say about this I won’t give up!”Bookmark here

“What if the journey to the top is more dangerous than you think?”Bookmark here

“I will reach the top whatever it takes!”Bookmark here

“There is a high chance for you to hate the answers you will get.”Bookmark here

“I will still feel satisfied!”Bookmark here

“What if you don’t get to complete your wishes and everything is in vain?”Bookmark here

“There is no effort in this world that will lead to nothing. Everything will be worth it!”Bookmark here

“Remember your words from today! Never let anyone trample on your purposes! If you ever feel like giving up, I will be there for you. I will be your hope!”Bookmark here

She held out a hand.Bookmark here

“Let us use each other, partner!” Bookmark here

He couldn’t believe it. It’s a hobby of hers to play with people’s emotions? Bookmark here

She is going to be his hope? That should be fun!Bookmark here

Haru answers the hand gesture with a shy smile on his face.Bookmark here

Screw the whole world! It feels too good to be real! Being able to find someone to support him is more than he has ever hoped for.Bookmark here

“Partners until the end!”Bookmark here

“You realize that I also want to achieve my goal, right?” She adds still shaking his hand.Bookmark here

“Did I say that I won’t help with it?”Bookmark here

“You don’t even know what an important role you play in my purpose, Mister Chibana!”Bookmark here

A smirk appeared on her face. Should he be worried or play along?Bookmark here

“Then I guess you’ll have to always stay close to me so you won’t lose an important piece of your puzzle, dear!”Bookmark here

He returns the same energy. Bookmark here

“That’s more like it! Take care of me in the future!” She takes a seat next to him on the bench.Bookmark here

“Now that we are friends-“Bookmark here

“I never said that, suicide girl!”Bookmark here

“And we're back to my nickname…” She sighs. “Anyways, tell me more about yourself and the world you live in.”Bookmark here

“What exactly do you wish to know?”Bookmark here

Both of them were avoiding eye contact.Bookmark here

“What’s the deal with your arm bandanas? They look pretty funny! These faces with different emotions are weird.”Bookmark here

“Believe me, if you were to wear them they wouldn’t look funny anymore, just scary. They are a must for everyone and are made by the factory I work at. They are connected to it-“Bookmark here

“They work wirelessly?”Bookmark here

“Sort of. They record our feelings and the way we express how we feel. In the end, the information reaches FF. From there, the higher-ups and the worker your life is assigned to will note down about you.”Bookmark here

“And they also control your emotions?”Bookmark here

“That’s right! We use only the six moods and the rest are considered unimportant. We live by the rule ‘The less the better!’, so as you get closer to the government you slowly lose your humanity.”Bookmark here

“But even the ones with power are at risk.”Bookmark here

“Glad you understand the situation.”Bookmark here

“I think I know the 6 emotions you have on the bandanas. You have happiness, anger, disgust, fear, surprise, and sadness.”Bookmark here

The boy nods.Bookmark here

“For example, if you are happy, the circle attributed to happiness lights up?”Bookmark here

“How did you know?” Haru turns his head to face her. Bookmark here

The silence between them is interrupted by her giggle.Bookmark here

“I just made a guess because yours have been on ever since we arrived at the fountain! I knew you enjoyed my company, but don’t fall for me yet! It will be too easy!” Bookmark here

She looks amused as the boy struggled to hide his right bandana.Bookmark here

His face got a pale red color and the light became even more visible.Bookmark here

“Chill, happy boy! You are going to turn into a lighthouse!” Bookmark here

A little laugh escapes her mouth while her partner was getting more flustered. Bookmark here

Suddenly the boy let out a groan. His head was hurting really bad and his whole body started to shake. Tears formed in his eyes while the pain got even worse.Bookmark here

He looked as if he was electrocuted.Bookmark here

Kibo’s face turned pale not knowing what is going on.Bookmark here

“Haru?”Bookmark here

“Are you ok?”Bookmark here

“What is going on?”Bookmark here

Her voice sounded like an echo for him. He messed up this time. His father will give him a lesson if he returns home.Bookmark here

She tried to touch his shoulder and some shocks traveled through her entire body. Bookmark here

He couldn’t talk; otherwise, he would have told her not to make any contact with him. Even if he felt week, he tried his best to stand up so that she wouldn’t get affected as well. As soon as he moved he fell to the ground.Bookmark here

To his surprise, she helped him get up enduring the pain.Bookmark here

The intensity of these electric shocks was smaller when she also shared it with him. Bookmark here

After some minutes the light of the bandana turns off and the pain goes away. Only then did she let go of him.Bookmark here

He was speechless. Why would she go through this voluntarily?Bookmark here

“Do you have a death wish?” He asks after catching his breath.Bookmark here

The girl didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know what just happened. Sill, as soon as she realized she could help him to get rid of a little bit of pain, her body acted on its own.Bookmark here

“Are you alright?” The boy tried to break the silence.Bookmark here

He seemed concerned but at the same time, he felt guilty.Bookmark here

“Me? What about you? I can’t even imagine how horrible it was for you…” Bookmark here

She hugged him tightly trying to calm him down. He was still tense and his body didn’t stop shaking for not even a moment.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, Haru! It’s over now! You can take your time to return to your senses!” She patted his back gently.Bookmark here

“I’m s-sorry…”Bookmark here

“Don’t even dare to apologize again! I’m fine, relax! I won’t leave you alone until you’re ok!”Bookmark here

How pathetic of him. He wanted to change society when he is weaker than a woman. Will she hate him?Bookmark here

Haru hugs her back after seeing that she doesn’t seem mad or disappointed.Bookmark here

“To make sure you won’t get the wrong idea I will just say this once. Don’t blame yourself for things you can’t control!” She whispers still trying to calm him down.” Also, there is no reason for you to feel ashamed for showing weakness. In my eyes, you were really cool for trying to resist it and for trying to help me!”Bookmark here

Without even realizing her words and actions made him feel better. He used to go through this pain pretty often when he was younger. His mother would always stay by his side, but after her disappearance, he suffered alone. Bookmark here

This silence that fell between them was more comforting than any of his family dinners. Bookmark here

She retired from the hug and wiped away his tears.Bookmark here

“Be sure that I will want to know about this next time.” The girl says with a serious tone.Bookmark here

What does she mean by next time? Will she leave him?Bookmark here

“Are you going somewhere?” Bookmark here

He acted like a child who was left alone at home.Bookmark here

“Didn’t your parents teach you not to get too attached to strangers?” She seemed amused by his reaction.Bookmark here

“But we're not strangers anymore!” Bookmark here

“What a little boy we have here! Don’t miss me too much while I’m gone!” Bookmark here

Her eyesight was becoming blurry and everything around her was starting to disappear.Bookmark here

From his point of view, the girl was turning invisible little by little.Bookmark here

“How will we meet again?” He asks impatiently.Bookmark here

“I think a night in my universe means a whole day here.”Bookmark here

“Then your day also means a day here.”Bookmark here

“Yes, so let’s meet in this park in two days. Before you go to your job!”Bookmark here

“Don’t you dare be late!”Bookmark here

“I won’t! After all, I must babysit you!”Bookmark here

She laughs while she disappeared completely right in front of his eyes.Bookmark here

On the bench, she was replaced with a blue flower.Bookmark here

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“Forget-me-not…” Haru whispers as he picks it up.Bookmark here

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