Chapter 7:

Cursed Girl

Azure Sins (Pure ver.)

Three days later...

Inside one of the village homes, Eileen, the chief, and demon hunter could be seen in a room surrounding a bedridden Miyaura who rested unconsciously. Eileen sat in a chair at the far end of the room as the others stood nearby. She wore a strongly depressed expression, her eyes full of despair as she looked at the unconscious Miyaura.

"It's been three days and she hasn't woken up..."

"Her will is strong against this curse. In all honesty, her body should have fallen to the ailment of the demon as soon as it hit her. To all I've learned not much is known about apparition demons but I'm sure you all could feel how strong even its presence was. Yet she is subconsciously fighting against the demon's control...but her curse mark continues to spread. When it covers her entire body, she will unfortunately pass..."

The demon hunter responded to the girl. The look on everyone's face was grim as Eileen began crying, her eyes looking to the floor, head hanging low from the despair of the incident. Her eyes appearing devoid of emotion but that did not stop the falling of her tears.

"It seems the demon began to curse the young man but after I severed the hand, in that split second it escaped to quickly find a new body, leaving its mark on him as well. Putting it simply, it can't fully take over her because its consciousness is split between them. But once the curse leads the girl to pass..."

"...Then it'll fully take over me. Her curse will kill her, and mine will give my life up to a demon." The chief looked saddened, placing a hand on his grandchild's shoulder. Leo impulsively threw his grandfather's hand from his shoulder and darted out of the room slamming the door closed behind him. Eileen slowly stood from her seat, her eyes empty of life, feeling a void was left inside her. From all that transpired from their continued twists and darkening of their situation. The Chief and hunter could only watch as she excused herself from the room, leaving the two adults and the cursed girl.

"This only leaves your decision village elder..."

A time later...

The demon hunter and village chief would be walking through the forest once again. The hunter carrying an unconscious Miyarua on his back. "Are you sure of this elder" questioned the demon hunter. The elder nodded, noting his confirmation on his decision which lead the two to walk to where they had laid the crystal, which was proving to truly ward off demons in the forest.

"I can only think if this curse can't be reversed by anyone, young Miyaura may be able to rest peacefully if her final moments would be in her own home. When her parents lived, she was one of the few families who lived on the cliff's edge. Having a fascinating sight over the land, when war was prominent those families allowed us the forewarning for our people so that none could become involved with any hostility between nations."

The two soon arrived at the Cliff-side once again. They moved Miyaura inside one of the home's but only the wood floors and other broken parts remained due to its destruction years ago. The demon hunter rested on his knees. His head held low in prayer near Miyaura's body which rested on the wooden floorboards before him. Finishing his moment of silence the hunter rose to his feet, looking beyond the broken walls to see the crystal, engraved writing of unknown lettering glowing on its surface.

"At least with the ward active, no demons will come to disturb her resting place. If we work together we may-HNGH!"

The demon hunter let out a loud cry of pain. His eyes shifting to the other side to see a blade pierced into his neck. The person holding to the blade being none other than the chief himself.

"I can't apologize for my choices. My grandson is the last surviving family I have left to protect!"

"You're using my life to sacrifice to a demon, it's foolish! You can't believe anything they try to tell you!"

"You forget, You may be an experienced hunter but I am an experienced survivor of the world we live in and its various passing ages. I could be a little over double your age. I'm fully aware you can't trust a demon. So for Leo, I'll use my wisdom to outsmart even a demon no matter who I must sacrifice. By sealing Miyaura into the crystal with your blood sacrifice, the demon will not be able to spread his curse and kill her, which means my grandson will be able to continue a normal life by my side in this hell of a world!"

"You can't! You mess with powers beyond your understanding!"

"I have done many things for my people, being essentially trapped in our village due to demons, my people can't travel, they can't explore, they are caged...but today it ends. I will accept my fate that's to come if it means my people can begin to live freely, no longer caged by fear and death."

The building was enveloped in a blinding red flash of light. In the great distance at the forest's edge, an eye peered through the large brush, a wide eye stricken with fear. Behind the brush, the person dashed away back towards the village. While running it would be revealed the person who had witnessed all that just transpired...was Eileen horrified having followed and heard every part of their conversation.

Aisellia's vision went blank into darkness...

(Huh? Ow! I still can't see but I can feel my whole body hurts, it's like a numb pain.)

Quickly a few images played out in front of her once again. This time seeing Dan convince his noble travel partners into a cave as Leo began his own rampage on the villagers and their homes. Her sight quickly switched and revealed Dan giving the young nobles a drink which knocked them unconscious before Leo approached the group, placing a hand on Dan's shoulder with a devilish smile.

Mysterious woman's voice: "...up."

(I think I just heard a voice in my head. I must be imagining it...)

Mysterious woman's voice: "...Wake up..."

Aisellia Rae: (What?)

Mysterious woman's voice: "PLEASE! YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP!"

Suddenly Aisellia vision began to come back, seeing a stone ceiling, her eyes struggling to open fully.

"Is this...some sort of cave? Or am I underground Why am I-?"

Quickly her eyes flung wide open, remembering all that had happened, with a drop of water from the ceiling of the cave dripping down onto her cheek. Attempting to move her body she could only let out a whimper of pain as she failed to lift herself up

(AAH! It hurts so much to move, my whole body feels heavy and weak...what's that sound? My hearing was gone too? Slowly I can hear the sounds becoming louder. It's like my senses are slowly returning to my body bit by bit.)

Having struggled to move, from her minuscule movement Aisellia's head fell to the side, what she saw in front of her eyes visibly mortified her. Tears instantly formed in her wide eyes. The sounds coming from around her fully coming into fruition, soon able to fully make out what it was she was hearing and seeing simultaneously.



Aisellia screamed in her mind. Her mouth opening but words failing to come out, only being able to shake her head in horrific disbelief. Shelia's eyes devoid of all signs of life and will, her body bruised and scratched as if she was barely alive on the inside anymore, tears flowing from her open eyes.

Suddenly Aisellia felt a hand grip her chin, turning her head to once again face the ceiling of the large cave. Yet this time looking up she could only see one face hovering above hers, Dan Aifried.

"Interesting thing about demons. Only a moderate amount of demons have a sex drive that hits them eventually like humans, but if they're a demon of lust, they have an insatiable, instinctual desire to satisfy themselves. In a lot of cases they're not picky on genders but male demons tend to like female prey and female demons tend to like males more but either way they take a liking to humans more than anything. A demon has a natural monstrous strength to match their libido, so if they take you for themselves it's highly likely some things tearand fracture, after all the human body just can't endure that much physical trauma. Either way, after they're done with you, they'll eat every last part of you if you're a male. Poor Ian. If you're a woman they can enjoy getting off and keep their victim alive until they're done using their bodies. But if for example. Say, you're quite voluptuous and it really gets them excited, it can be a real hell!"

He finished, turning Aisellia's head to the opposite side of Shelia, her horrified and mortified expression returning to her face. Seeing the body of Cana Sigfried landing on the ground to the side of her, her body easily visibly bruised and lifeless.

"C-c-c-CANA! AAAAAH!!"

Aisellia let out a mortified scream of anger, sadness, fear, and most of all confusion. Aisellia's body moving only slightly in her relentless stream of emotions, leading Dan to rest his body over hers.

"You sick creep fuck!! How could you?! You demented spoiled rich fuck boy!!"

With a swipe of his hand and a grin on his face, Dan smacked Aisellia across her face violently.

"Great things happen when you can make a friend with someone like Leo, together we'll be able to enjoy whatever and whoever we want. No rules, and no more denying me of anything I want and deserve!"

Aisellia's eyes shifted down, barely able to see over her chest yet she could feel Dan's hand pressing on her lower stomach and slowly moving up towards her breasts.

"Get your hands fucking off me you sick fuck!!"

"Oh no Aisellia, so long I've wanted to see them but now I can feel them all I want to, whether you like it or not! It's only the beginning; every part of your body belongs to me now until we die! Haha! Isn't it marvelous?! You should be grateful; you'll finally be mine alone to enjoy instead of these demons breaking every bone in their body just from fucking girls like you. My money and name have got me whatever and whoever I wanted but YOU! You always rejected me! Ignored me! Ever since your stupid family made it to the high grounds, you've stopped me from seeing your beautiful nude body, no dates, you always made a fool of me too. NOBODY MAKES A FOOL OF AN AIFRIED! And nobody dares say no to what I want! But no more, you're all for me and I'll make sure you stay alive as long as possible for me to enjoy every minute of the day and you suffer every minute for many days to come!"

He explained with a sadistic excited expression on his face, his hand moving back down, slipping his fingers under the edge of her shirt. Aisellia resisted the best she could in her weakened state, her body still slightly numb. Slipping his hand under her shirt, his cold clammy fingers slid onto her stomach, lifting her shirt in the process. The feel of him touching her alone was enough to greatly disgust Aisellia. The fact he was slowly sliding his hand up her shirt and closing in on her breasts made Aisellia feel almost ill enough to vomit right there. Suddenly Aisellia's body began to move around slightly in resistance more aggressively, leading Dan to grab and hold her arms down.

"Don't touch me you sick involuntarily celibate bitch!" She screamed angrily, visibly irritating Dan.

"Now now Aisellia, that's no way to speak to your new husband and owner! I'm still a human so I'll do my best to make you enjoy it while you suffer. You should understand how great this will be for you. I'll give you all my love and you'll finally realize what's best for you. If you're obedient I'll even let you bear my children!"

"Are going to just tell her all the demon things I told you before you do anything? Or are you going with another monologue?" Hearing his voice Aisellia could see Leo stand by the two nobles chuckling. Half of the young man's body was covered with black marks which Aisellia could tell now was a curse, remembering what she had just seen in her vision.

Suddenly Leo's face became serious and focused, quickly reaching down grabbing the back of Dan's shirt, tossing him to the far side of Aisellia. Just as Dan was moved out of the way the curse male raised the same arm in front of his face. In that split second a large burst of wind from a fist was created from the collisions versus Leo's defenses. Aisellia could only look up in sudden shock as the impact from the collision of forces happening right above her. The collision continued releasing a great burst of air around them. Above her, Aisellia could see a woman in mid-air, her fist pushing forward against Leo.


Still, in Mid-air, Miyaura aimed a kick at Leo's head, blocking her next attack with the same arm. Although his feet were firmly planted against the ground, the force from her kick caused his heels to tear through the rocky surface, being forced to slide backward seemingly unfazed when he managed to stop.

Miyaura landed on her feet between Leo and Aisellia. Aisellia struggled to sit herself up at the least while watching Miyaura, her curse mark covering one of her legs and spread over one side of her body up to mid-breast. A conversation between the two cursed ones began.

"...You shouldn't have come back Miyaura."


"You don't have much time now that you're free."

"I know...but I'll fucking kill you before that happens."

"Tch. You don't have the strength to beat me Miyaura, I've only gotten stronger...but you already know that don't you? Connected by it, you could feel me, I could always feel you, and we both can feel IT. I'm much stronger, I've already killed everyone in the village...that makes you the last."

Miyaura's fist curled into a tight fist.

"In there, My senses were gone, but I could see in a was forced to see everything you've done to the village girls every time!"

"Then you know the demon that cursed us both was a demon born from the sin of lust. Normal demons become stronger by consuming human blood and flesh. You really don't know how deep the dark hole goes. We are nothing more than small pawns in a larger demons game."

Hearing his words, Miyaura quickly followed behind his words.

"A demon of sin gets stronger by taking out and forcing their harmful will on whatever it preys on...a lust demon can become stronger by...that's still no reason to force your desires on those people!!"

"My unquenchable thirst as a demon is reason enough. If you live long enough you will see. The urge and pain are inescapable for us. It will build and build until the desire destroys us from the inside, burning, scratching at our flesh. That pain...grows far greater than you could imagine. We're doomed either way."

Aisellia sitting on the ground held her upper body up with her arms, looking at Miyaura. Seeing the woman wearing old clothes that she visibly outgrew, filling out certain proportions, wearing what looked to be a dress on her body, obviously formerly being long enough to be a dress. Miyaura's top fit on her body in more of a thin fashion, fitting to her breasts and keeping tightly to her ribs from the amount of material taken up from her bust. Her hair was messy but notably shorter than it was in her vision, her body and hair evidently growing for the entirety she was sealed. Glancing down at Aisellia who continued to stare at her made Miyaura notice her appearance, beginning to look herself over before Aisellia began speaking, bringing her back to the serious situation at hand.

"It wasn't a dream after all. It's really you Miyaura!" Aisellia cried out. Miyaura turned to look over her shoulder at Aisellia, slightly smiling at her.

"I felt it when you were seeing my past, and I could see some of yours. I won't fail you like I did Eileen. I'm too late to save Eileen...but I'll give it everything I have to protect you now Aisellia. I know Eileen would want me to do the same."

"You're as dumb as the villagers used to say if you think you stand a chance..."

Miyaura returned her glare forward towards Leo. Her eye color changing to that of a crimson red.

"I'm done talking to you."

"Then I'll end this. The village boys all fantasized but I'll be the one to have you and your body. Just like I enjoyed Eileen's until she died. You're too late for her, and it's too late for you."

Quickly Miyaura lunged forward, crossing the distance between her and Leo in one quick straight bound. Delivering a heavy punch that filled the cave with a burst of air and sound from the sheer impact once again with Leo's forearm. Switching to her other fist, she aimed a heavy punch towards the demon boy's face, leading him to use his free hand to catch her fist in mid-air. From his visible resistance and bored facial expression, it looked as if her attacks had no real effect on him. With her fist in his grips, she unleashed a sky-bound kick aiming to strike Leo from under the chin. Unfortunately, he was quick enough to let go of her fists and dodge by taking a step back. Her kick lifting her into the air slightly, Miyaura twisted her torso, shifting her body from the momentum to spin in the air. She extending one of her legs to use the momentum to deliver a spin kick towards his head. The kick surprising Leo, would connect with the side of his head, actually knocking him off balance. It was then the demonic rage revealed itself in his anger-filled facial expression. Just succeeding the kick had crashed against the side of his head. Leo quickly recovered himself, grabbing onto her leg with both hands before she could even land. Hastily beginning to spin her around by her leg then letting go. Tossing her towards the dark path that had lead her into the depths of the cave.



Miyaura screamed calling out as she flew through the air, holding her arms out for Aisellia. Grabbing onto her who in return latched and held onto Miyaura tightly, snatching the noble girl from the ground and into her embrace. Sending the two out of the cave back to the village at high speed.